Free Responsive website Templates for News Portal

Complimentary Responsive Website Templates for the News Portal

The WordPress News Website template is mobile, speed-optimized and compatible with all browsers. Comfortable web editing portal; extensive tutorial; design tools. In order to receive the latest and highest quality designer news.

The FlyMag design is fully responsive and fabulous due to its design. The package includes a number of amazing features such as an appealing magazine/blog layout.

Offset Job Portal - Free Responsive Job Portal Website Templates - Free Jommla! submission #3936

The ET Employment Portal is Responsive Joomla! submission that aims at web pages for employment searching. Templates for web site templates including Bootstrap CSS grids layouts, Quix Page Builder for layouts, Shortcode for presentation contents, Support Font Awesome and K2 enhanced format. In addition to its responsive look, the portal can help lead users to what they are looking for, be it for entry-level positions, career development or management positions.

The best part is that these themes are interoperable with all web browser, so everyone can access your website templates. Their well-chosen fonts and colours, as well as their general colour scheme, make it easier for them to recognise these functions and concentrate on them. Make the jobseeker in your portal happy with both the opportunities and the templates.

The ET Job Portal Website Templates is a basic, clean-looking website templates developed mainly for new corporate web sites. It' incredibly straightforward to customize and manipulate your contents using comfortable templates. Offset Job Portal website templates with fully reactive layouts using Bootstrap CSS. Android has a unique integrated look that is optimised for today and tomorrow smartphones like iPhone, Android and Windows Mobil.

The ET Job Portal Website Templates support 4 colour style templates that help to build beautiful sites with different page designs. In addition, the templates come with a customizable homepage that contains a punched and full-wide-layout. To view the demonstration, use the Site Tool on the demonstration site. It is also simple to expand colour style. - main characteristics of the TEMPLATURE: and much more.

Newspapers Portal Gazette or Blogs Joomla 3 Free Template | Joomla Templates

Message portal - Joomla 3. Provides 8 free template for on-line newspapers and magazines web sites, everyday news, a powerful basis for a magazines portal, news or blogs web site. New Portal Template, basing on the Master Bootstrap Framework for Joomla! 3.x. The Bootstrap Framework makes it possible to react completely to all display resolution and page width.

Joomla! 3.x compliant. Built on Bootstrap 3.3.5. Bootstrap simply and effectively scaled your Joomla web sites with a unique source tree, from telephones to tables to desktops containing JavaScript requests. A responsive mobile convenient temlate for all Joomla 3.x. A responsive design adjusts itself to the viewer and allows an optimised look on different displays such astables.

Reactive multi-level menusupport, flexibility and cross-browser interoperability. Integrated Google Font (more typefaces - 650+ only available with Qucikstart Package). Joomla! tag days comprtags layouts overview - shows introtext and picture of introtext items with links to the full story on the Joomla tag results page. Lots of module positions.

It is possible to fold up all modular position completely. Cross Browser Support - Transport Joomla works perfectly with all major web browser like Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera and Internet Explorer 9+. Plus more functions, some of which are only available in the premium version with Quick Start Kit: Quick-start kit, what is it? "Quick-start Package" is a news portal Joomla templating+ Joomla 3+ all contents, all moduls, all components and preferences used in the demonstration site.

Is there a way to get the Quickstart bundle installed? The Quickstart Kit installs exactly the same as a regular installer kit. For more information on the operating specifications of our software, please click here: Joomla specifications). Quick start kit with additional functions, components, moduls and plugins: Galleries plug-in and modul (available in Qucikstart package).

Sigplus Gallery Plus is an easy way to create a Joomla item by adding picture or picture gallery with a basic phrase. More than 650 Google fonts included (only available with Qucikstart Package). The JUNews Ultra Pro Modul shows the latest news (Joomla articles) with full controls over all items, great visuals, extensive back-end configurations that cover the entire page lay-out, automatic thumbnailing, picture size adjustment, item numbers, sort order, etc....

with Qucikstart Package only). The best Joomla-Modul for news, article, YouTube and RSS with many possibilities. Thousand items! Produce templates that are basic and straightforward! Inside a single modul, a greater feature set that replaced a number of moduls. Joomla JWeb Web Directory Display responsive web application for Joomla that allows you to quickly build a web directory with filters, box effect, page detail and category.

A fantastic modul, fast reacting and seo-optimized. This is the ideal way for you to build your own Joomla 3.x CMS product family. The TC Latest News Modul can show your article in a raster as well as in a scroll bar. Choose whether you want to show items from a particular categorie or from all categorories and certain writers.

JuComments - a high-performance and easy-to-use AJAX-based comments system for Joomla with ACL, smile, BBCode and avatar flexibility. Work on this released took a further eight month, and all these efforts were made to make the components more robust and useable.  AcyMailing Starter - a dependable newsletters and e-mail email Marketing add-on for Joomla.

 Akeeba Back-up Core - is the most widely used open-source back up components for the Joomla! CMS. It' missions are simple: back up your site to any Joomla!-enabled Joomla! capable host, making it suitable not only for backing up, but also for relocating or even provisioning locations on your customers' hosts.

It contains all your data, a data base snapshot and an installation program that is similar to the Joomla! default installation program. Joomla! JCEditor - the best Joomla! related Joomla! related Joomla! related Joomla! related Joomla! related Joomla! related Joomla! related Joomla! related WYSiWYG generator. Contains extended image, file and link editing, plug-in functionality and an administration panel for configuring the editors.

Special feature set includes Extended Explanation Tag Viewer plug-in SFSEO which autogenerates descriptive Meta Tag by extracting text from the contents to help with configuring it. IFSEO is an add-on for Joomla! that allows you to manage all important data of your Joomla! system either manual or automatic. Using the Joomla! method has never been so simple!

Using the plug-in you can modify and insert metainformation (title, descriptions, catchwords, generator and robot ) simply in the front end and with the back end part. Irrespective of which components you use. You can use the plug-in on every page of a Joomla! website.

The OG Meta plug-in - Embed your Joomla website into the Open Graph Protocol.

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