Free Premium Wordpress Themes 2016

Premium free Wordpress themes 2016

The Parrot is a professional theme based on our Upfront theme frame. The theme is best suited for craftsmen or anyone who needs a portfolio with a colour scheme and typography that radiates creativity, skill and professionalism. Thoughts to consider when choosing a free Premium WordPress Theme.

Beautiful 50+ free and premium WordPress themes that will kill them in 2016.

So if you haven't upgraded your topic last year - or even in recent years, wheeze! - it's probably your turn to review your website, review the latest fashions, and think about how your designs could be better. Not only will a sophisticated redesign capture the eye of your audience, but you will also have a better show in boosting your converting and enhancing your MEO.

To help you get there, here's my summary of this year's best free and premium themes, all with refreshing themes, the latest fashions, and classical features such as reactivity and interoperability between desktops and more. While some themes are demonstrations that are one of the few set layouts for a particular topic, others are more agile and based on a thematic outline.

Partrot is a professionally designed topic based on our Upfront topic frame. It is the best topic for craftsmen or anyone who needs a colour and typographic range that radiates creativeness, skilfulness and workability. With our Upfront visually editable drag-and-drop tool, you can focus on the precise look and feel of the topic you need.

The Panino is a breathtaking one-sided topic with gentle transition for restaurant owners, small companies or professional users who need to publish their resumes now. Spirit is best for companies that focus on lifestyles and well-being, or anyone who needs a look that fits their high-quality and premium brand. With Upfront you can customize this topic to your highest demands.

With Luke + Sara your pictures are the centre of attention and your work or history will glow. No matter if you're a pro photo shooter or journalist, this topic won't keep your pictures out of view. There are also well thought-out sales functions such as price charts and it can be continuously adjusted with our Upfront topic frame.

The Fixer range offers a clear, slim and trendy colour scheme with vibrant colours. And you can simply modify anything you want, from the smallest detail to the whole look with the included Upfront Viewer Top Topic Frameworks. Avada Topic Agency demonstration offers the same advanced functionality you would expect from a commercial topic, although the look and feel is original and contemporary.

Rather than the usual horizontally oriented top level navigator, this topic has a fixed vertically oriented menus that keep important hyperlinks always there. The Renew 2 is one of the many demonstrations that come with X-The Theme. Featuring a largely slim styling with fat type and 2D imagery, it also incorporates animation in specific areas to keep things alive.

When you want a topic that is trendier, this is a great topic that you should consider. Featuring strong colours, gooey navigations and prallax to achieve a coherent look. BeArt' layouts for BeTheme consist of page segments piled one on top of the other, each with a light and vibrant backdrop with additional colour tops from the contents.

They create a funny and artistic website for anyone who needs a website that sets themselves apart from the crowd and mirrors their creative potential. It is an old style selection that has been given new meaning and a contemporary touch. With its raster layouts, the Chequered Blog demonstration on the subject of bridges provides many possibilities for displaying both pictures and text in a prominent manner.

That kind of layouts also help to motivate the visitor as there is a great deal to see and click and you can present several elements at the same time. It is a convenient and forward-looking method to substitute picture controllers. Talking of slider, many new themes have them at the top to show the most beloved story, but since slider doesn't work, many themes use a raster design instead, like the Newspaper design.

Contributions are shown more clickable and prominent with this style, especially with the colourful categories headings that are contained. Uncode's Portfolio Metro provides a one-of-a-kind touch to appealing styling with its blank backdrop and large, eye-catching text in dark that captures your attention at the top of the page. The most designs offer an imagery, a videotape or a colored backdrop in full width over the rabbet, but this does not and yet it works.

The next step is a non-padded raster lay-out for a distinctive look with colour tops needed to complement the look. The Flatsome is an eCommerce topic with an icon slide for those who are interested in integrating one on their website to present many of their wares. There are also many ways to view items from large to small thumbnails.

Salient Topic's Blogs demonstration contains a whole range of demonstration designs, as well as their blogs outlines. Featuring full-width pictures and a trendy brickwork without upholstery, it displays all the pictures for your contributions on the home page. The 7-subject has a photo lay-out that contains a full-page slide control and thumbnails of all elements in the slider's waiting line, which is not common, but provides a more user-friendly feel.

It is a great topic for a photographer or anyone who needs to place pictures in front of and in the middle of their website. Impreza Topic Agency demonstration has a full-width videotape backdrop that arches down to create an arrows that invites users to move down to see the remainder of the page.

It is also possible to view your portfolios in a common raster form without using padding. Potassium Agency Topic Demos offer a smooth grey backdrop and typography-style typeface, as well as a brickwork raster to showcase your portfolios. This choice of styles combines Old Schools with New Schools for an overall modern outfit.

Most of the time the demonstration of this topic has a slim look, apart from some small movies. You can also view contributions and portfolios in a raster and it comes with an icon control. It is ideal for private or commercial use and for those who need a stylish look with a little more atmosphere.

V24 Photography's Oshine Topic Photo Trial focuses entirely on your pictures with a clear and easy to use title page galery and a thin vertically mounted portable navigation bar on the top right. It is a great choice for a photographer or anyone who wants to present their work. Oshine Page Builder is also included to adapt the page to your needs.

Aesthetically pleasing advertisements and concise pictures with large, easy-to-read typefaces and a clear and concise look. Your contributions are the key element of the layouts, so they have a better opportunity to attract the attention of your traffic. Ideal for blogs, this topic has been developed specifically for a kind of website based on popularity.

With a slim styling and many colour casts, it clearly shows important items such as profiles, avatars, posts as well as logins. NewPaper uses a brick screen to show the presented contributions at the top of the cover page, and a large thumbnail screen for contributions when you are scrolling down the page.

This shows clean postings and shows catagory tagged alongside colourful extracts to give the designs character. A great topic for face-to-face blogging, Charlotte has a styling that is precise and consistent with the most beloved blogging. There are large pictures, a right side bar to show a large avatar, information about the Blogger and symbols of community service.

It has a minimalistic and shallow look.

Scrolling down allows you to view information about the performer, record, tour date and other pertinent items in a two- or three-column lay-out. Another topic developed specifically for the musician, it divides the site into two parts: the one on the right shows a still picture with a musical score and text overlays, while the one on the right contains the scrolling page contents.

1. Six million WordPress supers are reading and trusting our blogs. Follow them and have contributions sent to your mailbox every day - free of charge! The obsidian is another topic for the musician and has a full-page, solid wallpaper over which the website contents scroll. The Constructzine topic has a contacts page and a horizontally displayed menue above a full-page wallpaper at the top.

Because you can customise this subject, it might even be appropriate for YouTube and other on-line publishers who want their audience to get to grips with them and suggest themes. Featuring a full-width product style page demonstration of the story themes, the product style demos are based on a shallow look with a brighter backdrop above the rebate and strong colour overtones.

There is also an integrated picture slide that is more easily accessed than most other faders out there. As a result, all your focus is on the full-page slide bar and its pictures or rich backgrounds and text onlay. Partasponsive offers a full-page picture control and imaginative styling highlights. Several of the backgrounds are bent and result in an original and slim look, similar to the highlights of a particular blogs posting you are currently in.

Zink is a imaginative and courageous topic for agents, developer, designers and experts. Zillacommerce's hype topic demonstration gives a feeling of convenience with its rich and smooth, tightly knitted colours worn on each side. Lacking the light and rich lyre colouring of most other themes, it provides a feeling of cohesion and tranquillity that can be communicated to the visitors.

It is another topic here that has a permanent vertikal menue on the right side. Much like the Zillacommerce topic above, Archis Side Navigation Demonstration has a unique primary colour worn throughout the entire topic to produce a consistent look, although the vibrant amber colour asks to be perceived by the visitor and generates a feeling of urgency. What is more, the colour of the colour is a unique and unique one.

It differs from other topics because the portrait contains a small space with both symbols and text. What is particularly interesting about Sympathy is that it is actually a one-sided topic, even if it doesn't appear immediately. This minimal demonstration of the Mo topic certainly deserves its name with a clear lay-out, a smooth colour range and a round off classic typeface.

It is a multifaceted topic that can be used as a web site folder, e-commerce shop or for a private or commercial blogs. Photolog themes have a straightforward but effective design that brings text and picture together in such a way that they are both well presented. One half of the display is reserved for the picture of a contribution and the other half shows the contribution itself.

Every article shown inverts the picture and the text, so that the reader is slowly pulled from one page to the other, in a pleasurable way that occupies you. If you end up on the home page, you will be asked to click a small icon to go to the website with a full-page wallpaper. Pictures like this topic are like no other, making it a good option for portfolio or photographer.

Display full-page pictures one after the other as you move down the page for a more immersive picture quality sensation. The Awesome is a blogs topic that shows large pictures and has an easily readable typeface. And if you want a closed lay-out rather than a full-width look, the Finder is a good competitor that shows large pictures without cushioning to make them fit together well.

Presented pictures also appear on the front page without text, so your pictures can talk for themselves until a user hits them to see the full feat. Pearl has a sleek and sleek design that is mirrored in the gracious typeface, clear blank backgrounds, and sluggish animation when features appear on the page as they are scrolling into it.

But Oren is a subject for the photographer. There is a full-width picture with a text overlays to imagine, and a raster picture message format that is permanently shown on the title page. There are many features of a slim look in this special feature, but it makes no compromises when it comes to animation, slider, carousels, grids, and a grid-like arrangement to show all your contributions without having to scroll endlessly.

When these functions are important for you, then this topic can be for you. When you' re looking for a topic that offers a mix of modern appeal and classical page items focused on advertising, the Aspire Pro topic can be exactly what you need. Featuring clear and colourful call to trade, coupled with a full-page picture at the top and the capability to build confidence by presenting the company logo to your customers.

The Altitude has several full-page paragraphs of conspicuously parallaxed text when shown between brief paragraphs of rapid information breaks. And you can display text overlay for the eye-catching para-laxes. This can be a great topic for anyone who wants to make a big first impact.

Partallax Pro resembles the above topic of height with its full-page partallax paintings, but what this topic has to offer is that height are not side portions and highlights with light colours that seem to require further attention. What is more, the height of the image is not a matter of the height of the page. The Kallyas eCommerce site does not shrink from animation and colour. There are also plenty of ways to view contributions, announcements, and views of the promotion.

Null is a blogging or photographic subject that has a serious emphasis on pictures. It has a shallow look just because of its pictures, which means that you can post your contents and let your pictures determine the look and feel of your website and its designs. It is a multi-purpose topic that can be used for many different applications, as it has a contemporary colour palette and a mural-like screen for showing post, product or inventory elements on the front page.

The Alona brand is a topic for everyone who needs to stand out and express his or her creative potential through his or her own work. The full -page picture and raster designs have a smart blank margin that reflects the messages and styles of your pictures. With its raster lay-out for the display of articles without upholstery, Sleek is very much oriented towards the latest trends in terms of contents and has endless scrollability.

There is also a vertikal menus on the right and a side bar on the right to show link and section information for rotation in a classical style. The JustWrite Pro is a different motif from others in this class because its contents cover the whole page and are not in the middle of the page.

Whatever topic you select from this listing, you can be sure that your website does not look outdated. Although these themes are not entirely correct, many of them are very adaptable, so you can get exactly the look you need. As an alternative, you can be inspired by these trend-setting themes and individually shape your path to realising your visions with our Upfront themed frame.

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