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Free mobile website builder optimizes your homepage for smartphones with a readable layout, ideal for small screens. With the 1&1 Mobile Website Builder you can effortlessly build a mobile website. PC and an optimised edition specifically for smart phones. Your website is optimised for mobile equipment such as smart phones and tables without any further outlay. With the mobile Website-Builder you make sure that your website makes a good impact anytime and anywhere.

If you are creating a mobile website, all our template files are customisable and optimised for all your mobile device.

Using the corresponding symbols in the 1&1 Homepage Editors, you can see how changes you make to your website look and act on different machines. When you are satisfied with them, your website is optimised for all your equipment with a single click. Free mobile website builder optimises your homepage for smart phones with an easy-to-read lay-out, perfect for small displays.

In this way, website users can find the right information quickly and quickly. What is the importance of creating a mobile website? Smart phones, spreadsheets and other mobile gadgets are becoming more and more popular. An increasing number of humans are using a mobile phone to connect to the web. Mobile technologies such as 3G and LTE are also continuously being developed, making mobile browsing an appealing alternative.

It is important as a website user to quickly adjust to this tendency by building a mobile one. A further argument for the creation of a mobile website is the seach machine rankings, e.g. from Google. The fast increasing tendency of mobile web browsing is recognized by searching machines. From the last Google fix, sites that don't have a mobile optimised release are rated worse than sites without one.

To get a high rank or to raise it, it is very important that your website is mobile. The creation of a mobile part of your website has several benefits when it comes to usability. In this way, for example, your contents are adjusted to the display area of the user's mobile phone, be it a smart phone, notebook or notebook.

A further good thing about optimizing mobile sites is the reduction of download time.

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