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Hot 10 Free Bootstrap Themes for Mobile Phones

And there are tons of bootstrap themes and they're all fast. Although theoretically displayed on any device of any magnitude, some of these themes are better suited to a mobile first site than others. For this reason I have compiled an articel with 10 free bootstrap topics, which I think are especially suited for a mobile first site.

The majority of them are easy, neat and clear bootstrap themes that look appropriate on almost any equipment type. Personally, I didn't prefer bootstrap themes with strong pictures because mobile data is still quite costly and you don't want to empty your visitors' bags with bold pictures. These are my top 10 free bootstrap themes.

Are you looking for a basic side bar design with fast off-canvas response especially for small screens? Try this design. In contrast to many other fast-reacting topics - bootstrap or not - this has been specially developed for mobile phones and other small display sized equipment. When you think it's too small for your purpose, you can always put in more things, but be sure not to overload it - minimumism is its allure.

A free and a chargeable edition of the kits are available. That Bootstrap Topic - Nova - is a multi-purpose website submission. It' not very up-to-date (uses Bootstrap 2.3. x), nor is it as small as the remainder, but it' s a fairly general topic, so I chose to do it.

There are more than 16 pages, most of which are suited for a corporate/business site, but you can also use them elsewhere. When you are mainly interested in a website of a small enterprise, an advertising firm or a contractor, read this topic. This topic contains many pre-defined items such as text, headers, listings, buttons, spreadsheets, templates, pictures, etc.

Although this topic is mainly aimed at freelance websites, it can also be used on other kinds of small businesses websites. It is a one-page design with many functions such as slim symbols, compile styles, scrollspy on navigational elements, user-defined Outlook buttons styles, mobile friendy forms with suspended forms captions, etc.

The bootstrap is not only intended for fixed HTML/CSS pages - you can also use it for variable pages. For this reason I have also added some free bootstrap template files for the most favorite content management system. First free Bootstrap WordPress topic is Housepress. In spite of the very small number of installations (only 200+), this is a great topic for a mobile bootstrap page.

The Housepress is a three-column topic with a top menue. It is especially suited for a website with more contents, such as a blogs or a small magazines website. And Jstore doesn't come with a million installations either, but that's most likely because many of us didn't notice the subject, not because it's a subordinate subject.

Quite the opposite, it is a beautiful WordPress topic for the WooCommerce plug-in. WooCommerce is a good option if you run an on-line shop with the WooCommerce plug-in. It' s minimum, but the items you are selling get a lot of attention - and for an on-line shop this is the most important thing, isn't it?

The ShopIsle is a one-page bootstrap topic for WordPress and it is one of my favorite. And I like its clear and minimum lay-out, which focuses on the main focus of the work. When you really need a bootstrap WordPress topic with more pictures but are still mobile, take a look. Virtues is a feature-rich topic with many adjustment possibilities (layout, slider, font, etc.).

It can be used for a company or a private website, or for an on-line shop because it is WooCommerce-ready. This topic uses schema micro data, which is a great help for AEO. Virtue is also, on the basis of the number of installations, a fairly favourite topic (70,000+). Let us now return to basic and minimum WordPremes themes with Zerif Lite.

It is a one-page free bootstrap topic that is best suited for "web agents, publishers, businesses, presentations, private and commercial portfolios". It can also be used for an on-line shop, because among the many WordPress plug-ins it can support is WooCommerce. It is also easily translated and the topic is easily accessible and helpful to users.

Great as these bootstrap themes are, I can't help but say that there's never a warranty that a particular topic, no mobile phone compatible, will work for you, so always review your targets. Of course, you can't review it for every make and every individual type that is in existence today, but please review it at least for the most important equipment styles, makes and styles on the today's market...and some other designs, developments and businessesites.

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