Free Excel Sales Tracker Template

Excel Free Sales Tracker Template

On this page you will find our most popular spreadsheet templates. Sell Tracking Templates - Free Excel Sales Dashboards And what are sales tracing and activity? Revenue tracing provides useful information about your company's operating efficiency. It can also drastically enhance your expanding franchise and move your sales hopper down. If we are talking about sales, then we can tackle the job from many different angles.

It is the primary objective of the enterprise to pursue all actions and processes that may affect sales.

Analyze sales activity over a period of timeframes to identify trend and benchmark real and projected sales-performances. Using sales forecasting graphs, we can make easy predictions. However, we prefer to use more dynamical sales tracker models that show the evolution of the KPI. Utilize our extensive set of free sales-related Excel spreadsheets and provide an insight into sales activity to fine-tune your sales processes.

They can use these models and edit simply and convert into meaningful report. With the creation of an Excel Sales Tracker we would like to refund our "fees". In recent years, many and different Excel programs and measurement models have been implemented, although classical models can never become enough. When setting up the sales template was our approach to the sales of seven product sales with the added that even a 30 year timeframe.

Our figures are also displayed in US dollars and percent. Is it possible to transfer a large amount of information into a sole purpose board? We show you a sales tracker that everyone can understand. With the help of a scroll bar in Excel we can proceed year by year, as you can see on the image's far side.

Suddenly we can show the 8 years dynamic dates in one single pane and in the center of the pane we see the corresponding actual dates for those years. The Sales Tracker selects the cell (s) corresponding to the selected products when you select a specific one. Using the selection keys we can select the size of the shown information (USD or %) in a simple and uncomplicated way.

This diagram is one of a kind because we marked the 5 biggest ones with blue and the 5 smallest ones with blue. What is the best way to visualise turnover and profits by region? This section shows you step-by-step how to build an extended Sales Tracker. This was used when we produced the template below.

We have subdivided the monitor into four parts and added numbers so that you can follow the interrelationships and sales activities with ease. Two things are in the focus, sales and profits. Section (1) contains the key item of the Excel Sales Track template, the menus system that co-ordinates your RF filter: here you have selected the sales year, your location, and the sellers.

Of course, any changes to the actual value of the dropdown lists will affect all graphs, so we can call this type of sales reporting dynamical. Let us see what diagram number 1 above links and its numbers explain! Our example shows the 2016 sales year, i. e. those marketed in the USA by Jacob vendors.

In this case, the gain was 82 419 US dollars and the gain 49 257 US dollars. Here the diagram also shows further detail. It is a breakdown at item levels. This graph shows the performance of the field sales force in terms of each individual part. If you look at the image, you can see that the various brands made the following contributions to total sales:

1 22% products, 2 40% products and 3 38% products. Below this figure, we have also indicated sales in US dollars. Abstract: On this page we see the turnover by sales representative. Now, let's see the second part of the sales tracker template, which is on the bottom right.

Net revenue value is the same as in the previous graphic. In this case, the major differences are that we have also shown the net sales value as the gain. The Former is shown on a bar graph, the latter on a line graph shown on a common display.

Provides a composite diagram of field sales performance and revenue dissolution at break-even per unit of sales area. Check the use of the combination charts carefully, because it can be a big advantage for us if we need to visualise different types of sales information using the Sales Funnel Charts. Part three is a summary composite diagram as presented in the preceding section.

You will find summarized information about the turnover / profit of the respective year. It is important to remember that these figures include the performance of all sales employees in all sales territories in each year in comparison to the respective territories. Part Four of our Sales Trackings template is a percent distribution that corresponds to the Item 1 Item 1 Item by Item breakdowns with a supplement to the chart we have used here.

We' ve already spoken about many things, discussing the detail of the Sales Tracker template, but we haven't spoken about the formula that helps us gather together information. This is a part of the basic diagram from which the demo was made: SUMIFS are the first of the Excel formula.

What is important about the equation is that it totals together readings derived from multiple states. In the case of item 1, for example, we have computed the net sales value as follows. Calculates the total on the basis of the current cell value in the dropdown box. Thus it searches in the basic diagram in the data field in the data field for 2014, then for USA in the country field, then for the third requirement for Jacob in the name field.

When these three constraints have been combined (as we have already said, SUMIFS can be used for several constraints), it adds up the figures from the "Net Revenue" columns. Estimations for products 2 and 3 are prepared in a similar way. In order to determine the gain, we also use the summation formulas with only the small exception that we now add the figures in the "Profit / Loss" columns according to the specified search criterion.

On the basis of sales activities models we prepare an appealing sales pitch. Today's step-by-step guide shows you how to make a sophisticated present. Principal object is the visualization of 4 items, 3 areas, annual and detail information and all that on one canvas! There is a bar graph on the bottom right.

The annual sales development of the selected products is displayed here. Primarily, these are sophisticated Excel-formulations such as :: Once we're done, we show the results on the sales template. Let us see the start dates (basic dates)! This datasheet contains the initial information and all the necessary computations. Speedometer base information (minimum, peak and feedback values) is saved on the meter spreadsheet.

Let us see in detail the charts on the datasheet! In the second chart, we have not used a regional break-down, with a focus on sales by month. The third spreadsheet, the Dashboard spreadsheet, displays the name of the selected one. An annual turnover of the selected products in a month-by-month format is shown in the 4th chart.

The fifth chart calculates the real value of the measuring instruments, which also depend on the selected one. We have used percentages to break down the regions. It is the easiest way to develop the annual turnover figures. First, we look at the example of the combined products A / Area I.

Let's show the 2nd value in a bargraph! Those are constants we don't have to calculate. We have to show the annual dates for the selected products in the 4th spreadsheet (calculation for month tickets). You can see on the image that this is now item "B".

VLOOKUP was used to determine the value of the K2 cells. We used the VLOOKUP equation to determine the value of this one. There are two Excel search options for looking up types. Using the MATCH equation, we determine the absolute location of the selected part. At the end, we connect the level tables and the obtained data.

Through the use of the measurement cards, the sales template becomes really exciting! During the creation of sales tracker template for executives, we have tried to ensure that even novices will have no problem understanding how it works. The " C " columns contain the name of the sites that we will compare.

Horizontally we have the incomes of the respective cities for the respective months. When you select the July date, the system takes the January-July date into account because the dates are combined in the "P" columns. If you decide to go to December, you will have the full year's earnings information at your disposal.

Let's take a look behind the scenes now and we'll show you which gearwheels we used to produce the sales summary for you. We' ll use these formula later, they are very useful in Excel so we can enhance our template. We' ll show you in this unit how to use Excel to build a good-looking sales graph to determine the customer breakdown by color, model and year.

Poor tidings... Excel doesn't have this chartstyle in the charts' ribbon. But we can build your own sales force diagram using a pie diagram. A further possibility is to use the diagram of pyramids, for example, to show the ages of a population. In our view, an ordinary Gantt graph is a very poor way to show you the product spread across group containers.

A few words on drawing pyramids. What can I do to generate extended sales and distribution sales power using extended sales force sales heat maps? In the last few weeks we have been working really hard to prototype Excel UK and US Dashboard. Geographic allocation plays a key part in various areas of the company, be it sales tracing, sales force analytics, marketing analytics, quality control, top administrative decisions or more.

The sales activities card helps support your decision making in many different settings. When we only need a certain part of the Excel sales template (e.g. we only want to look at the results of England), then with a small change the remainder of the card can be separated from the card, there is no limitation.

Surely not only sales process can be supervised, but also some sales tendencies (e.g. breakdown by age) or can be useful for predicting consumers' practices. The use of mapping information for detail and specific analyses will make it possible to perfectly understand the detail of an industrial sector, which is unspecific without the visualisation of thermal maps.

Of course, you know that the latest Excel releases already include similar features (Excel Power BI), but we've also thought of those that have the earlier Excel releases. Our company has developed an off-line databank that visualizes geographic sales information according to the incoming sales information. The Sales Tracker template library can be downloaded from this page.

For those not familiar with a typical Excel Dashboard template, visit our library. Find out how to build breathtaking maps from scratch! Performance indicators in Excel? - Skip to the free workout!

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