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Full width header; Four content templates; Multiple media formats.

Best 20+ Free Full Screen WordPress Themes 2018

Throughout this review we have included free of charge free of charge Full Frame WordPress themes that will help you easily find the best full frame themes for use in purposes such as photographing, creating artists, portfolio, graphics designers, beauty blogging and more. Several of these themes have been designed with a Full Frame Jacquery slide bar to show either photographs, video or a mix of both with different pro transitions, and some also have a built-in user-controlled sound play-back that begins to play when users enter the site.

These fast-reacting free WordPress full-screen themes are all high-quality, professional-designed, and are very useful in saving you a lot of designing effort without having to reinvent the wheels. Partallax WordPress Screenr is a free fullscreen Parallax WordPress application designed for businesses, portfolios, agencies, products windows, contractors and anyone who values good designs.

BRILILIANCE is a very high-performance, multifunctional, free full-screen display that is designed for maximum versatility. With this free full-screen Wordpress Theme you' ll have complete command over every individual facet of its appearance, so you can customize it to your needs and more readily meet your website objectives. The Helix is a free Wordpress full image topic with functions like user-defined menus, full image slide show homepage, widgettized side bar and more.

The design is also supplied with an optional field. The Hunter is a free fullscreen WordPress topic from The design is based on the Bootstrap 3 frameworks. It is a rumblog topic with different postal sizes. Design includes meta boxes for managing mail style contents, customization settings, and adjustable design colour schemes.

It is a portfolio-free full-screen WordPress topic designed for creativity pros. A bootstrap 3-based, highly reactive WordPress topic. There are many design customization possibilities and the design colour schemes are also customisable. The Kinetika is a high-performance full-screen WordPress topic that is powered by Voocommerce and features built-in event features as well as various display case features.

WPML multi-lingual design contains. po . mo langauge file for simple localisation into any localisation. Topic is retinal, quick to respond and simple to adapt. Full-screen slide shows and video clips help view the information boxes filled with upcoming and upcoming news, portfolios or blog entries. The Kinetika topic has the option of showing picture slide shows and video as page backgrounds with page transparency per page.

It is the response powerfull full screen WordPress topic for photographers and creatives that is equipped with the latest WP-functions. The Hypershot software provides many great choices to meet the needs of even the most discerning user. The Clique is a premium AJAX response full screen WordPress thread that provides a great way to present your best work - perfectly suited for any creativity or marketing company.

Clique takes your website to a new level of grandeur with high-performance beta plug-ins and functions. Imagine the power and responsiveness of a full-screen WordPress topic for a photographer or creative who uses portfolio content to present their work efficiently. It is supported by the Pexeto extended panel, which provides numerous possibilities for managing and modifying all aspects of the topic.

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