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Ranking of the best free music players for Weebly: Simply add a Music Player plug-in to your Weebly website in minutes. Add background music by changing the CSS/HTML of the website. Hits? CB - Free music you'll like. Changes have been made to our privacy policy and our conditions of use.

Please take a moment to review our Privacy Policy and our Conditions of Use before proceeding with the music. "This policy is a guideline for the permitted use of CB Radio's networking equipment, websites and utilities. Anyone wishing to use CB Radio's website, networking and/or any of its products or sevices must first read and understand CB Radio's General Conditions and Privacy Policy in order to use these sevices directly.

While we have not listed every unreasonable activity, this page is intended to give a general indication to the user as to whether an activity is appropriate or not. It is the intent of this Directive to alert all subscribers to the need to act in a responsible manner at all times when using the Internets, and to refrain from using vulgar language, harassing, putting down or other improper conduct.

Since CB Radio is regarded as one of the world' s leading online communities, we would like to point out that any kind of harassment is CURRENT! If you continue to use the Website, you acknowledge and accept that you have reviewed and understood the General Business Practices of this Privacy Statement and that any violation may lead to the forfeiture of rights such as your right to enter this Website and/or the cessation of CB Radio Iguana Guardians subscription.

1: All members are obliged to observe the private sphere of others and not to use swear words. Citrobio does not tolerate any discourteous or improper conduct on our website. 3: All learners should safeguard their sensitive information and should not disclose personally identifiable information about themselves or others. The CB Radio is not responsible for any information that may be missing, misplaced, stolen and/or corrupted.

4: Any kind of obtrusive form of contacting is forbidden, and it is unacceptable to continue sending e-mail communications, text or other form of communications to any person or entity after it has been requested to cease it. 5: According to federal law, e-mail addresses are public records, your e-mail and/or the content of an e-mail sent to CB Radio must be revealed in the case of a public record inquiry.

Unless you want your e-mail to be shared in the event of such a query, do not forward your e-mail to CB Radio. Enquiries for e-mail may be as follows: bullying, obscenities or other violations of the CB Radio Policy and/or the Act. 6: Our website uses cookies to help you have a better CB radio experience. Cookies are pieces of information that are stored by web sites in your web browsing experience so that you do not have to spend a long period of your next browsing our site.

The cookies from CB Radios are FREE of charge from harmful contents. 7: CB Radio's mission is to act as a broadcast service for the benefit of the general public, any other use of our service for illicit ends is prohibited and will be subject to prosecution. 8: Anyone who accesses, works for, or otherwise sponsores our Web site represents CB Radios and should act reasonably.

9: PCB Radio CEO has the right to refuse or cancel any enquiry that violates belief and/or statute. 10: For your protection and to comply with this Directive, for your convenience and for your own peace of mind, CB Radio will log every IP address that visits our service. 11: Warning: The use of your computer for illicit activities and/or terrorist attacks is absolutely prohibited!

12: All members must comply with this guideline and notify the administrator of any activities they suspect. 14: Anyone found to have violated this directive and/or the applicable rules may be prosecuted. 15: By continued use of our Service, you consent to civil liability at all times, your civil liability includes, but is not restricted to, harassment, misuse of web resources, abusive language, violation of applicable domestic or international statutes, and other improper acts.

16: All members must be respectful of the work of others. The user must abide by the authenticity of other computer and networking equipment, whether publicly or privately owned. You may not deliberately create or use any program that harasses other people or infiltrates any other computer, computer system or computer networks and/or damages or alters the computer or computer system files or computer hardware on this website or computer networks.

18: The use of the service of this website may not be in a manner that violates any law or regulation. 20: By continued use of our service, you consent to indemnify and hold harmless the CB Radios for any damage that may arise from your accessing or improper use of the service.

21: This Privacy Statement will be updated at any point in the future without prior warning. Please ensure that you are aware of and fully follow these policies by regularly linking to this page. 24: Your IP address is stored and recorded on our server for the length of your visit to our website in order to assist us in implementing the appropriate safety precautions and also to monitor the use of our service.

25: All subscribers to our service should consider it a common resource and behave in an appropriate, accountable, ethic and lawful way when using these service. 26: To conform to the Children's Internet Protection Act, CB Radio retains the right to check the ages of individual viewers to see certain pages, blogs, postings, songs or other materials that CB Radio believes are insecure for anyone under the ages of 14.

28: Although we have not reported all possible breaches, this Privacy Statement is intended to tell you what can and cannot be done while you use our service. 30: CB Radio CEO retains the right to limit certain pages if necessary. 31: The foaling of other user and/or employee will not be accepted and is illegal.

32: When you click "Accept", you give us permission to store your whereabouts and IP address and indicate that we will use this information only to enforce this Privacy Statement and applicable law. 33: All posters in online community should take security measures to keep their information safe from unwanted use. We own it!

36: All consumers should take care when using societal mediums and should refrain from making themselves a goal. 38: By proceeding on the Site, I agree that if I do not abide by these terms, my voluntary CB Radio Iguana Guardians subscription may be terminated or canceled. 39: Some hypertext sites may be linked to third party sites that are NOT under US control, all visitors should behave responsibly at all time.

40: We strongly discourage small kids from hearing the music of rappers because the texts are not always clear. 42: We are MORE than a radio station! 43: We do not in any way endorse racial hatred, profanity or any other express text contained in the music. If you feel slightly insulted by express contents, please do not hear in the section Racist music.

45: Any kind of behavior that is obtrusive, offensive, or offensive is severely prohibited, and no one is allowed to search for information about another person in a manner that compromises that person's privacy or safety. 47: Under no circumstances will information about you be shared with third party, including your name, e-mail or telephone number, postal addresses, locations or other confidential information.

48: CB Radio forbids any directive or practice that discriminates on the basis of disability, colour, age, creed, religious belief, marital status, sexual orientation, nationality, sexual orientation, handicap, health conditions, conduct, relationship and any other means that would disqualify a individual from a business. In no way do we endorse racial or unethical behaviour that injures anyone either physical or emotional.

49: PCB Radio retains the right to ask for a fingerprint and a background scan for anyone who is hosting for PCB Radio Iguana Guardians, Voluntary Service and all other activity of PCB Radio Industries. 50: Mobbing, terror, drug use, inside dealing and swear words are forbidden during all radio broadcasts of Citizens Council.

51: Keep in mind that the web can be a hazardous place, so please take care when you visit web sites, download contents, post in community forums, and take any other action. 52: CB Radio Volunteers under the age of 14 must be escorted by a legally required adult or custodian while at CB Radio Iguana Pump Station.

53: Citroën Radio accepts no liability for damage resulting from improper use of this website. 54: All subscribers are required to comply with applicable copyrights and other applicable law, as well as the conditions and principles of equitable use. 56: Citroën Radio Industries assumes no liability for the texts or themes included in the music file on its website.

Material on this website is copyrighted and trademarked. You are permitted to copy and distribute a temporary copy of the material (information or software) on the CB Radio Industries website for your own private, non-commercial, temporary use only. You may not alter or copy the Material under this Licence; use the Material for anything commercially or for any governmental publication (commercial or non-commercial); try to de-compile or reverse compile the included CB Radio Industries website content; transmit the Material to another individual; or "mirror" the Material on another computer network.

Your licence terminates when you breach any of these limitations and may be cancelled by CB Radio Industries at any notice. After you cease to view these materials or upon you cease to use this licence, you must dispose of all material in your possession that you download, either electronically or in hard copy.

Material on the website of the CB Radio® Industries is provided "as is". CB Radio® Industries makes no express or tacit warranty and hereby disclaims any other warranty, express or implied, inclusive of, but not limited to, any express warranty or condition of merchantability, fitness for a particular particular purpose, non-infringement of IPR or other infringing activity.

Furthermore, no warranties are made or guaranteed by CB Radio® Industries as to the exactness, probable results or reliance to be placed on the use of the material on its website or otherwise with respect to such material or websites to which this website is linked. Users are advised that the information on this website is subject to change without notice. Under no circumstances shall we or our distributors be held responsible for any losses (including but not limited to losses due to lost information, lost profits or lost business) resulting from the use or impossibility of use of the material on the website of us, even if we or an authorised agent of us have been advised either verbally or in writing that such losses may occur.

Material published on the website of the CB Radio Industries may contain technological, typographic or photographical inaccuracies. Citroen Radio Industries does not guarantee that the material on its website is correct, comprehensive or up to date. Citroen Radio Industries may make changes to the material on its website at any times without prior notification.

However, no obligation is assumed by the CB Radio Industries to keep the material up to date. Citroen Radio Industries has not verified all of the pages to which links are provided and is not liable for the content of any such pages. Incorporation of a hyperlink does not mean that the website is endorsed by CB Radio® Industries.

The CB Radio Industries may change these conditions of use for its website at any and all times without prior notification. All claims in connection with the CB Radio Industries website are subject to the jurisdiction of the State of Florida without respect to its conflicts of laws rules. Data protection declaration: We care a lot about your private life.

Accordingly, we have designed this Statement to help you better understand how we gather, use, measure, share and share personally identifiable information. In the following you will find our data protection declaration. CB Radio will never at any time resell or otherwise share your information unless otherwise permitted by applicable laws. any use of the information on the cb radio website may not benefit any users in any way by excluding any other individual from the employment of a job or work place, this is a breach of the right and may be punishable by fines and/or/or imprisonment.

In no event shall CB Radio be liable for any damage to your computer caused by the abuse of this website and/or its content. It is CB Radio Industries' policy to safeguard the privacy of all visitors to its website and if you believe that there may be a privacy problem, please click here to notify us.

The purpose of this Statement of Data Protection is to better assist those who deal with how their "personal data" (PII) is used on-line. PII, as used in the U.S. Data Protection Act and in Information Technology Safety, is information that can be used alone or with other information to help us uniquely identifies, contacts, or locates an individual user or to help us uniquely identifies an individual. PII is information that can be used to help us understand, understand, or understand your personal information.

For a clear picture of how we gather, use, safeguard or otherwise treat your personal information in accordance with our website, please review our data protection statement thoroughly. If you complete a form or survey on our website, you may be asked to submit your name, e-mail or telephone number or other information to help you do your job, but it is not absolutely necessary to do so.

If we had to buy the subscription, we would have to bill our customers for downloading the music or otherwise using our subscription for it. The non-use of SSL is one of the ways we keep our website FREE! It is also used to help us better understand your preference for past or present activities on the website, which allows us to offer you enhanced customer experiences.

Likewise, we may use reputable third-party service providers who keep tracking this information on our behalf. Your information will be treated confidentially. This is done via the preferences of your web browsers (e.g. IE). Disabling a cookie disables some functions. It does not influence the usability that makes your site more effective, and some of our service does not work correctly, but you can still make songwriting enquiries and listen to music....

Links to Third Parties We may from time to time, at our sole option, incorporate or market third parties' goods or service on our Website. Such third parties' websites have their own distinct and unrelated data protection guidelines. These are set up to allow a beneficial user experiance. Here we have Google AdSense activated on our website. As soon as this data protection declaration has been drawn up, we will insert a hyperlink to it on our homepage or at least on the first important page after visiting our website.

Please note that our data protection declaration contains the term "data protection" and can be found on the above page. The user will be informed of any changes to the data protection policy: The user has the possibility to modify his own data: When it comes to collecting personally identifiable information from a child under the age of 13, the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) gives parent or guardian complete responsibility.

COPPA, the Federal Trade Commission, the country's federal body responsible for protecting consumers, is enforcing the COPPA rule that sets out what website and on-line service providers must do to help safeguard the safety and security of kids on the Internet. The principles of information sharing are the cornerstone of US personal information legislation and its policies have been instrumental in developing personal information legislation around the world.

A thorough knowledge of the principles of fair information practice and their implementation is crucial for complying with the various legislation on the protection of individual identifiable information. Not only does this require individual enforcement of individual user privileges against information consumers, but it also demands that individual enforcement may include the right to bring legal or administrative action against a court or a governmental authority to pursue and/or investigate violations by information processing companies.

The CAN SPAM ActThe CAN SPAM Act is a statute that lays down the regulations for sending e-mails commercially, imposes demands on sending e-mails commercially, gives receivers the right to stop sending e-mails to them, and imposes severe sanctions for non-compliance. Your e-mail adress will be collected: - Submit information, answer enquiries and/or other enquiries or queries.

  • Do not use incorrect or deceptive subject lines or e-mail address. Monitors third-party e-mail marketers' e-mail marketers for regulatory compliance if used. Enable your subscribers to log out by using the links at the bottom of each e-mail. Should you wish at any point to opt out of receipt of further e-mails, you can send us an e-mail to - Please obey the directions at the end of each e-mail.

If you have any queries about this statement, you can use the following information to get in touch with us. CB Radio lets you hear and play your favourite music for free!

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