Free Professional Wordpress Themes 2015

Complimentary Professional Wordpress Themes 2015

Try this theme out and give your website a professional look to attract visitors. With no fuss, here is a list of 32 professional free WordPress themes that you can download: The SSMAG was founded in 2015. 2015 is now history. Sidebar in two columns; Responsive layout;

Published in February 2015; Free to use.


WorldPress is a powerfull utility for making everything from a basic blogsite to a full-blown e-commerce website. There' a vast developer fellowship that is always adding new themes and plug-ins and posting about them. Stylish styling that delivers a clear, reactive, slim look. Industry-leading features include various page and mail styles, widgets and side bars to help you tailor the best possible page and mail layouts for your needs.

This is a topic of interest for businesses and free-lancers. Topic offers user the opportunity to present professional information about user-defined, integrated employee, service, skill and more widgets. and more. Bootstrap-driven topic for home architecture and furnishing as well. One page made with Stone looks amazing and is easy to distinguish from the typical WordPress website.

You can also use Rowling for user-defined logo, highlight and widget support.

This is a wonderful topic with great animation and unusual specials. Topic with a minimal look that concentrates on your contents and makes them look more professional. It' s fully reactive and should be loaded quickly on both portable and desktops. The Quidus is a free blogs topic with a hot, intelligent look.

It' very adaptable from the colours to the layouts. Though this topic is not a prime topic and will be free of charge, its developers provide great assistance and will be happy to help you if you have any problems. One of the best bootstrap page themes. Comes with a simple plug and play editor and other user-defined features and add-ons for rapid deployment.

Designers have also provided a YouTube movie to help you get the design up and running. Take a look at the videos below. This is a very classy, mostly monochrome subject with soft animation and adult type. It' s developer offers free plug-ins that allow you to extend the possibilities of the topic. An issue for restaurants web sites.

This free edition offers 4 different laysouts, an automatic picture control and a beautiful bootstrap-like look. Authors is a topic that is mainly used for blogging. Page format includes a page bar with various widgets on the right and a large area reserved for your contents on the right. An easy WordPress topic that allows you to quickly set up a good-looking website with minimum hassles.

Exactly like the topic before on our listing, this one places all kinds of information in a side bar with widgets, while the contents leaves more room on the right side. This is a free, high-performance topic for businesses that offers many of the functions we would normally find in standard editions. There is also a full-screen slide control and a parallel axis display.

Gridsby, as the name implies, presents contents in the shape of a Pinterest-like picture raster. This is the ideal motif for photobloggers. ColourMag is a fast-reacting topic that can be used for newspaper and magazine articles. Its really professional looking and you wouldn't be able to tell that the demonstration isn't a real messaging site if you didn't know.

Here a great thing is the free design supported by the creative team, even if it's a free design. Unitedlimited is a topic that has been developed to enhance the power of your website. The GridBlog is a state-of-the-art grid-based topic with a variety of free functions. It' s fully reactive, SEO-optimized and provides a variety of Widgets for additional functions.

Its design is also fully customisable, so you can select the colours and backgrounds according to your own personal taste. It is a business-oriented topic developed with a strong emphasis on easy customisation. is a great WordPress topic that gives your pages a great full-width look. To solve this issue, the PHP or . ttaccess files must be used to change the default values of the servers to raise the storage limits.

Provides a tutorial on how to use the WordPress Filesystem-API for secure access to your filesystems with the appropriate rights. In order to give you an example, this unit goes through each stage of creating a basic plug-in that stores the contents of a text area in a single files.

This minutes long movie shows you the easy way to create a WordPress topic using HTML/CSS template and a little PHP. Encourage yourself to watch the videos and enjoy this following lesson to begin your first WP topic. Watch this extensive step-by-step guide to turn an empty WordPress site into a full-featured member site.

More than 70 very useful shortcuts that you can copy and insert directly into your WordPress work. These cheatsheets allow you to quickly search for WordPress key phrases and terms. Discusses the purposes of each of the files in a WP topic, how to build a mail cycle, and how to use blog information and tag.

Reduce the filesize of the pictures on your WordPress page is the simplest way to increase loading speed and enhance your page experience. There are a few different ways to reduce the image print without affecting the image overly. Here's a tutorial on how to convert the tag system of your WordPress page into a parent-child tree to make it easy to organize them.

This is a set of good practice and principle to follow when creating a WordPress website for someone else. When you change your WordPress topic, what happens? Did you ever find a great looking topic (like the ones above) and wanted to deploy it on your website and completely replace the old one?

You will find this section helpful in keeping an overview of the things that might be missing when exchanging topics. This plug-in lets you search a libary of over 50 shortcuts to quickly build button, slider, fast video and more. Many of the items in Shorctodes Ultimate offer functions that are difficult to simulate if they are not associated with the topic you are using.

Add custom sharing button to your pages. The Page Builder allows you to quickly build column-based layout with quick reactions, which you can then fill with WordPress contents and default windgets. Works with all topics, requires no programming knowledge and makes the creation of WP pages child's play. WP pages can be created with the help of a simple and intuitive interface. WP Retina 2x lets you retina (High DPI) version the pictures on your website that will look fantastic on any screen.

It also detects what kind of devices it is working on and returns the corresponding picture files. Even though Vanille WordPress itself is very easy to find, there is always room for improvement. It is very useful if you want to be able to create contents in a side bar where normally only the WordPress Text Editor is available.

A simple to use picture controller. Just choose pictures from your WordPress media library, just Drag and Paste them into place, add a caption, and you're done. By compressing the pictures, this plug-in can dramatically shorten the loading time of your pages. The program will run and optimize every picture uploaded to the media library for you.

You can also use EWWW to resize the image you have already added and switch between them. This is the groundbreaking web designer utility for building fast response web sites and applications.

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