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They already know that WordPress is a popular CMS and that most content marketers love it for their business or personal blog. LT Personal - Free Responsive Profile / Personal Wordpress Topic

Using Personal WordPress topic, show your personal details on your website in a professionally way and get many prospective jobs as well as a good WordPress topic are not hard! LT Personal is a basic but still highly proffesional response personal WordPress topic that is great if you use it to decorate your profile or promote your personal services pages to promote yourself on your canal.

You can also view anything you want on your own website. Occasionally your clients or large recruitment agencies find their prospective candidates via portable equipment, therefore it is important to ensure for your website outstanding service on all types of portable equipment. Don't be worried, LT Personal provides you with a 100% fast response design that is neat and elegant.

Best 60+ free personal blog WordPress themes 2018

Over the years, blood logs have grown with the addition of themes, plug-ins and style. Face-to-face weblogs are the first to come by the weblogging team. Do you want a personal diary? It is said that the personal blog is useful for those who want to join the on-line experience of Blogging. It' not from a commercial point of view, personal Blogging is enjoyable when we are sharing our design, article, technology or anything you want to show the canvas.

Personal blogs are used to build an on-line life and with the help of community networking, they are now being given a big push. Photographs, personal video or just inserting interesting items to copy to make a living, as most novices do, you can do here. WordPress, which supports the topic, makes everything dynamical and the creation of new items every day is simple.

Older blogs who still use bloggers, Tumblr etc. usually try to change to different content management systems if you are one, then don't look any further as Wordpress will help you. Maintaining a personalized journaling with your everyday articles updated along with sites that are interesting to create a voyagelog, a site for technical reviews and jokes can be done with these minimum topics.

Ease is the enabler, as most personal blogging is used by novices where they launch their on-line work. These themes are designed with care and are suitable for daily use, taking into account the minimalist approach. There is no need to even change part of the design by using your own coding, as the Option panels allow you to make the changes simply.

Free-of-charge WordPress themes that are of high caliber, although provided free of charge, have been hand-picked by us, where most of them have an appealing lay-out designed for multi-device use. Because many people liked the network because of its easy styling, we have chosen themes that are similar to the themes of the classic themes and look good in their own way.

Take a look at our magazines, free themes, restaurants, trips, authors and other collections of themes tailored to your needs. We' ve put a lot of emphasis on neat and best themes for blogs here. dBlogger is a free Wordpress blogs topic that was published last months with a single goal in mind: to give the user a high performance WordPress topic that is completely free, has a shallow, neat lay-out look, has a portable, appealing look, is easily personalizable, and is well placed in Google our results.

Topic supports your website with full wooCommerce plug-in for full wooCommerce product sales and BBPress plug-in for full interaction with your audiences. More than 600 scripts and important themes are available in the Customize live option, giving you better creative freedom to customize your website with a look and feel that''s second to none.

Well encoded with the best programming best practice, the topic will give your website a push with visible search engine optimization (SEO) to your target audiences worldwide. dBlogger is an all-in-one blogger and startup tool for those who are interested in creating blogs professionally and want to change to a fun, high-performance, modern style or someone who wants to relaunch their own blogs from the ground up.

The Zillah is a contemporary and stylish topic for all kinds of blog. Topic is optimised for good legibility, making it easier for your audience to understand your message and not be sidetracked by other items. There is also a photofriendly lay-out and a widgettized bottom line where you can insert your own Widgets.

It comes with an attractive look, customizable features, optimized for performance and SoEO, customizable wallpapers, huge menu items, SiteOrigin Page builder interoperability (so you can easily adapt it through drag-and-drop options), authors boxes in each item, soft symbols, and a clean, attractive look. is a free, minimalist WordPress topic for blogs who want to stylishly communicate their thoughts and images.

Enjoy a seamless blogsite experiencing with Boston. Meticulously contrasting the subject with the colors whites and blues, everything presented at Boston is striking. Boston is also fully interoperable with all major web browser platforms and you have the ability to choose the preferred translation mode.

Your readership will be enthusiastic about this topic with its many-sidedness. Everyoneal is a subject of the blog for the photographer, author and creator. The design is fully reactive, so it looks good on any display. The Yuuta is so versatile that it can be combined with any premier blog, just with its ease, as it features a visually breathtaking full width item outline.

This is a topic of choosing for writer, author, adventure traveler and photographer who have their own will to communicate their experience to the rest of the group. User-defined menu options for full page browsing, crisp image mapping, full-width templates, and gallery photos make this a blessing for personal bloggers.

The Baskerville is a neat and stylish topic for authors in the areas of affiliate branding and social media, it contains great functions such as fully reactive designs, user-defined templates, four-page layout options incl. a list for participants, user-defined text layout etc. The overall look is nice and the same applies to portable equipment. When you are looking to start your own blogs, then this is the best WordPress that would make your blogs especially enjoyable and attract thousands of spectators to see your blogs post.

This is a multi-purpose topic that can be used as a personal blogs and can be created without any special skills. Not only is the topic compliant with all major web browser like Mozilla, Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, but it also has thread commenting so you can interactively with your clients and get their view.

The Garfunkel is really an intelligent topic and was developed especially for Blogger. Featuring awesome brickwork functions similar to the old website pages, fast response and retina-capable designs, a slide show galleries, and a great array of brickwork layouts. Uses HTML5 & HTML3 coding that is fully compliant with the existing support for the Bertelsmann CS3 boatstrap frameworks. Specifically developed for trendy and female blogging, this topic can help you build a slim and practical looking weblog.

Vitality is a personal Wordpress topic if you're looking for a classical styled Blog layouts with a full-featured Wordpress side bar widget. As soon as you start applying the topic, the entire website receives eye-catching CSS over animation, an appealing lay-out, vibrant typeface, and socially appealing symbols. The Seasonal is a fast-reacting personal blogs topic for any life story such as travelling, traveling, photography, eating, tech, business, clothing.

It is a neat, stylish and versatile topic and it is great for blogs, editors and author. It has a fully reactive sidebar style and the site will stay nice on different machines. This Christmas and New Year's is a new topic for blogs who need a very easy way to blog.

It has a minimalistic one-column look with a reactive, slim look with supported videos, sounds, and galleries that can be viewed as a feature-rich-images. If you are a bloogger who needs a quick fix for your blogs, get this topic for yourself. An eye-catching blogsign with two columns for the content and a drop-down menue for navigating.

This topic will require option frameworks as plugins and a series of contributions to demonstrate its capabilities. Altogether a minimum blogs topic with non-complex features. It'?s a straightforward subject that focuses only on type and nothing else. Designed to provide a highly reactive multi-device lay-out across your site and a clear appearance with the presented pictures.

This is a contemporary blogs topic recently published to blogs who want a full adjustment check of the homepage and website layouts. Introducing the new function Life Customizing with this topic is definitely a worthwhile work. This is a great WordPress blogs topic with full-screen pictures to present your everyday post. This is a long-page website with a single-column lay-out and appealing styling to make your personal blogs and storytelling an unbelievable one.

It is a contemporary blogs topic with a two-column lay-out with a clear side bar for full page navigating and linking favorite articles from the homepage. This is a nice WordPress blogs topic with two columns to show your post with an integrated side bar. Nothing but breathtaking, this free blogs topic looks great in terms of styling.

An obscure fashions blogs topic for Wordpress with an stunning, liquid brickwork outline. Modify Google Font as needed because this topic offers many enhanced features. Select a clear brickwork topic with a three-column spacing and similar styling to the one next to the Pinterest networking site. The Lovecraft is an award-winning WordPress blogs topic for personal blogs for professionals.

A full-page cover picture with an appealing lay-out has everything. Stylish sport topic for personal blogs with a fun headers wallpaper and navigational menus. It' a highly reactive look with llite capabilities that lets you create a look in no time at all. Stylish blogger interface with custom color changing capabilities, headers, images, backgrounds and sidebars.

Select this minimum size for your start-up blogs with lightweight features and fluid-sensitive layouts. This is a minimum blogs topic for normal and personal blogs. In the Topic Option area, you can refresh headers, favorite icons, footing, font styles, coding integrations, and more. Fast reacting and suited for state-of-the-art equipment with great possibilities.

There will be a topic with an especially large picture for the homepage presentation that some spectators will be interested in. Recently published, this latest version of the product is very reactive and very simple to use. Foreful is a classy WordPress topic that has a really great look and is great for your magazines, blogs or newsgroups. The ForceFul was developed using some of the most sought-after contemporary styling fashions.

Brickwork a Wordpress styled blogs topic for personal and contemporary Blogger, the interesting functions. Attractive styling also looks good on several units. Blogs Blogger is a reactive, neat and fun free blogs WordPress topic with a unique classical postal styling outline. It revolves around your blogs and uses screechingly neat coding to keep it quick and user-friendly.

Don't get too extravagant items in this free WordPress Blog topic, as you can see, everything is great, beginning with a big picture for a better view. Completely vivid colour combinations makes this topic great for personal blogs. There is a new topic for personal Blogger developed by st5themes and the good part is that it is completely free and fast reacting in terms of your layouts.

Featuring a slim styling and stunning colour combinations, this is a dignified topic for blogs. Personal blogs topic for simple cabling, as this topic is best displayed on a desktopt. So there are many colour themes that you can choose to change your website colour, and best of all, this will respond to any unit.

With Esperanza, you get a neat, stylish, personal web page that makes your web page as easy and smooth as possible. Designed with a cutting-edge response style, excellent typeface, and a strong emphasis on legibility. The Wilson is a neat, sleek and appealing old style site, designed for new personal pages and blog posts in 2014.

It is not an unpleasant topic like the name used by the designers of thematic hybrids. This topic slightly enhances your interactive skills because it offers several ways to simply communicate your contents. It is such a nice, minimalist subject that is gentle on the eye with strong typographic features.

The Sueva is a great personal website blogs topic where visitors can refresh their everyday WordPress and worldwide newsletters. A free of charge literary edition of the topic is available to the general audience. is a free WordPress topic for your personal journals and journals.

Comes with a neat and minimum lay-out that changes the size according to your display. I can customize my memos with ease and they are light weight, seo-friendly and quick to load. Everything in a personal subject that can be used for many purposes. The Launch is an appealing Tumblr-style motif for the personal everyday blogsmith.

It is a subject that appeals to many because it is gentle on the eye and offers the ideal colourway. Unfortunately not reactive for contemporary use. It is another free of charge topic that we call mail. The minimum size is extremly neat and basic, it has a brickwork function, is easily operated and adjusted. There have 8 different layout it is the best personal free blogsheet for WordPress Blogger.

Asked no question, just a basic topic you'll ever find for a personal blogs. Freedom of choice and nice typeface make for an outstanding overall effect. You' gonna think, is it WordPress? Whitepaper-style topics, created as children's topics for twelve topics, are another best personal blogs topic for creating current postings.

An easy pin-style topic for the daily blogsmith. Providing the best themes for WordPress is what I do. When you come across any awesome topics, let me know. Here, you will find an introduction to our exclusively featured topics, as the articles give you an insight into what these topics look like and how they look like when you search for a featured site.

You haven't found a free blogs topic for your use? Try choosing from these highly recommended topics for your favorite blogs. Create and enjoy your personal blogsite with the help of this exceptional Wordpress topic, SmartBlog. It has features like any other premier subject, of course includes fast response designs, retinal assistance, several home page layout files, fully customized pages and customizations, but what makes it special is the way it presents everything.

There are two tidy functions contained with this new topic, namely Categorie Filter and Hamburg Menue. Categorie filter can give you more visibility into the subcategories of your major catagories, represented by a basic navigational styling. Hamburg menus is a state-of-the-art menusystem that remains on the leftside of the menubar to list minor items or link items that you think are only for extremely enthusiasts or searchers.

All in all a topic with clean types and brillant homepage layout for every kind of blog. It is a contemporary subject with which you can tell inspiring tales about journeys, meals, weddings, fashions and daily life that you think and experience. This topic provides functions that interest the daily blogsmith who is creating one of a kind contents on his website.

An appealing layout, endless colour variation, several homepage layout could also interest you. Selected contributions can be displayed on the homepage with the help of an elegantly designed slide control, which the topic contains together with its features. Altogether a brillant contemporary blogs topic for personal blogs to create inspiring blogs. The WordPress advanced blogs topic is ideal for the creation of nice blogs with a lively crowd.

It makes it easier to mark up your blogs by providing functions such as an individual registration template and various headerstyles. And since the themes pack comes with the Po and Mo file, you can effortlessly compile it into other language support. Journey might be the best option for you if you are looking for a unique WordPress design topic for the creation of your trip, photo, food trip or just a blogsite.

Featuring 11 blogsayouts, a number of mail and page styles, related postings, and many customized widgets, this is a really strong topic for parallaxes. Fully reactive design also allows you to customize different kinds of background. Topic pack also contains several premier plug-ins and several user-defined Widgets. An easy blogs topic for a personal blogs experiencing with multi layout blogs such as raster, full width mail, lists and more.

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