Free Music Wordpress Themes 2015

Complimentary Music Wordpress Themes 2015

SoulLoud - SoulLoud Free WordPress Theme - Download (651) Demo. This is the collection of 10 beautiful and elegant WordPress themes for your blog. A number of high-quality WordPress themes have been specially developed for bands.

Best WordPress themes for bands and musicans

For every group and every player an efficient website is needed. Incumbent and beloved groups must be able to interact with their supporters, advertise their shows and touring, provide audioclips or resell their music. Minor groups working really hard to make their big breaks must use their website to disseminate the message and make audiences feel more about their music.

Luckily, there are now a number of high-quality WordPress themes that have been developed specifically for groups. Using one of these themes, a volume can have a professionally looking website for less than $100. This article takes a look at 17 of the best WordPress themes for groups.

Volume Name Website template is a totally free and fully reactive website submission in HTML style. Minimum size layouts combined with easy coloring make this pattern a great addition no matter what kind of ribbon you have. In addition, this site is fully customized with all the necessary pages for a band's website, so just attach your pictures, photographs and song to this site to make your own website for your group.

MintThemes' sound-stage is a good option for any group. The tape uses a clear styling and has all the functions a tape needs. Integrated with WooCommerce to offer e-commerce capabilities for music sales and merchandising. There is a sleek slide control on the homepage, and the layout also contains an HTML5 soundlayer.

MintThemes' Fade themed uses a very beautiful styling that can help make any band's website look more professionally. Functions included an HTML5 audioplayer, a home page slide, several page styles, and more. Stylish Themes members get easy entry to Harmony, a great topic for groups. This quoted rate of $39 is for Elegant Themes memberships, which involves accessing more than 75 WordPress themes.

The Harmony can be customized with the Customize themes tool, which gives the users color controls and customized backgrounds. Attractive styling, many shortcuts and e-commerce functions make it stand out. You can get it at ThemeForest. Offers a smooth and reactive look, 3 different skin types (Dark, Grey and Light), e-commerce via PayPal, shortcuts, customized widgets, a showlog and more.

The Music Pro, available from ThemeForest, includes 4 different skin types, a topic option panel, customized Widgets, e-commerce integrations with PayPal, and more. Band Zone User can adjust the design using the colour preferences in the Topic Administration Area. Available from ThemeForest, Muzak uses an appealing design based on the Skeleton Foundation.

Topic is WooCommerce compliant to provide e-commerce capabilities. There is an event coordinator who helps with the marketing of shows and trips. Additional functions provide voice handling, videomanagement and more. The Soundboard is a musical topic available at ThemeForest. This design allows you to organize your trip data, publish your movies and pictures, and customize the look of your design.

Available from ThemeForest, Rockit Now has a sleek look that offers a better viewing environment on tables and phones. Functions included Eventmanagement, Albums and Trackmanagement, Gallerymanagement, Slidermanagement and more. Foxhound Band Themes Dark & Gritty is available in 4 different colours, including sliders, GigPress and more.

Foxhound Band's Night Music themes uses a lovely black motif. Use an appealing look and is also WooCommerce compliant. The Foxhound Volume Theme's Grammy themes use a lovely wooden backdrop and a very attractive look to give each volume a good-looking website. Wooden backgrounds are only one of the options, as the motif has 7 other options.

Functions included a slide control, SoundCloud inclusion, and more. As it is from WooThemes, it only makes sence that Unsigned WooCommerce is compliant to sell music and merchandising. There is also an attractive look, an event engine, a diskography engine, a SoundCloud interface, a user-defined typeface and much more. Press75's Audiocheck is a good option for anyone who wants to view sound with WordPress.

Amped, by StudioPress, is a children's topic for the Genesis frame (the given prices include the frame and the children's topic). There are 6 different layouts, a topic option pane and much more. The Brooklyn is from Gorilla Themes and has a homepage slide, audio/video modules, softwares, and much more.

UpThemes Garage Band offers an HTML5 audioplayer, albums and tracks manager, homepage sliders, GigPress and SoundCloud integrations, fan-driven picture gallery and more. A one-year subscription to the UpThemes Themenclub is valid for the stated fee, which covers more than 20 themes and plug-ins. More WordPress topic collection can be found at:

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