Free Portfolio Wordpress Themes for Graphic Designers

Download free portfolio of Wordpress themes for graphic designers

When you are a creative professional, it is important to have a portfolio. The main feature would be the arrangement of the masonry grid for your portfolio items at the front. When you are a creative person, you need a forum to express yourself. A free theme for creative people and businesses.

Best 40+ free portfolio Wordpress topics in 2018

In this section, we present you with a free portfolio of WordPress topics that you can use immediately on your new website, as they are available for free downloading. Portfolio-items in a website are best suited for contractors, companies that want to present their project, past work, so that customers can get a quick idea of your professional experiences and your talents.

Advanced corporate topics may have portfolio functionality built in, but here we present topics that are only WordPress topics that are portfolio-focused. Simply attach pictures and contents to the new postings and the topic will show the item in a distinctive galleriestyle. Pictures will be the quintessence of a portfolio topic as seeing is credible for most customers.

Whether for single workstations or for large corporate ventures, these free WordPress portfolio themes give you a competitive edge and are your base tool. Keep up for more upgrades and review the best free WordPress related topics and free WordPress related topics that we have recently added.

Have a look at some high quality WordPress portfolio themes below if you still can't find your portfolio themes using the links below. Allow me to know your thoughts on these matters. This is a single, but effective multi-purpose topic that also does portfolio mesh sites very well.

Quick to respond, this redesign is well encoded for quick page load. A free topic suitable for anyone interested in creativity and business. Designing the subject is good for the photographer, designer, developer and those who want to present a portfolio and work. Use of this topic is to embellish the website and give it a look of creativity.

Using the Fluidsystem for the topic makes it applicable to almost all different plattforms. It gives the user full command of everything on the site, from the logos to the symbols and everything in between. The Fukasawa is a neat website topic mainly designed for project listings by volunteers and writers.

It has a fast-reacting retina-capable exterior designed, a fluid picture galery slideshow and a permanent side bar. Ideal for home decorators and professional photography, this 3-column brickwork lay-out topic is ideal for the home. Its minimalist styling makes it appealing for designers and designers who want to present their works or collections under this heading.

Pinterest's design allows you to display your contributions, pictures or movies in a very similar way to Pinterest's raster. That makes it perfectly suited to share contents with the rest of the globe. This topic also includes support for picture, video and galery format. Present your art in an interesting slide show right above your posting that makes your old entries look beautiful.

Jetpack also features support for Jetpack Tiles Galleries and Jetpack Infinite Scroll, so you can upload your new entries without having to refresh the page. Present your work wonderfully with this sleek and contemporary WordPress themed. You' ll have gorgeous image slider controls, your wallpaper is loaded in seconds, there's a full-width box and lay-out to choose from, and there's over 600 typefaces and many colors to help present your work.

OPTIMZER is one of the best WordPress page structure topic that is sure to impress your customer and your customer. The Hitchcock topic is mainly used by portfolio website designers and photographers. Hitchcock is a topic that is used by portfolio website designers and publishers. The site has a highly reactive website style with endless scrolling, user-defined headers, photo galleries, and three-column layouts.

Hitcock makes illustration, logo and photos even more appealing by the brillant way it uses individual pillar poles to make sure all detractions are removed and the pole is perceived lightly. With the help of the three-column raster used in the topic, you can get an easy idea of your work.

Even different plattforms should not pose a problems with this topic, as the layouts and types are perfectly adapted to different plattforms. The WordPress topic is one of the best and most user-friendly for blogs, where users can simply and innovatively communicate their thoughts. It' s a highly reactive look, has customized colour choices, customized headers, and a full-width lay-out.

Adding a favourite item to the homepage can be interesting for many blogs and the remainder of the posts follows a two-column quadratic tiles outline. The WordPress Customizer with real-time previews allows you to customize your personalization settings for this topic according to the needs of your website.

By linking your own free online content to your site, you don't have to be concerned about the needs of your users. A photographer or collector looking for a neat subject to present their photographs or collector's items will find Resi a great subject. No need to say that it is fully reactive, which will help you get to a wider public, and that it is also retinal so you don't have to care about a website that might look crooked on some equipment.

Because of its simple to use design, its design has an edge for the photographer and designer. Sketch can be a good design if you want to present your talents on a website. No matter whether you want to view artwork or design, photos or video, Sketch is a great subject.

A clear and simple subject matter will help the public to concentrate on their work. It' s fully reactive function makes sure it can adjust to different display heights without making your work look inappropriate. Everything from the pictures presented and the way you present them to your audiences to a portfolio page, your site logo and your corporate link.

And Oren uses a neat design and jetpack assistance for a good viewing environment. Plus, the theme's minimal look gives your screen more punch. It' totally great for portfolio work. You can easily navigate between your blogs and your authors boxes at the end of each article. Feel free to add your own design to your website, and many functions in this topic will help you customize the look of your website.

Fully reactive, this topic is really good for presenting your work and drawing audiences. It is a grid-based portfolio topic for creatives. This topic is well embedded with plug-ins like WooCommerce and Site Origin's Page Builder. The majority of the page has a block lay-out and the page icon along with the nav are located at the bottom of the page.

The Electa is a fully reactive topic, designed to work well on all plattforms and adapts well to a wide range of display heights. It' interesting and great to work on, especially when you're bursting with creative ideas. You' ll find that Electa is a great subject for portfolio.

For those who want to give some extra touch to their website or posts, Olivia will be an interesting topic. Here you will find contemporary typefaces and 7 page layouts. The Olivia is ideal for anyone who wants to create a website, share their work or create a weblog. Much sophistication has been added to the topic that makes it look neat and easy from the outside and makes your work look strong with the clear outline.

An entirely free topic of accessspress and it seems that not many have reached this topic. It is a one-of-a-kind portfolio topic for any company or freelancer with scrolling effect of parallel laxes and attractive designs. Designed for building a portfolio website for your company, the topic allows you to create a section to present On-Page functionality such as About page, Call to action, testimonials, contact pages and more.

The Pine is a minimalist Wordpress topic for viewing the artist's portfolio. It''s fast reacting and has a pro look that lets you effortlessly create company and designers' portfolio. is a minimalist portfolio topic for free use with an appealing look and a striking homepage outline. Create your portfolio with the latest contributions and you will also be able to select the categories to be displayed on your homepage.

This is a free WordPress portfolio topic for WordPress enders, with stunning contacts and portfolio elements all presented on one page. The one-sided response is a worthwhile attempt for your start-up firm. Featuring a stunning slide control and galery, this is a fun topic to present your latest work. It is a new topic provided by themesid for free for Business Portfolio and Corporate Services showcases.

Select from 4 different portfolio layouts and shortcuts to simply create stunning contents for your pages. This is a nice intro to the portfolio blogs for those who have imaginative thoughts to communicate with their portfolio storefronts. Completely reactive, this blogs provides many topic choices to make simple changes to the entire site.

Galleries is a free WordPress portfolio thread for inspirational web sites and photo lovers who want a premier look for their web site. The design has a highly reactive lay-out with a custom blogs outline and a slide bar for posting and pages to display more than one image. With this minimum topic, photographers have the option to add everyday pictures and activity in a grid-style photo galleries look.

Attractive styling keeps the site flowing for multi-device use. Besides, this is nothing more than a quick WordPress topic that is free of charge exclusive to high quality looking professional photo and studio work. This topic offers a chance to present your latest portfolio styled project creatively. Featuring reactive designs and full-screen sliders, this is a fully html/css compliant one.

An attractive, fast-reacting, net-bearing motif with raster and brickwork designs to present your project or photos. Contains a strong administration pane and the earpieces to create your own page design. About 17 standard home page lieouts, which can be selected with the help of the Live-Customizer, allow you to adjust the grids on the home page as desired.

Attractive design with fewer frames helps you create smooth thumbnail views with over 18 automatically created dimensions. Am I loving an elegantly WordPress topic with minimum overall coding? Dann wp topic that was recently published wp stately, you will certainly be interested if you are a design professional, programmer or someone looking for WordPress portfolio topic easy.

Match your blogs, portfolios or e-zines with lmbalance 2. Each website can be updated through the use of new customizable functionality provided in the subject and the website visibility can be adjusted through the use of custom backend functionality. Its completely smooth design gives it enormous versatility and allows you to control both large and small displays.

His sophisticated portfolio strongly emphasises the use of pictures and shows a neat slide show in every portfolio element. Hash is a basic photograph and portfolio WordPress topic. Optimised for surfing on the go - the appealing design detects whether the user is looking at your website on a desk monitor or a portable devices (smartphone or tablet) and adjusts accordingly.

This is a portfolio topic published in February 2015 for professionals who own websites. A fast-response control surface for designs and layout choices makes it easy to add new contents. Join the new and enhanced Portafolio WordPress theming. The fantastic free topic was designed with portfolio pages in mind, but it is also a fantastic commercial topic or a basic blogs topic.

It' minimum size puts the emphasis on your work and how great you make it an great choice for the photographer and freelancer. Fotographers, designers, architect and artist. The Pytheas is a fully reactive WordPress topic for enterprise, commercial and portfolio Web sites. The Grid Topic is a WordPress Topic with portable response designs and endless scrolling.

The Grid Topic is ideal for any creator to present their portfolio. Mischfolio is an attractive HTML5 portfolio topic for WordPress. And the best of all: It's free! You can use it to create your portfolio or your own on-line trademark. Generate image, gallery, video or default postings with Mixfolio's Postformats function. It is a free portfolio topic for WordPress, ideal for presenting portraits and gallery work.

Starting with a very robust skeleton of over 200 preferences, adding a very lightweight GUI, throwing a few phones and tables to give it this reactive resilience, adding over 50 scripts. The Asteria Lite is a neat, reactive design with a nice slide control, a slim and broad layout option, 10 social icons and 3 page styles - full width page, side bar links and a blog page style.

The Digest is a free portfolio/gallery WordPress topic from WPMole. The minimalist WM topic is perfect for the photographer, designer and anyone who wants to show their work. It is a clear and concise, grid-based portfolio topic for photographs, performers and designers to present their work. It is the "lite" part of the topic.

The Widely WordPress theming is a minimalist topic that is perfectly suited for companies, creative professionals and individual users who want to quickly post their portfolio and anyone else who is serious about a basic, well-designed website with a powerful CMS exec. A Cleanistic artwork is a high-quality and individual photo portfolio or WordPress topic for your own use.

The design offers limitless colour combination for backgrounds, headings, etc. and more than 40 samples that can be used immediately. The FolioPress WordPress topic is ideal for the freelancer who wants to present their photo and blogs contents to prospective customers. Simply attach a tagged contents regulator and a shortcut library to it and you will receive a complete WordPress document that can be downloaded and used free of charge.

The Svelte is a meticulously crafted, highly reactive WordPress story with an sleek, minimalist look that's ideal for creating professionally designed blogs, portfolio or even your breathtaking photographs. Designed to showcase an sleek, contemporary look that paves the way for your new pro look while offering rugged customisation capabilities that adapt to your brands. The Celestino is a neat and efficient portfolio topic with a great 1170 pixels appealing lay-out built on the bootstrap mesh.

A briefcase is a portfolio-based free WordPress topic that could be used for many things, from a portfolio and galleries website to a blogs and magazines. Its minimalistic styling has been specially developed to attract everyone's interest. Developed to present your work, perfectly suited for Wordpress' creative agency themes and free-lance artists.

Learn more about the best WordPress portfolio themes with exceptional functionality and uniquely limitless layout under which you can get for a small prize. Remainder of the here mentioned Topics. An advanced premier topic developed for the portfolio, fully tailored to the needs of ultimate search engine optimisation and well encoded for quick load throughput.

Fast to respond and retina-ready, this design comes with a Page Builder that lets you create your own custom portfolio pages in no time-at all. Selecting a long portfolio of columns that allow 2 columns, 3 columns and 4 columns Galerie grids, you have extensive possibilities to modify the site.

Reactive WordPress topic for WordPress professionals who need slider controls, custom CV pages, contacts pages, and more. Creating your own design is also possible with this one-of-a-kind design, which comes with limitless layouts and a pagebuilder. Featuring a mix of great typographic features and palladium scroll effect, this happy one-page story will be published in 2014.

This fast-reacting revolutionary slide control reinforces the effect with a beautiful 3-pillar raster portfolio for web sites. The design is a completely different kind of building that you may never have seen before. Provides all the functionality needed for portfolio sites with rich content viewing and slide shows.

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