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Blog (an abbreviation of the term "weblog")[1] is a World Wide Web posted web site for discussions or information that consists of discreet, often informally posted articles.... Up until 2009, blogging was usually the work of a person, sometimes in a small group, and often covering a particular theme or area.

During the 2010s, "Multi-Author Blogs" (MABs) evolved in which contributions were composed by a large number of writers, some of whom were processed in a professional manner. EFPs from newspaper, other medias, colleges, think tank, lobbies and similar organisations provide an increased amount of blog-tffic. As Twitter and other mini-blogging platforms emerge, the need to incorporate the MAB and single-author blog into the message mediums is becoming more apparent.

A blog can also be used as a verse, i.e. to edit contents or create a blog. Blog creation and development in the latter 90s came along with the rise of web publication utilities that made it easier for non-technical people with little HTML or computer coding expertise to publish contents.

During the 2010s, the vast majority web 2.0 users are interacting sites that allow users to make on-line commentaries, and it is this interaction that sets them apart from other stationary sites. With this in mind, Blogging can be seen as a kind of socially networked tool. In fact, not only do blogs generate contents that they publish on their own blog, they also often establish relationships with their readership and other people.

3 ] However, there are highly read blog posts that do not allow comment. A lot of blog posts offer commentaries on a specific theme or theme, from policy to sport. Some are more personal than others, others are more like personal logs, others are like branding a particular person or business on-line. Typically, a blog is a combination of text, pictures and a link to other blog, website and related material.

Reader's capacity to make visible commentaries and interacts with other commentators is an important contributor to the fame of many blogging sites. But bloggers and writers often present and block on-line commentary to eliminate hatred speeches or other objectionable material. The majority of blog posts are primarily text-based, although some concentrate on arts (art blogs), photos (photo blogs), movies (video logs or "vlogs"), as well as songs (MP3 blogs) and sound (podcasts).

Educational purposes can use the blog as a teaching resource. Those blog are called educblogs. Multiblogging is another kind of logging, with very brief contributions. Prior to the popularity of the blog, diverse types of virtual community took shape, such as the US Net, on-line commerce offerings such as GEnie, Byte Information Exchange (BIX) and the early CompuServe, email lists,[14] and Bulletin Board Systems (BBS).

Since June 14, 1993, Mosaic Communications Corporation has been maintaining its "What's New"[15] listing of new Web sites that are regularly reviewed and filed on a regular basis. It is a blog that was created from the blog in which individuals continuously document their personal life. Just-in Hall, who began personal blogs as a Swarthmore College 1994 undergraduate, is widely recognised as one of the former bloggers,[16] as is Jerry Pournelle.

Yet another early blog was wearingable wireless webcam, an on-line joint journal of a person's personal lives that combines text, as well as digitial videos and images that were transferred from a portable computer and EyeTap devices to a website in 1994. These practices of semi-automatic blogs with text and videos were called sous surveillance, and such magazines were also used as proof in court cases.

Earlier, Blogs were just manual updates of shared website content. In the end, this led to the independent category of on-line publishers producing today's blog. The use of a kind of browser-based softwares, for example, is a characteristic feature of "blogging" today. Blocks can be harbored by devoted blog housing service, or they can be run with blog management tools or on normal web housing service.

Several early blogs, such as The Misanthropic Bitch, which began in 1997, actually described their blog existence as a zone before the word blog came into use. Following a sluggish launch, blogs quickly became more popular. The use of blogs became widespread during 1999 and the following years and was further promoted by the almost concurrent advent of the first hosting blog tools:

The Open Diary has renewed its readership commentary and has become the first blog fellowship where readership can post commentary on other authors' blog posts. in March 1999. Commentaries on Senator Thurmond. One early landmark in the emergence of the importance of the blog came in 2002, when many commentators concentrated on commentaries by Trent Lott, the leader of the majority of the U.S. Senate.

Lotts detractors saw these commentaries as implicit support for race separation, a politics endorsed by Thurmond's 1948 Presidency campagne. Although Lotts' commentaries were made at a social gathering in the presence of the press, no large news companies covered his contentious commentary until after the blog interrupted the storyline.

Blogs contributed to creating a slump in politics that compelled Lott to resign as majoritarian chairman. Government has also recognised the effects of blogs on major streamedia. US President Barack Obama recognized the burgeoning social impacts of blogs by saying: "If the message flow is all blogs, all opinion, no serious fact check, no serious attempt to contextualize histories, you will end up with guys screaming at each other about the gap, but not much reciprocal understanding".

Between 2009 and 2012, an Orwell Prize was given for blogging. Many different kinds of blog exist, which differ not only in the way the contents are provided, but also in the way the contents are created and distributed. Artistic presentation of the connections between blog and blog author in " " in 2007.

MIT Media Lab scientists started the Blodex research to search the web and collect information from hundreds of thousand of blogs in order to study their behavior. The information was collected by the tools for over four years, following independently the most infectious information spread in the blog communities and classifying it according to timeliness and popularity. Thus, the information was collected by the tools for four years.

Blogging has also influenced the use of minority-language content by connecting dispersed spokespersons and students, especially Gaeliclanguage journals. The publication of minorities' tongues (which may not be economic) can find its audiences through low-cost blogging. For example, there are cases of people who have written a book on the basis of their blog, such as Salam Pax, Ellen Simonetti, Jessica Cutler, ScrappleFace.

However, the results were difficult to measure off-line, as many of these titles were not sold as well as their blog. Born from Julie Powell's blog "The Julie/Julia Project", the novel was included in the movie Julie & Julia, which was apparently the first to do so. In order to build a blog, you can use favorite logging sites such as Wordpress and Blogger, both of which have free schedules.

Disbursements in the US related to blogs amounted to $17.4 million by 2009, in some cases backed by roof coverage. The Cahills, in a strange turn of events, were able to gain the identities of John Doe, who turned out to be the man they suspected: the city' s major, Cahill' s politician competitor.

Cahills changed their initial grievance, and the case was decided by the major instead of going to court. People who blog about workplace items can begin to influence their employer's image, either positively if the worker praises the employers and their jobs, or negatively if the blogspeaker makes bad remarks about the organisation or its practice.

Penelope Trunk also did a positive piece at Boston Globe in 2006 titled "Blogs 'essential' to a good career". She was one of the first reporters to point out that a large proportion of Blogger are professional and that a well spelled blog can help attracting employer.

Sometimes blogging can have unexpected results in areas that are susceptible to political change. However, in some jurisdictions, the clandestine or web security services can supervise blogging and detain blog writers of comments. Blocks can be much more difficult to manage than radio or printed publications because a single individual can make a blog whose authorhood is difficult to track using anonymous technologies such as Tor.

Consequently, oppressive and autocratic governments often try to repress and/or penalize those who run them. An effect of posting is the ability of bloggers to be attacked or threatened either personally or on the web, sometimes for no obvious purpose. Cathy Sierra, creator of the blog "Creating Passionate Users",[94] was the victim of malicious and misogynist abuse, so she cancelled her address at a San Diego tech summit for fear of her security.

Whilst the anonymousity of a blogsman is often weak, web-trolleys who would attack a blogsman with threat or insult can be encouraged by the anonymous nature of the on-line setting where some people are known only by a pseudonym "username" (e.g. "Hacker1984"). Not only take charge of your own words, but also of the commentary you allow on your blog.

Indicate your threshold of toleration for improper comment. Think about removing anonymized comment. Don't say anything on-line that you wouldn't personally say. Previously, these concepts were intensively debated on the web and in the foreseeable medium. Whilst the web has grown further, with on-line activities and discourses only increasing positively and negatively in relation to blog interactions, the suggested code has further highlighted the need to monitor on-line blogs and societal standards that are as important as off-line.

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