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In my opinion, is probably the best free blog site on the market. Schedule of 15 free blog sites for[Create free personal blogs] quick and easy

Looking for the free blog pages to start a new personal blog? If you know it or not, Blogging is one of the best ways to make cash on-line. I am the living example for those who make cash on-line and I have successfully made cash with several blog blogs over the last 7 years.

In general, there are two types of blog available, one is free and the other is self-hosted (premium), where you have to spend moneys. Blog sites are free, although you won't have full access to your sites, while self-hosted sites require you to spend cash for domains and web hosting to run your sites (and you have full access to your sites).

When you' re just beginning your blogs trip, you can begin with a free personal blog. You may have many good reason to try your hand at free blogs first. Using free blogs, you won't pay a dime for your domains name and free web site area.

Also, since you're just beginning your blogging careers, it's a good way to get used to your favorite blog sites and how to work on them. As soon as you get used to blogging and have had work experience about a particular area, you can switch to a self-hosted blog where you have to spend it.

You''ll need to make a small initial purchase when you switch to a self-hosted blog on WordPress or other blogsoftware. You will need to buy a domainname, WordPress kind webhosting, premiums and WordPress blogplugs. However, to purchase a top web name and web hosting from a top web hosting, you need to make a small minimum $60 to $70 every year minimum return on your initial outlay.

Short note: Would you like to launch a blog? Here is a easy step-by-step guide to launching your own WordPress blog within 5 minute on Bluehost. What will your blog address be like with free blog pages? Each blog needs aomainname. You should give top consideration to the choice of a good name for your websites when launching a personal blog.

Obtaining a blog is also free if you use free blogsites. Free blogsites will give you a subdomain as your personal blogadress. is added with every blog generated for free on Likewise, if you continue to blog on other free online sites such as, and etc., you will not be able to do so.

The general blog synopsis for your blog location is or, where abbc is your blog name. Below are some advantages and disadvantages of using free domains through various free blog write pages. Advantages of a free domainname: Disadvantages of a free domainname: Free blog write plattforms often give your websites a low-cost look!

For starters, you have no influence over your blog adress. You' ll be at the mercy of your free blog hosting. You may remove your free blog without warning if you find that you are doing something against their terms and conditions. To make sure you know about this fact before you go about building a blog with the free listing of blogs sites that you will be exploring in this review.

The majority of free blog sites allow you to post to your blog in the shape of blog postings and pages. It' easy to insert pictures, video and other types of items into your blog. There is no way to create your own topic or templates with most free blogs.

However, on's website, you can add your own custom themes and also add themes that are available on other sites with Bloogger themes. This free blog host will give you enough room to normally type your blog entries. However, if you begin to spam these blog sites with literally thousands of automatic blog postings on a day-to-day base, you will very soon learn about your blog posting limits on these sites.

There will be no need to get plug-ins to most free blogging sites like Blogger. On the other side, if you use WordPress as your publishing engine, you will have over 20,000 plug-ins available, which range from powerful plug-ins for your website's content to increased revenue from ads. They have very few chance of making cash with free weblogs that have been made on most of these free web host sites.

It' just going to be your blog posts area where you can put your link to make your living. The majority of free blog hosters do not allow you to insert JavaScript or PHP codes into your blog. Blogger. com is an exemption from this. Many free hosting sites exist, even if they used to run their own monetisation widgets on your blog, and you have no power to take them off (paying them will be the only option).

Enough about the importance of free hosting sites for celebrity bloggers. This is the ultimative listing of free Blogging sites that you can use to create free Bloggs of your own (the following listing of Logging sites are in no order, meaning each Logging site has its own advantages and disadvantages).

Most of the free sites start with the Blogger website and the Blogger website itself. Blogger is one of the most popular and widely used free blogs. Blogger is the one you shouldn't miss when it comes to free blogs. Blogger is the right place for you if you are looking for a free and dependable online blogsite. is not only one of the most beloved blogsites and belongs to the Google Giants. You' ll get the most functionality you can hope for when you host a website on your own website. Subjects on the Blogger website look really nice, sleek and easy.

Blogger backed bloggers are standard web browser accessible, so you can easily concentrate on building better for your readership to boost your overall organically generated audience. So the only restriction on using the Blogger Logging Plattform is that you have no power over your domainname and it is only a subdomain.

Easily post blogs, upload pictures and video to them, and even monetise your blog with most monetising software available on the web such as Google Adsense and Amazon etc. From your blog here you can find the lists of sites to make monies on line. Easily customise your blog theme.

The Blogger website has tons of free template files and you can customize your blog the way you want. There are pages, multi-user blog gs, personal blog gs, and bloggers you can make. com is currently available in 41 different language versions. Please click on this hyperlink to learn more about the functionality. I' ve also begun my bloogging trip with blog.

The best thing about is that it is quite simple to use in comparison to other online logging platforms. Even if you map it, you can use Website's blogging platforms on your customized website domains. The majority of people still use the Blogger site to launch their own sites or blog, not only because it's free, but also because it gives you great features.

Use Blogger to quickly approve them. There' a point shared by most blogs that it's really quicker to get your adoption of Google AdSense when you use Blogger, because both Blogger and Google AdSense are controlled and administered by Google. WorldPress is also one of the most trusted and widely used free blogs platforms.

According to, it is WordPress, the most widely used and most efficient blogging software for managing your blog. They can use WordPress for the creation of personal blog pages, professionally and I would say blog of any kind. You' ll get most of the functionality you enjoyed on, but you' ll have very few choices if you remember to monetize your free blog (subdomain) on

More than 17% of the web sites all over the globe are housed on the WordPress CMS. And this is saying implicitly how important it is to use to build free blog posts. When you want to launch your blog on a self-hosted CMS, you can also do so with This is one of the most widely used CMS in the word and almost every business blogger uses to run their website.

Use WordPress blogs on your customized domains by simply download it from the WordPress. org Web site and upload it to your web-spaces. WordPress doesn't take long to install on WordPress-friendly web host. These are some restrictions that should be in your head if you are considering using WordPress to create your first free blog site:

It is not possible to download topics or plug-ins that are not in the WordPress folder. From here and here you can get the free WordPress topics and plugin-folder. Google Adsense, Amazon, or any other monetisation software that prompts you to insert certain JavaScript or PHP codes into your blog cannot be used.

However, you can free yourself from these and many other restrictions by starting a self-hosted WordPress blog from Scratch. Through the use of a self hosting blog it is not only simple to administer your websites but you can also make cash blogs if you put a few dollars on your blog surfing, blogging, web publishing, web publishing, web publishing, web publishing or web site post.

The Live Journal is available in a free and chargeable edition. If you want to keep your LiveJournal blog away from free publicity, you have to spend it. You' ll get the functions like getting more authorlogs, surveys and calendar, comment and it has many different socially minded functions that distinguish it from other free bloggingsites.

More than 16 million users currently use live journal to build their free blog. So if you're not good at English and want to try out these tongues, you'll be happy with LiveJournal's free weblogging site. Below are some remarkable functions of the free Blogging page LifeJournal.

Learn more about the live journal function for free and payed types of accounts. Tumorblr is a micro-blogging website like Twitter and Facebook. One of the quickest shining sites on the web, Tumblr looks like a mix of bloggers, Facebook and Twitter. Tumblr is a great way to make free blog posts when your website is more about them.

Please use this hyperlink to learn more about why you should use Tumblr over other blogs. Others can also re-blog your blog postings, pictures and video so that you have more follower and get a lot of attention to get a broader public. Of the free blogs listed on this page, Tumblr is one of the best places to build a website that is clear and largely based on the contents. is another truly pro options for blogs that is available in the free and paid versions. You' ll get features like multi-author blogs, integrations with favorite community sites, Google Analytics to track your blog statistics, and topic selections from the topic album. When you have some money, you can use the blog.

kom Premier Feature, you can have all of its premier feature domains plus one name. This is the listing of's premier functions with their cost: Keep your blog free of commercials for $30. Even though they offer their customers 2 GB of free disk capacity.

If you need more, you can get it by buying additional cash. Use your own domainname for the blog you have built by spending $18 each year. Now you can any . com, . net, . infos or any other domains or even display your current domains with your blog. com blog.

If you want to get rid of the limitation on the number of writers on your personal blog, you can pay $25 each year. Founded in 2006 and 2007, Weebly is a Californian business voted one of the top 50 websites by the Times. WEBLY is a beloved free Blogging plattform and is used by many folks to build their free blog because of its variety.

Currently they host personal web sites and blog ging for over 12 million individuals. Your contents can be published on the Weebly subdomain or on your user-defined domains and, unlike other web hosters in the business, you will not be billed for the assignment of domains. They can also move elements by dragging and dropping to build menu, pages, category, etc. Using Weebly to build free blog is enjoyable and you won't have a problem maintaining yourgs.

There are 3 kinds of magazines you can use with the Penzu blogsite. Here is the shortcut to a free blogsite with Penzu. Most of the free blogs will not be available without the name of Squarespace. It' one of the simplest ways to build a free website, Squarespace is a great website builders that has almost everything you are looking for.

It' the most efficient and efficient web site for photography, web shops, web shops, web sites, web sites, web sites, bloggers etc. Not only will it make your site look fantastic, but its artwork will make your site look different from other blog sites. Below are some functions of Squarespace's free Blogging-Plattform. Please click on this hyperlink to begin your free website on Squarespace.

With Svbtle you can build your own domainname with your own webhosting. They can do almost anything that is done on Blogger, with Svbtle free Blogging Plattform. Here is the shortcut to start your free blog with Svbtle. Edublogs is the ideal educational platform for educational bloggers.

When you are a graduate trainee or a professors you want to build your own website for free, this is the great way to choose from the above free sites. On this free web site you can blog as a pupil, instructor or school.

They currently keep more than a million educational blogs on their free blog posting. Here you can learn more about why you should select Edublogs to create your first educational blog. Many more free Blogging sites are available to help you launch your own free Blog.

I also need to talk about another free blogsuite called Ghost. It is an open source blogsite and is useful for all those who want to quickly create a simple blog. Just browse and fetch the glossary and upload it to your own web site to get started.

Spirit-free blogs blogging gives a glimpse of the uniqueness of your blog's look. One of the best free blogsites that you can use to create beautifully looking pages is Wix. The Wix is a good website builders where it can create nice and breathtaking sites. You know that these sites are designed by non-professional webmasters.

There is an advanced Web site build tool that lets you build Web sites very simply without having to know how to program them. When you use Wix's free WebsiteBuilder it will include advertising emblems on the page and at the bottom of the website after publication. Though it provides free Blogging Plattform, but it also has 5 different layers of Premier packages that you can select depending on the needs of your website.

Media is a rapidly expanding free blogsite that allows everyone to build their own story and have their own personal area on the web. Your contents can be added by registering an email or Twitter user for free. It is almost not possible to set up redirections from media to WordPress.

One of the easiest yet free of charge online hosting sites, where you can quickly create great looking weblogs. So if you're looking for a better WordPress release with a focus on blurry weblogging and nothing else, you' ve come to the right place. It has no control over a variety of sites, but it is a pure logging site.

There' s a seperate page for your authoring and previewing, which means whatever you enter on the authoring page that appears on the thumbnail page of your blog. It has the most appealing and feature-rich pages of the entire back end in comparison to WordPress. Disadvantages: You don't get user input because it' a brand-new web site, which is a brand-new webpage.

It' s in alpha test mode and still needs some actual user to try their game. There are no plug-ins like the WordPress blogsite. There is no free hosting available at our site (has a 14-day evaluation version). It' a free uniquely designed blogsite that uses Evernote notes management software to help you build and maintain your blog entries and your contents.

For Postach, the basic concept is that instead of another independent blog site, why not blog from already existent tools. There are no restrictions on your disk space, but you may be restricted to 60 megabytes of free upload per months, based on Evernote levels of use. There is a good contents manager where you can link your blog to Disqus, which allows you to have commentaries on your blog.

It is not possible to export from other websites. Looking for a hassle-free, free online blogsite? The free website offers you enough utilities to create a very powerful website. You do not have to purchase an upgrading to the pay per use solution. The good thing is that you can test all your Jimdo Free versions.

Although there are many general issues you might face with the listing of free blogging sites mentioned in this page (which include, 504 and 502 fixed bugs, pages removed, slower load page etc). However, again it varies from blog to blog, each and every one of them has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Therefore, make sure that you know the prime fact before you start a free blog that it is not a walk in the park. However, if you really want to divide your thoughts and build a following for yourself on-line, using the above free blogsites is a big leap forward. Hopefully I have suggested the best free of charge posting sites that will allow you to build your own blog to communicate your thoughts and get connected with other users on-line.

And as I said in this article, there are many free blog sites out there. Selecting a free blogsite is not an easy job and you can't try it all at once. That way you first know your blogs requirements, and select your blogs platforms according to your job.

WordPress is the right option if you are a small entrepreneur as it not only gives you full web site management power but also assists you in making your web site visible in webmasters. When you want to make a lot of profit from blogs, try Blogger, and when you're a college kid and want to do something great, try Educational Blogs.

When you want to enjoy your travel experiences, you can use, a dedicated travel experiences exchange web based reporting engine. And if you're a novice looking for ways to make a living with a blog, I strongly suggest you try either Blogger or WordPress from the free of charge site listing.

This is because these two hosting sites are dependable, fast and safe, and you can move from one blog to another with ease. As soon as you begin earning cash or getting more reputations on-line, you can move to self-hosted hosting sites such as WordPress. They can have full command of these blog's and earn much more cash with self-hosted blog's because they are flexible and have easy acces to broader utilities.

Are you letting me know the best free blogsite you would suggest to a newcomer? I' m sure you have already tried your hand at some of these free blogs. Would be great if you could tell us your experiences and favorites from this listing in the comment area.

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