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Event free Wordpress theme

This free event WordPress theme is beautiful and you design the world, which is because it is such events. Subjects are very appealing, which means they work best on all browsers and devices. Fun Facts: The popular content management website and blogging tool WordPress serves a quarter of the Internet - including this blog! The Event Star is a multifunctional Event & Conference Free WordPress Theme with extensive possibilities and functions.

Breathtaking 15+ & free WordPress themes for your website

There is no doubt that event organisers can profit from having their own website or website for the event they organise to help inspire enthusiasm and attract visitors. In this spirit, we have chosen, checked and put together a free WordPress event theme guide that is sure to help you build the most fun event website with great functionality and ease of customisation.

Each of the following topics offer comprehensive functions that meet the needs and objectives of any organizer. Functions such as count down widgets, event planner and one-sided design are just some of the functions that schedulers will find in these free WordPress topics. One important characteristic that is a must for an event website is that it displays the necessary information about each event correctly, such as meeting plans, speakers' profile, venue, and other important event specifics.

In this sense, it will be much simpler for you to select the right WordPress theme for your event, especially as we have thoroughly checked everything and selected only the best you will find below. Free WordPress topics listed below vary from a one-page website to a full multi-page website designed to support both businesses and corporate functions.

When you are organising a particular event and need a promotion/landing page for it, the choice of a one-page theme is probably the right decision. It' s noteworthy that the best topics also have login form on their sites to collect the individual visitor's address information. Of course, ease of using external tools and reactivity are some of the other important characteristics that describe the topics covered in the following series.

A free WordPress theme for events, Portum offers a clear, appealing look that looks fantastic on desktops, tablets and portable workstations. Topic templates are developed to meet the industry's latest coding and styling requirements. Organizing a meeting or event is a laborious task in itself, and simply putting a website on your creative agenda will only make it more burdensome.

Make your work easy by choosing Portum as the model for your event website. The Pixova Lite is an amazing WordPress theme that can be downloaded for free! Get it on the Machos Theme website and even become a professional and get paid for more stuff. The Pixova Lite is a theme that focuses on simplification and minimumism.

It' s fast reacting design offers unbelievable adjustments for almost every point of the game. Now get a design that gives you everything you need. Seventeen Twenty is our top picks for this free event wordpress topics listing. As the basis of WordPress, it is an outstanding choice for any web site in a market segment due to its great versatility and configurability.

Standard theme for 2017 will work great in many tongues regardless of your skills and your machine. Versatile, retina-ready and SEO-optimized theme - event, will be great for your corporate, conferencing and blogs website. Using this theme is not only for presenting your event on-line, but also for various website needs like photographing, entertaining and even breaking news stories or even blogging.

It is delivered finished for translating and can easy be customized with many customizer features. You can use the templates for the galleries, sidebars, widgets and contacts. It is a mag and theme with a sleek theme, designed for meetings, conventions and meetings, and is also a multi-purpose website.

It has never been so easy to have an event website that is both agile, attractive and reactive with its wide range of options/settings. The Sungit Lite is a stylish, neat and fully reactive WordPress theme for musicans, concert performers, artistes, band and other types of musically-influenced blog. There are several functions that just enhance the usability of the theme, things like free online chatting, customized menu items, slider banners and adjustable footer to name just a few of its comprehensive functions.

3-foot and standard side bar widgets have been thoroughly evaluated to provide excellent results. iParty is the right thing for you if you are looking for a sleek, portable and bootstrap-based WordPress theme for your event. It comes with customisable Widgets that are ideal for event managements and event/conference sites.

WordPress has comprehensive documentations and a set-up that doesn't take longer than 2mins. One more free WordPress event theme that is both neat and optically breathtaking is Wedlock. It looks great on desktops, spreadsheets or portable monitors. The Wedlock is an optimal option for those looking for an elegantly yet functionally designed theme and can be an outstanding option for your event.

With Elsa, you have a nice, contemporary WordPress theme that is perfect for marriage sites and female blogging. Beatsmix is a free WordPress theme for your event that fits perfectly to your music. The WordPress theme is elegantly and attractively named Weddings. Like the name implies, this WordPress theme has been conceived to span several pages, a homepage slide and a galery to present nuptial music.

Uses one of a kind sites to tell the stories of the bridegroom and the newlyweds, and includes information about the event. The Eleganto is another nice and stylish multifunctional theme for WordPress that spans commercial and company web sites. Under our free WordPress topics in this listing, this is the one-sided theme designed, the paraallax effect, the product line and the contacts page make everything good for a variety of alcoves and headings.

Stylish is a highly reactive one-page WordPress theme that adapts to different display formats and makes your website interoperable with any devices such as trays and telephones. Among the backed plug-ins are contact form 7, mystery shopping and nice slider, just to name a few. The SKT Wedding Lite is another breathtaking theme, geared towards face-to-face, commercial and other fun activities.

The theme is great for girlish or female sites like magazines, shops, photography and even as a private blogs. And you can use the theme if you're considering creating a photoblog. The JustWrite theme has clear contours and an open look. Like the name already says, it is a content-oriented topic, which concentrates strongly on text.

This does not mean, however, that it will not work at specific venues, as certain venues demand a lot of detail such as policies, regulations, schedules and suchlike. To have an "event-oriented" model, if you look at it that way, seems like a great concept. The home page layouts are structured with ten chapters and eight user-defined side bar widgets. Each section has its own page number.

AmeBlog is another nice and professionally designed blogs that works great for newsgroups, blogs and magazines. Featuring a contemporary styling approach and fast response layouts, it offers exceptional functionality for the contents of your website. This theme is mostly pronounced with a strong focus on SEO-friendly texts. Even though it is a blog-oriented website, it will still be great for event-related needs.

Full headers setting controls, such as logo/date/search and community widgets, give you a high degree of freedom. An individual contribution can display a pre-view of the corresponding contributions together with other functions such as breadcrumb functions and searching wildcards. Launcher is another free event among WordPress topics that are nice and free WordPress topics event as well.

Enables the production of nice country pages. Development is aimed at introducing count down Widget in the near term, an integrated function that is rarely found on this type of website. Designers call their theme an all-in-one bundle - and rightly so. This theme will be communicated with the users of your website and will appeal to them.

When you want to build a basic website in a short period of space of time use this design to build a one-page/multipage website. Launcher is another multifunctional, free WordPress theme that is best suited for small business, company sites and booklet sites. This design contains the WordPress Live-Customizer, a page start timer and nice full page slider.

In addition, merry-go-round slider, a nice blogs section, a testimonial section as well as a call to action buttons are just some of the functions of The Launcher. Want more free Event WordPress Threads? With this we are at the end of our free event WordPress Theme Composition. To sum up, we have seen some of the breathtaking but free WordPress topics above.

What was your favourite motive? Also, if you need more of these great topics, have a look at the other free WordPress topics on our site.

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