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Optimizer pro did not require us to migrate from Wordpress. Speed Up - Free, Versatile WordPress Topic 2018 The topic will include shop floor drafts and customized business web sites specifically designed to create a nice, professional-looking website in just a few moments. The Pro Edition has 5 built-in Buisiness Sheets. Broadget areas are available from head to toe in key parts of the topic. The free edition contains over 5 user-defined widgets designed specifically for the creation of professional-looking corporate websites.

Using this wideget you can generate areas of activity and lead your visitors to the most important pages of your website or outside. To keep the website load times as short as possible, we constantly update the topic code with the latest best practice in developing topics. You can also resize almost any element with a single click.

Select a colour that matches your thematic mark or your company name. Enables you to slightly alter the colour of any part of your website without getting your hand smudged with your own coding. Design is fully WPML plug-in compliant if you need to build a multi-lingual website. The design is fully compliant with the WooCommerce plug-in.

The design is equipped with an integrated picture sliders to show your important contents well. The Pro release includes more effect, transitions controls and limitless number of slides. The topic is mobil and kind. You can find all topic choices under Appearance ? Customize. You can use the Fill Line Edit dialog to modify the Fill Line information with your user-defined fill line information.

Simply modify it in the topic customization section. Our free of charge topic user forums offer free of charge technical assistance. Pro-topic subscribers can also email and submit tickets for assistance. Create your own customized style sheets to optimize the look and feel of your topic. Remains even if you upgrade the look.

Our clear and concise documents cover all our topics. Get started using the themes functions by following these step-by-step instructions. This topic is completely ripe for translating. This means that any firmly coded text in our subject can easily be converted into your mother tongue. I am a web design professional and have used Accelerate for many of my customers with great results.

Nice, clear lay-out, easily customizable and great customer service. Hand over an unbelievable topic. I was looking for a free topic when I built a new website that could expand with me. Beginning with the free release of this topic, with its sleek (but great) styling and the knowledge that I can finally upgrad to Pro, it's perfectly suited for any start-up company.

I' ve tried many themes over the last 4 years...especially Xtreme One...I have to say it's great, but for semi-pros or laymen like me these themes take innumerable endless hrs of customizing your style sheet.

Accelerate (PRO) is the best topic with all my hearts. It' s the first tim I have a 100% reactive design on my computer, notebook, iPad, phone. Join us on good topics, keep your standards of services! This is a topic I recently set up and I really enjoy what my blogs look like. I' ve been looking for a topic for a while.

And the more I wait, the more I like it. Terrific subject! Oh, I loved that subject! I' ve tried a million of them and opted for this one because it's appealing and versatile, has great plug-ins, and the level of service and maintenance is great. All I have to say is great things about this topic and its creators.

Amazing topic I've used it on two pages so far. The simple customization provides a good and useful choice of Widget. Pure & contemporary styling and excellent support! Neat and contemporary styling and once you've found out how to furnish things, it's child's play to add/change things.

It is my first WordPress website and we initially opted for the Accelerate theming. So we liked the topic and opted for the low cost we would be upgrading to the Accelerate Pro themed. Once the site was set up there was only one small thing that we wanted to modify, not important, but we wanted it.

The question was put in the forums and they help me make the changes, and now the site is exactly what we want.

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