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We' re the iTunes, Spotify, Google Music, Deezer of the free Internet. Milions of trendy music, top music. There is no certainty about the archives further development, but we have done everything we can to prevent our data from disappearing from the net forever.

There is no certainty about the archives further development, but we have done everything we can to prevent our data from disappearing from the net forever. The FMA will also be added to the Creative Commons CCSearch project, a Commons searching machine, later in 2019. Would you like to help us obtain the FMA or create your own individual FMA Collections?

1 ) Go to https://webrecorder. io/, create a free affiliate license and log some browser sittings. When you want to split your session with us, we can create a crowdsourced repository. Sharing this information far and wide; we don't want our hardworking work (and our stunning collection) to be overlooked. It is hoped that we can find a new mother organisation to help us carry on the work, but at the moment we need to take a rest and find the best way.

Many thanks especially to you - our great team! More than four years ago, when I started this venture, I knew I was leading a truly one-of-a-kind one. There would be infinite possibilities to improve my sound abilities, meet great spirits and enthusiastic performers, interact with a lively and globally active music scene, be a Creative Commons lawyer, and raise awareness about copyrights and their choices.

As I told them what I do professionally, I was horrified at how many of them already know about the FMA. Thank you very much to everyone who made proposals, warnings, bug fixes, reports and imaginative resolutions - as well as to those who showed sympathy when I disclosed that there were only two staff members operating the FMA and our resource base was already overloaded.

I am adding his sound library to the web archive as I speak, and am happy to announce that the website will remain in the Wayback Machine to the best of my knowledge. Forging whole music carreers from basic on-line post, this has contributed to a new way of bringing music licensing closer and exchanging music in the era of digitization.

Of course we can't get full recognition, but we were part of the creativity and awareness that promoted copyrights that the web made possible. After being the master of this ramshackle vessel for years, I feel some sadness and rage about the enormous losses this formwork means to musicans, film-makers, teachers, broadcasters, radio deejays, videogame makers, the commons, and the general on-line world.

Genuine individuals who made music, could directly communicate it to the general audience (and sometimes received more commissions, or were used in mediaprojects and got payed for their art). Proof that you can actually freely and lawfully disseminate music on-line, with the consent of an artist. It was hard to lose fellowship members during my term.

And we did our best to illuminate the recording of the folks who not only made great music, but also gave it to the Commons. This is the farewell for today, and all I have to say is thank you for being part of this instant, with these humans, on this cliff in orbit.

It was the archives' humanitarianism that was its strong point, its fragility and what really made it stand out. It gave me the belief in human beings and the energy of their creative powers to unite. Ultimately, I was not only a library clerk, but also a travel agent, telephone caller and envoy to a lively art society, and I will always be very thankful.

Let the music go on forever. Some shows show different FMA trustees, different styles and occasionally free-form mixed music.

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