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This free layout mockup for magazines does not come close to the style. Easily find layouts for e-books, product brochures, albums and other web and print projects. Use this online program to create a magazine layout. Allows you to create and edit your own magazine. Register an account and start for free.

40 Creative Magazines PSD Mockups for downloading

Sometimes when creating a magazine layout, it is hard to see what the end results will look like on a display device. Here, magazine template artwork can be used to help rescue the tag. If you apply your designs to a real -world model, you can get an impression of what the end piece will look like and what modifications it will need to make to get that ultimate, flawless look.

In order to help you, we have gathered 40 high-quality magazine samples that you can freely dowload to present your designs elegantly and attractively. Here you'll find all types of magazine mock-ups, from A4 to squares, magazine covers and digital sizes, magazine in hand, with iPad, on the desk, and more.

Please click on the pictures to get the PSD at it' s original location.

Free 50 PSD mockup templates for magazines you need to see.

Creating a Magazine Layout in Photoshop You' ll get a beautiful model! Adaptable artwork helps visualise the best magazine layout and present any imaginative product realistically. They allow the public to see what a particular look looks like on a given prototyp. Using Smart Layer and Smart Object functionality, you can easily append your designs to the contents of an images with just a few mouse clicks and see the results immediately.

A good mockup adds its own value to the overall value of the product by creating a truly original setting or piece with the respective look. I will help you in this paper to select the best free magazine artwork available on the web. You' ll find it easy to find a free inside page copy of your favorite magazine or a great two page magazine.

So try the free edition, and if you like it, think about paying a few bucks for a good model. We' ll look at different types of magazine mockups: brochure-like, quadratic and small, open, close, lateral and even overhung. Hopefully, this hand-picked collection will help you make the right impact on your audiences and get them excited about your magazine or bookscapes.

Much of the functionality presented here will result in a good, free looking book artwork that can be used for the presentation of your own brands. Newspaper advertising will also be provided with models showing what a particular ad will look like on the pages. Use this free PSD artwork ideal for presenting your designs. Featuring sophisticated levels and intelligent features that help you build a photorealistic look.

isometric covers, front covers, inner covers, inner covers and rear covers.

It is a mock-up package with free smart objects mockups: seven close-ups, 12 default views and 17 ready-made texts. Layer are labelled and well organized; you can easily insert your contents and with a few mouse clicks make a great magazine look. This mock-up has ultra-realistic side bends with liquefaction effect.

This is another nice magazine PDF file you can get for free. Can be used to elegantly and subtly create photo-realistic interior pages of a magazine. It has Smart Objects and multilayers so you can easily add your own contents or customize the context.

And you can use your own custom touch to customize the look even more. This mock-up provides a refreshing and luxury look and fits perfectly to your magazine. Take a look at this great A4 artwork for a magazine designed by young fashion house artist Jarka.

Removable covers, insides and backgrounds. Authors used rendered passports and flash effect creation on Smart-object images. The best way to edit this magazine page style is at 32-bit but you can change it to eight bit before you save it as a .jpg file. Here is a great collection of magazine covers for Photoshop!

Have you ever dreamt of getting 150 high end PSD models from magazines? You can also get a free trial copy that contains five shots from the bundle. Trial versions include select gold/silver embossing, adjustable background and a help function. You can use it with Adobe Photoshop CC or higher. It is a neat looking, light A4 magazine and a catalogue for Photoshop.

There is a pattern for each front and back covers and a separate spreads mock-up with adjustable built-in backs. This free magazine ad mountup lets you showcase more than one work. Here this is a plain popover mock-up with a lady with a magazine in her hand. This Photoshop magazine artwork can be used for free in several free Photoshop magazine magazines.

Substitute the mock-up theme with your own layered theme and see your magazine covers in the hand of this lovely feminine figure with stunning ink drawings. The free spreadsheet for magazines has an up-to-date wallpaper that can be customized to your needs. Because of its contemporary styling and high definition it looks fantastic and photorealistic.

You' ll have fun working with this layout pattern. In a wonderful way, the writer blended colours and items to make this magazine style sheet. This is another easy and minimalist pattern for magazine pages. Apply your sketch and see the magazine real on a wood desk or any backdrop you want to use.

Modifiable and free to use. They can find similar themes for iPhone, TV, watching or even a travelling cup by the same name. This deeply soft golden colour used in this theme will lighten up your work. Below is one of the best magazine spreads you can find.

Offering an intelligent level and fantastic, natural-looking effect, this landscape-wide model has a unique look and feel. They say that they are committed to working at the forefront of their possibilities in the development of every single styling option. Through the pooling of free ressources, this studios asserts to spread charity. It' a beautiful A5 magazine page mock-up with intelligent layering and a highly real look.

Shows magazine ad layout in a fun and styleful way. Paste your creativity into them and make a magazine with front, back and inside pages. As with any good page model, this one contains a number of intelligent items. Click on the Download pushbutton and with just a few mouse clicks you will receive a new print-ready magazine.

These nice magazine or workbooklet mockups will look just as nice with coloured or blank pages. There is a more comprehensive copy of this free magazine advertising artwork if you decide to upgrad your projects. The magazine or model of your portfolios resists the force of gravitation! It' s an awesome magazine style game! Generate magazine spread without paying a buck.

You' ll receive an edited artwork and a data set for a vinyl magazine layout. Designed to deliver a minimalist and immersive magazine viewing sensation, this mock-up is perfect for your creativity efforts. There are three Smart Object templates (cover, right and wrong side) and can be adjusted by anyone, even without much designing work.

This is a beautiful quadratic model for your magazine projects, whether digitally or in print. Allows you to make fantastic combination of pictures, text and intelligent items. Experience this embodiment of quadratic styling by customizing color, texture, lighting, and shade saturation. Designed with a quadratic mock-up of booklets, this mock-up has separately machinable shade and allows you to switch between mock-ups.

Use this free sample or select a commercial model that offers the same model with a higher definition. A free mock-up for magazines containing a front page and a double page. Magazine page styles have an intelligent level and enough room to store your contents and high-resolution images.

Here is a magazine jacket in PSD for your next print-ready work. Immediately make changes to intelligent layer and use this software for journals, booklets, portfolios. Apply your styling to a new intelligent object creation process. Another great free Photoshop magazine artwork. You have a back covers page and an upside down open magazine page this year.

Thanks to intelligent layer and layout, this mock-up has a highly polished and up-to-date look. Create your next prototype from a sleeve and inside pages. Here is a fantastic work of artwork that contains well titled strata. You' ll love working with four intelligent 10.5×8-inch subjects and making quick and sound changes to the mock-ups.

This free layout mock-up for magazines does not come close to the look of the game. Pages in the spreads have a beautiful photorealistic bend. Fantastic and truly multi-functional, this square-free PSD magazine mock-up is a great addition. It can be used as a magazine artwork or as a softcover layout for a quadratic layout or as a catalog prototyping.

Take this chance to present your photographs in unique layout with a beautiful photo-realistic feeling. You' ll find many great functions in this free coversheet for sport magazines. It is also ideal for producing booklets. Let's begin with a backdrop that can be substituted to match your visual style, and then think of intelligent entities that are easy to edit and supported by organised designated levels and directories.

This is a high-resolution help document for the magazine. This is a nice free magazine size pattern with three intelligent items (10. 8 x 16). Intelligent Object allows you to modify smaller items without loosing your focal point and making too many moves. There are sophisticated coatings to present your boldest design.

There is a really sweeping backside and an inside. Get this free photo realism mock-up artwork! Looks real and has four intelligent items to help you make this your own unique one. The layout of this pattern magazine was done in Cinema 4D and Redshift Render. It' a catalog magazine artwork that can be used for all your brand-, promotion- and designerjobs.

The model is beautiful, and you can get it for free for your own private and business use, on conditions that you return to the supplier page. The traditional pattern contains intelligent items that make it very customizable. Another great addition that allows you to see what your best magazine ad looks like on a page.

It' s a simple algorithm: you open the Smart-layer, insert your own creations and store the files - here is your photorealistic magazine theme that' re set for printing or presentation. This is where you'll have beautiful ready-made levels and plenty of room to present your contents. The Adobe Photoshop magazine artwork offers nothing right out of the box except a photorealistic classic look and feel and easy-to-use intelligent levels.

You will receive an intelligent presentational instrument that meets your diverse needs. This free PSD-mockup booklet will be a good place to put your print and promotional efforts. Page layout, backgrounds and shadows are on different levels, so you can optimize each of them with ease.

If you move the magazine plane, the shaded plane is stacked on the magazine plane. If you do not have to create your work too individually, you will also receive the pattern sketch in a parcel. You' ll find three well-designed intelligent object themes in the box.

You can use this pack as a magazine articles or magazine covers artwork. The photo-realistic mock-up experiences from the last section would not be full without this nice free bie. Provides a fully customizable magazine sleeve with intelligent object for your presentations. When you sell book titles on-line or need a free Mode Magic artwork to present your designer collection, this tools will make your job much simpler.

Naturally, you can modify all colours in this free catalogue mock-up. Adaptable PSD is included with the bundle, and all levels in it are organised and designated to maximise your effectiveness. Writers would appreciate it if you would give them a loan for commercial or private use of this free utility.

Here is a beautiful example of a quadratic copy artwork using a rectangular texture. This offers the possibility of adding deep fields together with separated and slightly moving subjects and shadow. It doesn't include the theme, but you can simply create your own custom theme. It is a easy and multi-functional utility for your business and private use.

Free to be downloaded, this model of Adobe Acrobat Reader is nice and very real. A multi-layer PSD with integrated intelligent features. There is no need to be a qualified photo shop pro to use it. When you like this pattern, send one or two words of written criticism to the author.

Another astonishing free item submission for your best project!

The magazine artwork offers fantastic pictorial effects: reflection, multi-layered shadow and environment. The sweetest magazine or PSD copy in our range. It is perfect for promotional material, e-books, on-line magazine and other imaginative work. If you don't want this beautiful face on your artwork, there are several intelligent items that you can fill with your contents.

Here is a fake jacketpot for you! Two magazine originals in US mail format, with covers and inside pages. If you are using the free Photoshop magazine artwork, be sure to include the author. Get to know this great full page magazine ad sheet that shows the best quality of quadratic designs.

You' ll appreciate the simple processing algorithm: first, you click on the area to which you want to attach your contents; second, you insert your theme items into the opening dialog; third, you go back to the parent application and see how the theme is changed. Every effect, as well as shadow and perspective, will be included in your new look.

Here is a great booklet artwork that can be used as a great presentational resource or as a prototyping of a magazine. In addition to conventional intelligent subjects, this model offers translucent background, separated shadow, highlights and shading. The minimalist styling is truly multi-functional and suitable for various imaginative needs. I' ve chosen to include this artwork in my library because it has a minimum and general purpose layout that can be used for any work.

Designed with great care and detail to meet the needs of even the most discerning target groups. Intelligent object and layer editing makes editing really simple. There is a useful PDF handbook for Photoshop novices. It' one of the most gorgeous magazine models out there. Featuring covers and insides with machinable shadow, flash and back.

Any photorealistic functions are uncompromising after you have adapted the model to your imaginative visions. You can replace any item with a double-click, so that the pattern is not only nice, but also very customizable. There is a free trial copy of the mock-up available for downloading. Three free magazine layout sheets are included in this package: a portrait envelope layout and two inner page columns.

It has everything you need to make good mock-ups - well-structured Smart Layer and Object. This is a great example of how far a free magazine mock-up for Photoshop can go. There is a high angled display that allows you to see three sides at the same time, one of which is rotated.

Pages are populated with intelligent items so you can simply insert your own design. Surprisingly designed to be squared, this model is perfect for presenting your advertising and magazine contents. It' s a basic magazine layout that looks like a booklet or a luxury catalog. There are intelligent properties and intelligent levels for your comfort.

Get two PSD magazine layouts superimposed and ready for your contents and layouts. Or you can play with shadow and two different intelligent shapes. Don't miss your opportunity to customize the front end styling and customize the bond to your own unique needs. There are three mock-ups that give you everything you need to make a full-fledged magazine prototypes.

Combining all three patterns in one shot will delight your audiences. Magazine designs are in US font sizes, with customizable shadow, texture and effect settings. It is a stunning mock-up setting that leaves plenty of room for your creative imagination. Allows you to manipulate the inside and outside of the pattern.

An iPad or an indelible pencil is also used as an intelligent touch. Fotorealistic magazine moodup is meticulously superimposed so that all the elements you see on the images can be adjusted, shifted or concealed with just a few mouse clicks. What you see on the images is a simple, easy to use and easy to use tool. Quadratic styles usually have a one-of-a-kind feeling for them, so here is another chance to get a high-quality magazine mock-up.

Please be aware that the inside can be customized with intelligent planes and the annealing effect. This tool is also used as a nice quadratic mock-up for your shop display. This is a neat and minimalist design that you can get for free. The intelligent texts and play of lights make the scenery look photorealistic.

Substitute the initial look for your own and make a stunning display. Carefully made models don't look exactly great! It was made from the photographs of the indoor periodicals with genuine shadow and A4-surfaces. Bring it free for your own private and business use and let the writer know that you appreciate his work.

You will receive a page set: front and back covers and two open pages. Our moodups are of high fidelity, so you'll find well-structured inner layer and separate shadow. Has it been useful for your designs?

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