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Build a free website with our free website builder and free hosting service. Important characteristics Create a breathtaking website in just a few moments with on-line Site Builder. Whether you're an experienced programmer or just getting started, Site Builder is designed for adaptability and usability. Choose from over 190 ready-made designs and customise the look to create your own custom page.

Press the Buttons and your new website goes immediately on-line.

Template's design language is clear yet easy to use, making it an excellent base for your projects, be it a website or a multi-page corporate identity. cPanel® offers a graphic, web-based user experience that allows you to accomplish various website management activities, from the creation of email account to the creation of hosting sites.

The Site Builder is free with every hostingccount.

Website Builder and Hosting for Free

For our members we offer a free website builder and hosting services. Website-Builder is an easy-to-use on-line web site builder that allows you to create a web site without any web site development or coding skills. Featuring 100 ready-many patterns and simple drag-and-drop interfaces. You can also get a free hosting for the website you create with our Site Builder app.

Freeware Website Builder. Using the Website Builder. Launch Website Builder from the Hosting Controller pane (click the Website Builder icon). Pick a templat. You can see the pattern catagories in the list on the right, a click on a pattern shows the available patterns. If you find a style sheet you like, click "Select".

Information about the website. In the top part of the website select the pages you want (you can continue later) and type in your website name, your search terms and your name. Dragging & dropping Website Builder. At the top of the page, you will see the Site Builder pull-down menus to save/publish the templates, text, pictures, form, etc.

Below the drop-down list is the preset you selected. Click it to move the entry to a new location. Saving / Publishing. Once you have completed your website, click Save/Publish in the main Website Builder window and your website will be stored on your free hosting server and will be available over the Intranet.

Register for a free hosting now. Select a FREE subdomain or use your own name. Easily share your data and get free hosting without the hassle of advertising.

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