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Get the best free WordPress magazine topics for a news, newspaper, magazine, and other editorial website. The SKT Magazine is a free WordPress theme encoded for magazines and news, blogs, portfolios and personal websites. Twenty-one free WordPress Magazine topics for 2018 WordPress magazine is available in many different formats. While some are presented in a funny and curious way, others choose to be classy, serious and easy. Whatever you wish, there will always be a topic that corresponds to your wishes.

In this review, I hand-picked 21 latest top-free WordPress topics for magazines that you can use to begin with your drafting your own Blog.

Though free, these topics have been verified and verified by the staff to make sure the user has a good time. It also means that all topics can be used safely and securely on your website. Find out more about using free WordPress themes for your blog - advantages and disadvantages. If you want more free resources for bloggers, you can visit our Freebies categories page.

This WordPress theme library can help you safe your precious WordPress magazine topics by helping you find the best free WordPress magazine themes for your blog, magazine or newspaper website. These are the latest free top topics of the WordPress magazine. The Magazine Point is one of the free WordPress themes that are so simple to set up and yet capable of giving a pro look.

Designed to be eye-catching, it has high workmanship and many handy functions for a magazine-inspired blogs. One of the best free WordPress themes, Telegram is definitely recommended to use. It' suitable for those who like a plain magazine topic with a contemporary look.

Contributions are presented in a blogs style and important contributions can be emphasized by the display on the title page. This is a ready-to-translate design that offers many customisation possibilities. Faithful to its name, the Power Mag topic has this strong charisma that highlights all magazine websites.

It' an appealing design with adjustable colours, menus, background and other design choices. MagnetZen is a free magazine WoordPress topic that uses SASS for its stylesheet. We use a skeletal frame for the grid in the layouts to reduce the amount of HTML content to a bare minimum. Therefore, the grid is not a part of the design. It' perfectly suited for any kind of message, magazine or blog.

The MH HealthMag topic will make your website look neat and new. There are already user-defined Widget which organize the appearance of the pages better so that the contributions are emphasized. Provides design flexibility to better fit the design to the page layouts. GreatMag's easy yet contemporary design can turn a basic blogsite into a fantastic website in no time at all.

It''s got everything you need to quickly deploy the design to the blogs, it's equipped with customized widgets, and it has many colour and fonts adjustment possibilities. The IncMag topic will look good for a magazine. For a lighting magazine WordPress topic, the Valazi is all about. Like most free WordPress themes, it has a clear lay-out with a contemporary flair.

Of the free WordPress magazine themes, the Newspaper XP topic is quite astonishing. It' s very straightforward in terms of it' s styling, but immediately catches the eye. It' s the great look and feel of its layouts that makes it so interesting, yet it' s still incredibly quick to set up and adapt to your make. Lucida is a clear and very open subject.

It' s minimalist in terms of it' s styling and yet it' s quick to react. It' s best suited to any magazine location because it is so stress-free and applicable. This is no longer a hassle even if the articles in the blogs are constantly updated. The BlackWhite-Lite can be one of the free WordPress magazine themes, but the theme is enough to set a brand in the game.

There is a well organised lay-out that makes it look professionally. Visitors will be amazed at how easily they can browse within the site, as the articles are neatly archived in category. In contrast to other free WordPress magazine topics, Glob is fast reacting, but has a plain coding. His clear lay-out will look great in any newspaper or magazine blogs.

The Floro is a proper topic for female bloggers. But this well encoded topic will go well with all other kinds of magazine albums. Selected images, logos and backgrounds can be modified by the users along with other topic settings. Magazine-Prime is the ultimate WordPress topic with a pro edge that takes any magazine blog to the next step.

Due to its versatile topic choices, it is suited for all adaptation requirements. Setup is simple because it involves enhanced blogs and extensive functionalities. The MH CampusMag topic works best with schools' edited Web sites. Education contents can be organised simply with their layouts. Some widgets are customizable, as are other great functions that can help with managing the contained layouts for you.

Build a contemporary magazine blogs with the Daily Insight themes, equipped with a host of customisation features that allow you to change the layouts to make the most of the perfectly professional-looking newsletters you want. Featuring one of the most minimalistic free WordPress magazine themes, ReviewZine is SEO-friendly and retina-ready, making it perfectly suited to a wide range of journalistic blogging.

Like most free WordPress themes, NepalBuzz is appealing. Mekanews Lite's focus for a classy WordPress topic is on designing a user-friendly topic that fits every page of your magazine or newscast. The Magcast is a customisable styling that uses a sleek and attractive styling. Select between two different layout options and the Featured slide control to make important contributions stand out.

They are both quick to respond and willing to translate. Videoblog is the ideal selection for a traditionally focused topic that concentrates on contents. This is characterized by an intuitional look in a two-column format. You can use the title page as an area for marked contributions for up to five contributions in different catagories. Complimentary WordPress magazine topics can be lacking many enhanced functions that you need for a professionally working website, but it is always the best option for WordPress beginners.

Not the only free list of themes we've been curating, we've put together more free WordPress themes for you. It is neither complete nor perfectionistic, but it believes in excellence in each of its works.

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