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Create a website for your business, start your own blog or share your portfolio online. The SEO tools that give you a perfectly optimized website. Free-of-charge domain registration to establish your brand. Check your website for free with Website Checker Online > Find out if your website is optimized!

The Square is the fastest and easiest way to set up and sell a free online store online.

Checker website checker| Free online performance analysis of websites

Has your website been fully optimised? Now your website is being reviewed.... 1&1 Website Checkers What is the 1&1 Website Checker? 1&1 Website Checker analyses your website to see how well it is prepared for online adoption and gives you hints on how to make it better. Many of these hints can be implemented immediately, and 1&1 provides extra tools to help you use the full spectrum of consulting services.

Which tests does the 1&1 Website Checkers perform? 1&1 Website Checkers checks the four most important factors for the online sucess of your website: 1&1 Website Checkers - how does it work? If you enter your website adress in the provided box, the 1&1 Website Checker will analyze the website adress.

Build your free online store

It' quick, simple and free to have your own online shop with Square. Retain your own custom address or get a new one, free from Square. Dispatch, e-mail deliveries and pick-up in the shop are possible. It' free to open your Square Online Shop - no montly charges or hosted charges. Add to your stationary shop or build a new online shop for free.

Make your free shop run in a few moments. No matter whether you provide goods or provide a service, sell goods or sell a ticket, or accept a donation, your Square Online Shop allows your shoppers to shop for mail order, wire transfer, or in-store pick-up. Bring it all online. Immediately make all your Square Point of Sales products available for online use.

Squares offers you a fully featured system for your online and off-line selling. The stock counting is synchronized via online and personal orders. Warnings inform you when an article becomes scarce, so you are always in stock and never miss a purchase. Watch every deal you make. Review the progress of all your orders and always know how many seats or articles are still available.

Acknowledge orders when they come in, use e-Delivery for ticketing or membership, put back articles for collection at the shop and see what's already been sent in clear, succinct overviews. Quickly and conveniently down-load all your new clients so you can review participants at the meeting or track recent orders.

Squares offers a comprehensive range of online merchandising solutions that fit perfectly into your online store. Benefit from the advantages of customer directory listings that show your most trusted clients and those who have not been there for weeks. Easy e-mails can get them to shop in person or online. Quadratic gifts give clients what they want and bring more poeple to the doors.

Consumers can cash their tickets in face-to-face or at your Square Online Store.

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