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To download the I Phone Theme . Let's start learning these wonderful iPhone themes now for free. Cool themes & wallpapers Lite in the App Store Tired of using a plain image as your iPhone / iPod Touch wallpaper? Do you want to achieve a perfectly matched startup and lockdown screens? It' free!

What can I do to use these themes wallpapers? Search for your favourite wallpapers. In the upper toolbar, touch the "Save" pushbutton (2nd pushbutton from the left).

Be sure to check "Save Start Screen", "Save Lock Screen" or "Save Both" in "Photos" on your machine. Go to "Photos" and pick the wallpaper you want to use. Use as wallpaper" > "Set" > "Set lock screen", "Set start screen" or "Set both". It is Cool Themes' goal to offer you the most attractive and most cool thematic wallpapers!

Do you like topics? Make us like you! Oh, I really adore this application!!!!! I' ve always been looking for an application like this, I had a hard period with fitting pictures to do the same what this application does, for my lock sign display to have a different but similar or the same thematic image as my home sign display background, so unnecessarily I'm really agitated and like it!

Wish there were more free themes open to the public for free and a whole bunch more new themes to pick from every day, but apart from that it's a fantastic application I'd highly suggest to anyone who likes me, loves and hoards wallpapers and wants an easy way or application that matches the images!

but why do you say "themes"?!!!!!!?? NEVER a topic!!!!!!!.... Works with iPhone, iPad and iPod.

Download free iPhone 5 Themes, iPod touch Themes (including iPhone 8 devices)

Do you want to get the best designs for your new iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus? Now, that could be one of the greatest motives why you put your iPhone in jail. It' truth that the initial iPhone port is too dull to appear in a simple backdrop with standard symbols. So if you're one of them who's mad about installing customized iPhone designs, you've come to the right place.

We are here today to talk about how to get and deploy the customized iPhone designs. As mentioned before, before you start the installation of the iPhone themes, you have to add a Java break to your iPhone. You will then need to start the Cydia application available on the start page. Once this is complete, browse and deploy the Winterboard application.

Actually, it is a themes of the iPhone. So you can use the winterboard to enable any topic. You' ll get some regular and dull themes from the winterboard, but you can download some current and new themes from our website and put them on your iPhone.

They can also browse and select themes for sound, video background, fonts, blocking background, icons and much more. Once you have finished downloading your own design to your liking, you will need to unzip it using an application that can process the file types specified in your file's compressed file (ZIP and RAR). Unzip the.rar file to your iPhone screen and then copy the design you just uploaded to your iPhone.

Please note: You cannot modify your iPhone design unless you interrupt your iPhone in prison. If your iPhone isn't in jail, you can only modify your iPhone background picture, start picture, and locking screen: Preferences > Background Picture > Touch the topic > browse to the Destination Application > browse to the symbol picture you want to switch to > Preferences > browse to browse to the locking display, start display or both.

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