Free Drag and Drop Wordpress Theme

Drag and Drop free Wordpress theme

king-composer - Free Drag and Drop Page Builder from King-Theme" is open source software. Complimentary drag & drop WordPress themes that can be used for different websites. Have a look at these beautiful free drag and drop themes for WordPress.

Side maker: Free KingComposer Drag & Drop page creator from King-Theme

The KingComposer is the quickest page Builder ever. Delivered with a 100% free back-end editor, it comes with all the best integrated functionality and a truly intuitively designed user interface. With KingComposer you can spare yourself headaches and spend your free hours creating pages like a real webmaster. Frontend Editor & Addons are only available in the current versions.

Freeware version: Back-End Editor with full functionality. Does it take a long pause for Anjax? The KingComposer does not use Axax in the backend or less in the frontend. Instantly deploy hundred of online presets, it's free and all your styles are instantly usable. Refresh in-game over 850+ Google Docs and get a true full design thumbnail.

You can copy any item and insert it anywhere. KingComposer does not restrict the number of lines and container it allows. The KingComposer takes good care of all the technological issues. Supports the 5- column spacing and the possibility to double the contents of the last and sort multiple lines.

And last but not least, you can adjust the width of the columns with a single click of the button. It lets you create statical entities, drag and drop knots, assign attributes, read and write HTML files, display HTML attributes for each knot, view and edit HTML files, and much more. It is an excellent resource for theme writers who need to package and supply pattern information to their clients.

Of your wp-admin -> Plugins -> New -> Look for "? kingcomposer" -> Click installation. Go to Pages and modify your pages or build a new page. At the top of the editor you will find a new icon "KingComposer". Have you got a question or problem with our products? Please use these supporting channel accordingly.

Of your wp-admin -> Plugins -> New -> Look for " " Click installation. Go to Pages and modify your pages or make a new page. At the top of the editor you will find a new icon "KingComposer". I' ve always found this to be a very "easy to use" free Page Builder plug-in, but have encountered a few issues lately.

In my spare free time I run a website for a volunteer organization and have built over 40 pages with the plug-in. However, since the upgrade to the latest release, the plug-in no longer works. I had a little trouble with it back then, but now the website seems to be working again, I have upgraded my rating from bad to good and must thank the help for their effort and work.

It is by far the lightest drag and drop plug-in I've ever used, although I had to make some customizations to make it work, but it's by far the best drag and drop plug-in I've ever used. Being a start-up we wanted to use visual composers, but were concerned about copyrights and license questions, so we found Kingcomposer when we created our customized items, we found that programming with KC is much better than with VC, keep up the good work we will buy your development license when our themed firm goes online, we will do this to show our assistance and further develop the plug-in to make it the best of everything!

king-composer - Free Drag and Drop Page Builder from King-Theme" is open code game. Following persons have added to this plug-in. Enhance ] Settings to deactivate the text editing function in offline text editing modes. Accelerate the activity relationship field. Enhance ] Delete standard pictures if the picture does not exist. Enhance ] Clear the defaults of the movie wallpaper URL on parameters.

Enhance ] Added inside page column option - more influence over column styles. Enhance ] Use new system for Presets & Templates on-line. New Feature ] Live editors for textblocks. Enhance ] Activate the saving of page contents in a section. Enhance ] Activate the article number on tray & cell phone for all rotary parts.

Enhance ] Image alignment for the Blog Posts item - Layout only 2. Enhance ] Activate the selection of a different mail types for the Blog Messages item. Remove the Edit hyperlink from the posting history if the KC_FORCE_DEFAULT setting is correct. Enhance ] Activate Force Full-width to allow full-width for another theme/website that is not compatible with the KingComposer Full-width rules.

Enhance ] Automatically download a user-defined default style for all items without empty checkbox. Enhance ] Unicode support for name and preset categories. Enhance ] Adds more options for the Movie Players item.

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