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Suburbs Letterhead Template for Apple's word processing software Pages. Number and Keynote templates are also available. Page Toolbox - Templates in the Mac App Store

Jumsoft's Toolbox for Pages is the ultimative guide to your site needs. From fully crafted templates to breathtaking info graphics to the smallest detail of documents such as cliparts and enumerations, there are hundreds of customisable elements and hundreds of hundreds of thousands of combinations. Work with Pages has never been so quick and easy! The Toolbox for Pages is a free sample free software package with free patterns in each product categorie and handy in-app shopping for immediate use.

Each item can be bought separately or as a package, while purchasing the full Toolbox package will unlock all articles within Toolbox for Pages and provide free lifelong contents upgrades, usually published every month. Toolbox for Pages will make your document a pleasure to work with! Updated the application and tried the available free templates.

There was a 43% rebate promoted when I went to buy the full bundle, but there were no directions on how to access the rebate and the rebate was not automatically considered valid when you went to buy the application. It was so disappointing that I did not buy it, although I fully agreed with the prices without the rebate.

When I can buy the application at a reduced rate, I will upgrade this posting. Click on the button "App Store" to see the end rates for all applications and in-apps. Toolbox for Pages' initial asking value was $69.99, so if you see $39.99, this is the reduced one.

There was skepticism that the templates would be useful because I am really choosy. "The " Toolbox for Pages - Templates " has very good templates and many, many to use. When you are on the wire and need to get a leaflet, review, document, etc. out of the front gate, do yourself a favour, buy this application and use one of its templates.

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