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Its features are all based on the latest WordPress version. Base version, PRO version, Ultimate version. There are more ready-made sections in the Pro version, you can view the demo. This is based on the current WordPress version and is constantly updated.

Photo Free WordPress Topics 2018

The best handsome, fast and free WordPress themes for creating a blogs or portfolios site that presents photos and content. This is a great and contemporary, fast and free Wordpress topic for blogs and photoblogging, with an inventive and stylish look. Every contribution has a full width headline and full width text bands and is photograph well.

If you like to write and/or photograph, try this one. The Abito has a clean and easy look, with an appealing design that suits every subject and every use - travelling, story telling, eating, fashion, living, etc. There is also a section in the portfolios so that you can present your best works. There are 2 homepage lifestyles, 4 post viewing suites, photogalleries, a widget pedal, community link and several customisation possibilities.

All in all a wonderful and contemporary topic for creative people. An easy, versatile, reactive and free Wordpress topic for any kind of work. The site has a contemporary look, a large homepage headers and a professionally designed look. Overall, the subject has a minimalistic but attractive look and will certainly look good on your website no matter what kind of store you own.

In terms of functionality, Alchem has an appealing look, both single- and multi-page layout, 7 home page style, many page presets for each section, shortcuts, limitless color, movie wallpaper, FontAwesome symbols, and many other adjustment possibilities. Moreover, the topic is kind sociable towards SMEs, translations and retina made. Today, response is a must.

For simplicity and style, the design adjusts the homepage design so that you can view your important information on the homepage simply. There is also more user-defined short code available where you can include everything like FAQ, customer input and more. Alchem was created using the HTML5+CSS3 programming interface and is well encoded according to the latest SQL-standards.

With the latest encoding technology, this SEO-friendly topic will make your website look great to your visitors and place it higher in the results. There is an optional setting in the design preferences that allows you to specify your preferred colour. However, please note that changes to the elementary colour only apply to most of the standard colours you have specified, and cannot be changed due to your given priorities in terms of style sheets.

It allows you to add various elements to the contents, such as sliders, portfolios, pictures, blog lists, columns and more. Quickly and simply, end user can create their own customized pages with all the different shortcuts that include Allchem. Allchem does not restrict you to a header/footer choice, but gives you full head and bottom row controls.

Understanding that some user need headline symbols, or a seek line or tag line, with the subject, you can modify the text, colour, fonts, etc. in the headers and footers. Provide certain headers with your own logos and headers, load wallpapers into the head, and choose which elements are displayed in which areas.

You can also include Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other popular symbols in the headers and footers. You don't have to do that anymore with Alchem's gooey headers. Font Awesome also gives you the ability to customise the symbols: sizes, colours and more are all in your hands.

Select from 4 different designs and have as many custom blogs as you want! Every page can use a left/right side bar or both side bars or have a full width without a side bar. This topic has been refreshed to include translation into more than one languages. You can create indefinite Alchem website version with easy setting.

Allows you to add your own logos and favorites to your WordPress page. Everything is 100% Retina Ready and will look amazing on high-resolution screens like the MacBook Pro Retina, iPad or iPhone. We' ve added thematic user choices to make sure they are Retina Ready by uploading their own logos and favicons.

The Alchem will look breathtaking on any high-resolution screen thanks to the crisp images that come with the subject! There are more ready-made parts in the trial version, you can have a look at the demonstration. A sleek, fast-reacting and free Wordpress topic for face-to-face blogs, with a clean and contemporary look. The Amadeus has an appealing look, a full width full pallax band, a nice authors case and support for any kind of embedded videos.

The Amadeus has a great and stylish typeface, many widgets, dropdown lists and plenty of customisation possibilities. This is a minimalistic, fast-reacting and free Wordpress topic for your own private web site with a straightforward and standardized web site layout. Comes with a full width headers and a gentle scroll. It has a pull-out colored seek border and a single statical backdrop.

You can customize your settings with Amplify because it provides beautiful adjustment possibilities. It has a sleek look, Google typefaces with user-defined textures, many page styles, user-defined colours, and three blogsayouts. Emplify allows you to generate a filtering web page for your Jetpack product as well as beautiful skill pages.

This topic is suitable for translations. An astonishing, reactive and free Wordpress topic, characterised by the dominance of images and an appealing look, characterised by a high degree of flexibility, clarity and a high level of quality. It can be used for photo sites, photo blogging, or portfolio purposes. However, a great subject for imaginative individuals. Appperture features gorgeous online content stores, statically full-screen wallpapers, and a full-screen homepagelider.

All in all a great piece of art with a lot of pictures. Topic comes with an appealing look, user-defined background and menu, soft symbols, dark hide and full frame out. One of the most popular and fun themes for creative professionals, designed primarily for presenting your multimedia file. The BirdSITE is a photo blogging fast-reacting and free photographing Wordpress themed.

Its design has a raster design and uses CSS3 fluid sensing devices for its reactive look and feel and is therefore optimised for desktop tablets and smartphones. The functions includes the adaptation of the design. Select the text colour, links colour, headers and footers wallpaper colour and navigational colour. Obviously, a neat response to free photographing is Wordpress issue & neat deal.

There is a clear option pane with only a few handfuls of adjustments. Rather than drown you with choices, Clearly offers you close interaction with Page Builder. This is a good and tidy, fast reacting and free Wordpress topic for your own blogs, with a good full width headers and a brick homepage outline.

It has a pull-out right side bar and colourful lettering and buttoning. All in all, Cosimo is an elegantly clear topic for those who like convenience. Topic comes with an appealing look, soft symbols, different mail sizes, user-defined backgrounds, limitless colours and topic choices. Cosimo is also translatable and allows the use of Widget.

Familytheme is a minimalistic HTML5 HTML children's topic for WordPress, which has been designed with body and spirit. Designed for individuals, bloggers and head based photographers, Wordpress themes focuses on the contents themselves and presents them in the neatest way. WordPress Familie themes inherit all Omega's superior themes features, portable friendlier, integrated WordPress customizer, user-defined logo up-load, user-defined headers, user-defined colours, user-defined menu, user-defined style sheet, user-defined interior headers over the presented picture.

Fünfzehn is the photographic or portfolio-oriented WordPress topic that is best suited for professional artists. Wordpress is a fast and free Wordpress topic for photographers basing on the HTML5 and CSS3 framework, Bootstrap 3. Featuring a very modern design, this topic is 100% fast reacting. Support feature rich image, custom widgets, cool animations, full width pages and much more.

The topic is translatable, and language packs for Español, French and English have been added to give you a competitive edge. The FlyMag is a contemporary and attractive, fast reacting and free Wordpress topic for journals and newsgroups. There is a clear appearance, a marked slide control and a cheerful styling.

It' s designed to allow you to incorporate any type of video into your website while using your video as a widget. The FlyMag offers a range of different mail sizes, such as scroll bars, video, gallery-like contributions, photos and many other multi-media materials. The FlyMas has an appealing look, a beautiful selection of user-defined Widgets, Google Font, user-defined colours and customisation possibilities.

It is also suitable for translations and can also be used for blogging or other kinds of work. Liberty is a basic, neat and reactive & free photograph wordpress topic. Its design includes support for user-defined headers, user-defined backgrounds, user-defined menus, widgets, and a built-in option window for configuring the basic colors, location logos, sliders, location concept, page bar layouts, categories layouts, and many more.

The Fukasawa is a Wordpress topic designed by Andres Noren for the photographer and collector, tailored to brickwork. Provides fast-response and retina-ready designs, picture, gallery, as well as videotape mail formatting, five customized widgets, an archived page layout, a slide show galleries, customized highlight colors supported, customized logos supported, editors' fashions, and ready-to-translate coding.

The Garfunkel is a classy and interesting Wordpress topic for Blogger, designed by Anders Noren. The Hitchcock is an interesting, fast reacting and free photo Wordpress topic, not only because of its name, but also because of its simplicity and grace. It' a minimalistic subject with a full frame statics in the back and a grid-style balcony.

It has been developed for artists, photo professionals and other creatives to present their work on. Portfolioelements are displayed with a rotten load effect. Hitchcock can also be a dependable face-to-face blogsolution, as it has a clear and easy to understand interface and a blog-like look.

Topic offers a seek toolbar and softkeys. Illy is a breathtaking, versatile and free Wordpress topic basing on the bootstrap front-end frame that makes it completely reactive and portable. The topic is well suitable for companies, landings page, portfolios or other imaginative sites. WordPress Customizer does this with a lot of effort, so you can build your website in real-time previews only.

It is the most versatile WordPress topic and it is totally free to use for personal and business sites. It is the only free WordPress topic you want to use, and our technical assistance is there to secure your needs. ILDY works with the most beloved free and premium WordPress plug-ins like Contact Form 7, Gravity Forms, Yoast SSL, Jetpack, WP Super Cache, NextGEN Gallery and soon with WooCommerce.

It is also SEO-friendly, which will help you achieve the highest ranking on Google and other popular websites. Featuring full-screen wallpaper and scalable section for a slimmer usability environment. With the Bootstrap 3 front-end frame, this responsive and free photo wordpress topic was designed to be completely reactive and optimised for all portable platforms like iPad, iPhone, Android and Windows Phone.

Rabbit-like text, vivid colours, breathtaking visuals, crisp pictures, superb haptics and beautifully vectorised symbols on HiDPI (Retina) screens. IIIlldy has tens of choices for extra customizations. Our developer community has an excellent technical assistance staff and will help you free of cost. You are welcome to post a note in the Supportforum.

lldy themes offers a lean one-page design that is well adapted for commercial and landing-page styled sites. Because WooCommerce is no longer a premier topic function, you can get it for free now. The topic is translated and linguistic. Further information on the translations of WordPress topics can be found here.

The developers would be very happy if you could help with the translations into your own languages. Fast reacting and free Wordpress topic for photographing with built-in Font Awesome feature. It' a very adaptable design with infinite colour choices. Several one-click choices of colours are available to modify the colours for each individual topic item.

You' ve dealt with the most important features on the detail page with the topic guides that you can find here. Featuring the power of Make's drag-and-drop page maker and hundred of customizer choices, you can easily burn your website without having to touch a line of coding. With Make, you can manage page layouts for all your postings and pages, as well as the appearance in the side bar.

Select from over a hundred Google fonts and add your own wallpapers anywhere. Based on a fully reactive raster, Make will render as well on trays and telephone monitors as it does on the desktops. It is a nice, fast reacting and free Wordpress topic, which was developed especially for WooCommerce with many functions. It comes with many functions like social icons, multiple menu bars, stunning animations, well crafted shop, customized widgets, complete page layout and a suitable panel for topic choices.

The best free topic to create your eCommerce website is the marketplace. Even on non-commerce pages, the topic of the markets works very well. Northeast is a minimalistic and neat, but contemporary, reactive and free Wordpress topic for face-to-face blogs. It' s elegantly and beautifully designed and features a labeled slide control, authors box and pillion key.

The design also offers AdSense optimisation so you can place and monetise advertisements on your site. And by the way, you can adjust it as you like, as it offers many adjustments and features. The Obscura is a neat, easy, stylish, two-column, fast-reacting and free Wordpress topic for photographers, suitable for any web site or phototfolio.

WordPress foto topic is mobiles kind, so go ahead and divide your website from your cell phones or tray with your buddies and customers! This topic also includes support for the NextGEN Gallery plug-in for viewing and managing your gallery photos. One-sided, fast-reacting and free Wordpress topic for photographing, Onetone is bootstrap driven and encoded with HTML5/CSS3.

We have already created the basics like about, galleries, client, services, etc. for your company. There are several available choices if you want to make some customizations, such as change your wallpaper, scroll your pallax, upload your videos wallpaper, font awesome icons, your logos and favorite icons, add your own customized style sheets, and so on.

It is also fast reacting, clear and optimised for advancedEO. Font, color, wildness and altitude etc. for example, you can adjust them at will. Build with Bootstrap, you can be sure that no matter what kind of equipment your website is accessed from, it will look exactly like a single dot. It allows you to add various elements to the contents, such as sliders, portfolios, pictures, blog lists, columns and more.

They' re fast to fix issues, make sure the whole themes are compliant with the latest version of WordPress, and are dedicated to new functions and work. Our comprehensive range of services and services keeps the topics up to date. There is also a user-defined section where you can include everything from FAQ to customer reviews and more.

Onetone was created using the HTML5+CSS3 programming interface and is well encoded according to the latest advanced web analytics (SEO) standards, making your web site more popular and ranked higher in results. In addition to supporting home page wallpaper videos, the Onetone design allows you to add a full width controller to your home page, which means you get another way to create your home page.

One of the few free WordPress themes that can make presenting YouTube movies on your website very simple is Onetone. In addition, the latest version allows the creation of wallpapers for each area of the homepage. Onetone' styling is optimised for high-resolution display. In order to make your website future-proof, it is important that your website looks good even on modern display screens.

Awesome Font is an important icon in WordPress themes. Font Awesome also gives you the ability to customise the symbols: sizes, colours and more are all in your hands. There are several different backgrounds that allow you to modify anything you need. Such as the headline, menus, background videos and colours, logos, favorites, and so on.

Onetone' gooey headers keep your home page menus and logos at the top of your computer screens and follow your scrolling progressutomatically. This topic has been refreshed to include translation into more than one languages. Regardless of where you come from or what languages your users are speaking - you can change the languages at any time! cbPress is a board application with a WordPress developer turn.

Easy setting up of forum discussions in your based website. Onetone fully integrates With Onetone, to be as effective as possible while being fast to respond and looking great on the myriad of machines available to today's user. Originals are a straightforward, reactive and free photograph wordpress topic that focuses on your work.

This radio button is easily understandable and contains only a minimum number of radio buttons. You can use Origami as a default photographic blogs or as a full featured website. PhotoGraph is a fantastic premier styled reactive and free Wordpress topic from ColorLabs. It comes with a wealth of functions, it's a porfolio/gallery styled topic that comes with many user -defined page layout such as Pinterest, Instagram, etc...

It is a fun and easy to use, fast reacting and free Wordpress topic with many adjustment possibilities that can be optimized by the themes panel, such as logo, introduction text and wallpaper. PhotosMaker themes contain tagged pictures (thumbnails for galleries and user-defined headers for articles and pages). An attractive and neat, fast-reacting and free Wordpress topic for photographic sites.

Designed to be minimalistic and stylish, the design features a full-width headers, stylish lettering and logo, and a lightbox picture opening. Quick to respond, widget-capable, translatable, and easily customizable, Foto Perfect is the perfect solution. It also provides user-defined background, color, and menu. You can use the subject for photograph pages, blogging or other artistic use.

Portfoliogallery is an innovative, cutting-edge and stylish, highly reactive and free Wordpress themed theme for viewing pictures in different customisable layout with different colour scheme, fonts, widgets and functions. It' s fast, SE0 and user-friendly. Topic type also offers extensive possibilities for adaptation. You can select the typographic fonts, character pitch, styles, and text transformation and weighting choices.

Essentially, the portal responsive and free photography wordpress topic is a minimum blogs topic, but it will work perfect as a photograph and portfolios themed. It' integrated with the Page Builder plug-in so you can use it to create anything from a stand-alone page to a complete website. Prus is a high-quality, fast reacting and free Wordpress topic for your WordPress blogs.

There comes with Parallax Header, Responsible Layout, Custom Widget, Topic Options, Full Width Pages, 2 Navigation Menus. Best of all, it's based on Twitter Bootstrap 3. Prus is completely prepared for translations, the pots have been prepared for you. This is a great, memorable, fast reacting and free Wordpress topic for the photographer.

There is a full-width head picture and various photo portions displayed on a blank backdrop. Each contribution has a full picture. Note the simple nature of this subject, which makes it stylish and sober. The ShutterLoop is a fast and free Wordpress topic for photographers from Its design has great function controls with a user-defined operation area.

Stylish and attractive, fast reacting and free Wordpress topic for blogs and photos. And it comes with easy layout and a clear styling. There are also photogalleries so that you can present your portfolios on the website. It has a classic look in classic monochrome, yet it is still contemporary and attractive.

The Sixteen is an artistically appealing and free Wordpress topic for most websites. In nature Sixteen is fully reactive and ready for the retina. Support headers with parallel axis effect. Fully repositioning Nivo slider, customizable headers and footers, raster homepage layout, full width pages, etc. make it one of the most unique Wordpress themes.

There are sixteen already available in French, Hispanic, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Portuguese, Italian, Japanese, Arabian, Hebrew, Russian etc. and they support translations into other foreign language versions. A fantastic and contemporary, fast reacting and free Wordpress topic for Beautycenter and lounges, with a neat look and rotten load contents. It has a full width slide control, a simple and fast scheduling tool, an opening schedule, a simple enquiry tool that can appear on any page, a widget bottom line and a galleries page.

All in all, this topic offers a nice lay-out that gives you a great sense of style and controll. SCT Cutnstyle Lite has an appealing look, price charts, rich bands, many Widgets, simple contacts and appointments form, tonnes of symbols, stylish scroll and animation, a log lay-out, test menus, WooCommerce compliance and multi-page layouts.

All in all an elegantly and beautifully designed subject, with a professionally designed look. It is an elegantly "girlish", fast-reacting and free photograph wordpress topic for magazines and fashions. Its full-width slide control, sluggish load effect and minimized styling make it the ideal choice for a wide range of applications. It can also be used for photogalleries and portfolios. In addition, the redesign is WooCommerce, Contact Form 7 and NextGEN Gallery compliant.

There are also many adjustment possibilities - user-defined background, colours, menus etc. - when the translated text is available and reacts to it. I mean, you can use this pattern for anything to do with girl things. A fast and free Wordpress photo topic, Snapshot is designed for presenting your photos. Travelling Stories is a fantastic and handsome, fast reacting and free Wordpress topic for blogs and photos.

has a full size image and offers large pictures. It has a monochrome look and an overall minimal look. Since optics dominates the look of this subject, you can also use it successfully for your photographs. To connect text and photograph. With this topic you can present your pictures in full size.

A well-thought-out, reactive and free Wordpress topic for photographers, it has been developed to present pictures, graphics and photographs in an intelligent raster format. Designers can simply expand the coding in a subordinate design. Within a few clicks you can build a WordPress, BuddyPress or WooCommerce site. It' perfectly suited for your next blogs, shops, magazines, online networks or web sites.

Extended topic settings help you quickly adjust every detail. Add tonnes of widgets and 2 user-defined WP 3. 0 headers. Two pre-defined colour scheme (light, dark) with clear and browser-safe style sheet as starting point. Practical add-ons and expert assistance from the topic writers at

Thank you for using x2 compliant & free photograph wordpress topic.

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