Free Sales Funnel Template Excel

Complimentary sales funnel template Excel

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Pipeline sales Excel template

When you are in sales or in general doing businesses, you know the importance of a sales pipe. The sales pipelines are one of the most important and important financial performance measures of a company's wellbeing. It is a concept of a visually and systematically applied sales methodology for your product or service that shows you exactly where your cash is in the sales cycle.

Unless you have much of a commercial, sold or finance backgrounder, the sales pipe concept can be discouraging. It is much more the job to design one for your own company. You don't have to bother, though, because the Excel Sales Line Template helps you build your own sales line with little effort.

Sales pipelined Excel template is a free template that you can use at any time to build a sales pipelined for your company. With this template, you can visualize the process of turning a prospective client into a sustainable sales proposition until you complete the sales and turn them into clients.

A sales pipeline usually comprises phases that are displayed in the Excel template of the sales pipe itself: Identified, Contacted, Discussed, Won. Naturally, this may take longer and may involve other phases according to your own sales processes. However, with this guidebook, you can optimise your sales effort and see how likely it is for you to complete a sales.

The Sales Pipeline Excel template does not necessarily make you an Excel specialist, as everything is already made for you. This template already contains the sales pipe image with the corresponding colour palettes. Descriptions on the platforms within this pipe or funnel are numbered according to the numbers you will fill in yourself on the chart next to the funnel.

Here you can see how many potential customers have been losing and winning at all phases of your sales chain. This template is already appealing to the eye and yet professionally designed so that it is prepared for your sales presentation and reports:

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