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With no effort on your part, you'll get your mobile website today. My favorite method for mobile blogging is to email posts to my website. Build your stunning blog with this free step-by-step guide for beginners.

Just think what you can do with your new blog!

Just think what you can do with your new blog! You will publish to your own blog in just two simple slices. Creates an acount. Publish your thoughts, beliefs, stories, tales, anecdotes...Share your pictures, photographs, improve them, make your blog online...Publish your blog from your e-mail, PDA or mobile device...Get your commentary to get your feed back and hear what others are thinking.

Do you want to blog from your mobile device?

Need to blog on the go? Do you want to be able to blog from your mobile phone? I' ll show you what you need to run your blog from your mobile phone in this post. From a mobile blogging platform, why? OK, so you're not gonna set up a rugged blog entirely on the cell phone.

Once you have started your blog with a site like WordPress, you no longer need a computer to publish, activate and build your trademark now. More and more people in today's mobile, 140-digit society are preferring their contents in bite-sized blocks - making fast hits and multi-media messages from a mobile phone in some cases perfect.

A lot of new WordPress topics have user-defined contents that are burned into the WordPress text box and create for brief blurring, photographs, and even side notes. Indeed, a standardised listing of these "short" postal styles has been known since WordPress 3.1, and blogs can now adapt their topics to these particular, concise and unusual postings.

This default mail format listing contains Aside, Audio, Chat, Gallery, Link, Quote, Status and Video. With WordPress, it's simple to place abbreviated forms of your contents on the page of your CMS. It encourages Google and other popular browsers to become more agile when it comes to placing high-quality text, no matter how many words the site contains.

You' d be under a lot of pressure these days to find an offical Google documentary that proposes a minimal number of words for blog postings. So long as you do your best to produce original, imaginative contents that add value to your results, you will be ranked high in the market. This, coupled with the unparalleled acceptance of the mobile phone, makes blogging from a mobile handset simpler and more rewarding than ever.

The mobile industry pays a great deal of heed to " note"-worthy applications like Evernote. Whereas cloud-based memo applications are a big step forward in mobile authoring, I choose to leave out the midware and release it directly from the application I'm on. Having this mindset in mind, my three best mobile blogging applications right now are:

WorldPress for iOS: WordPress also has applications for five other mobile platforms: WordPress application is astonishing because it rationalizes the inflated Desktop Publication processes and allows you to easily post text, pictures and videos directly from your machine. But the only downside is text and HTML can be hard to format, so avoid the headaches and keep your copy easy when you blog from a mobile phone.

I' ll soon be focusing on events emailing, but whenever I want to blog an upcoming show and work with others, there's no better application than CoveritLive, which basically puts a web feed into your blog. As for blog statistics, I trust Quicklytics to keep up with Google Analytics on all the blogs in my inventory.

So, when a theme on a blog begins to become gang busters, I know about it at the stroke of a thumb and can supplement that theme with a related pillar or make all the necessary optimizations from my handy-dandy WordPress application. You don't even need an application to add high-quality mobile assets to your blog.

My favourite method of mobile blogs is to post to my website via e-mail. Some changes to your administrator preferences allow you to post to your WordPress blog via e-mail. The WordPress gives you a clear e-mail mailing adress, so keep it private to prevent spamming on your website.

Regarding the publication, the headline of the contribution goes into the header of your e-mail, the text into the text of the e-mail. Publish a blog via e-mail from your mobile phone. Click Submit, and your contribution will be posted as soon as the e-mail reaches your webspace.

Whilst sending e-mail messages can be comfortable, adding and delivering media that appears correctly on your blog can be a challenge. At this point, a photoportfolio site like Flickr can prove useful, where you can shoot two bird with one email: publish mobile pictures twice to a photo-sharing site like Flickr and to your own blog.

Flickr's e-mail publishing capability is great for reviews where pictures often contribute. Flickr can be used to share your mobile phone pictures on your blog. If you use an automatic feeding facility like Feedburner to sync your blog to your favorite community sites, these six buttonstrokes can also create a Twitter and Facebook mail that spreads the words and automatically initiates the linking for you.

Movie blogs are not quite as fast as picture blogs on your mobile because they take more editing times, but they have become much simpler thanks to the development of WordPress and YouTube. We know the WordPress application allows you to upload your movies directly from your mobile but did you know that WordPress allows you to embedded a YouTube movie by just inserting the YouTube URL into your blog editing tool?

This means that a videoblog can be posted in these simple mobile steps: Easily share your mobile videos from your iPhone Galerie by uploading them to YouTube using standard iPhone Galerie shareability. As soon as the YouTube url is released, copy it. Add the link to the text of your next blog posting. Recently a small online store followed this example and was able to record and release a virtual surfing Sasquatch videos and photos on the same tag with nothing but iPhones and an iPad.

They' ve also processed the footage on their iMovie-equipped iPad, another great, easy-to-use footage editor that' s definitely something to be discovered. With CoveritLive, it' s possible for more than one blogger to work together on a single blog from anywhere in the globe. Even blog on live via twitter and kill two bird with one iPhone.

With my iPhone I could even blog during the kayak trip in the McCovey Cove in San Francisco during the World Series 2012. That' s right, blogs while canoeing - at dark - in the World Series; something that would have been mysterious before the appearance of the phone. Today, blogs from a mobile phone open up new opportunities.

Because I was one of the few sports writers to paddle into the bay for Game 2, my blog was taken up by everyone from Deadspin to the Detroit Free Press and was one of my most beloved contributions ever. Today, as you can see, you can create a blog about your mobile phone.

You can use these hints to create a blog where you only post shorthand contents, or to attach shorthand contents to keep your blog running while you're away from your desktop. Remember that these mobile blogs can help you post your contents more quickly than your competitors or bigger major sites.

Did you use your mobile blogging machine?

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