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The Trendy Site Builder is the world's most popular Flash Site Builder! And you can create an unlimited number of Flash sites for customers, friends or yourself to sell in web design jobs and earn money with! Creating a professional looking Flash website for free First, if you don't have a face-to-face website, you should. One can say that one has neither the know-how nor the designing abilities, but that is no longer an apology. Now you can use Wix.

com to build a professional-looking Flash website for free. The Wix is a free Flash Website Builder that allows you to build a Flash website simply by dragging and dropping it.

Today I will show you how simple it is to build a free Flash website that looks great and looks great. First, you need to open an affiliate and it' quite simple. As soon as you have successfully completed your creation, it's your turn to start building your first website. Let us start by building your first website with this Flash Website Builder.

You can see in the picture that I have already made one, so I will make another one for demo only. Next is the selection of a pattern, which will be the basic theme of your website. When you click Modify, a pop-up appears where you can modify your website.

It' your turn to customize your templates, adding contents, and customizing pages. This Flash Website Builder's text box is quite efficient, simple to use and learning. You will find on the leftside all the functions you can modify or append, such as the appearance of the page (background color and styles), the pictures and videos you see, the text and Widgets (e.g. showing an RSS feed).

Just click on the standard text that is already on the desktop and click Modify. Then on the leftside choose "Page Parts" and choose "Background" to modify the backgrounds, or choose "Page Frame" to create a beautiful looking margin around the page. It' important to keep in mind that a new page gives you a empty layout, while a thumbnail page uses the higher-level framework theme and inserts a new navigation tree shortcut.

As a result, a new thumbnail page is generated and the link is updated for you. In order to generate a new page, click on "Add page" in the upper right part of the screen. It' up to you to make your website look, feel, text and more like you want it to. Well, now that you've designed and built your website (and of course stored it), it's your turn to post your website.

In order to post your website, simply click on the orange "Post" icon at the top of the website. First chance is to release it on Wix. Your website will then receive the address. Second, it can be sent by e-mail, and third, it can be embedded in an already created file.

Using this feature, you can simply integrate your website into Facebook or Blogger, but if you want to use it on one of your web pages, just take the embedded key and insert it somewhere in an HTML-file. While you can upgrade your Wix site and charge a one-month subscription rate to delete advertisements and use your own domainname (as shown below), there is a basic mind-boggling feature that allows you to have your new Wix site on your own domainname.

The only thing you need to do is to generate a new HTML file and embedded the HTML within the HTML-tag. Just modify the wallpaper color according to your Wix site and load the HTML file into your website folder. A little extra designing to add some contents will get you to a professional-looking, free Flash website in no time.

So if you want to see my sites that I have quickly built, have a look at them here and here. Ever create a website with

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