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Complimentary Simple Website Templates

Begin with this minimal design that is full of features like photo galleries, interactive "About" section, contact form and blog templates. During the early days of web development, good, free website templates were hard to find. Twenty-five Simple Website Templates for Simple Websites Browsing sites full of animation and feature rich sites is not always the best way to get your own private or business website. When you don't know what would work best for your website, just take something simple and neat and you will certainly build a fail-safe site. In order to help you, here is a compilation of 25 of the best simple website templates we can find that are both fully reactive and equipped with the most useful functions.

This is a very simple and advanced website submission that can also be used for free. It is recommended for small companies and even private web sites. DuPont has a neat, one-page lay-out that comes with an already created demonstration that lets you customize your own custom website quickly and easily.

Comes with a fantastic slide control that you can adjust to present the most important information and pictures for you. Or you can plug in your Instagram feeder and attach it to your website. Gloint is another example of a free artwork that you can use for various things.

Contains astonishing, useful functions that will help you get your website up and running in just a few moments! Its sleek, clear styling, with plenty of eye-catching animation, will give your guests added enjoyment. Splint gives you the opportunity to build a fantastic inventory with a beautiful over-effect.

It' the ideal way to present the most important information for you: the customers you have worked with, your voices and your community contacts. obsled is a free website submission with a minimum and advanced design that is suitable for both land pages and one-page-sites. It is recommended for start-ups, design studios or businesses that want to build a powerful web site.

There are not many annotations in this pattern and it keeps a neat look and feel. There is also a fully featured PHP Contacts Sheet included with your order. Go Crepe' is a simple website submission that is totally free to use. It' s fully reactive and easy to adapt to any display type, portable devices and browser.

The Go Crepe is a one-page design that presents all the information you need in a clear and eye-catching way. You can use this templates for free and they can be adapted immediately! The BBS is a free simple website submission designed for small business and one-man band. Although you can get it for free, BBS offers a great look that will certainly amaze your customers and traffic.

It' s also completely reactive and very simple to customise, so you can be sure that you can build your own website quickly and easily. The Ca Ap Landing is the ideal tool to present your applications. It is highly recommended for eye-catching products and applications that are both simple and attractive.

Your website will have many useful functions and the possibility to include a promotion clip on your website to present your products easy to the public. This is another great example of a great site that will help you build simple and neat sites for your own private or business use.

It is a free, contemporary looking design where you can select from a single or multi-page design and begin building your own copy. There are also many possibilities for entertainment. It can be used for a variety of different applications and applications because it is so simple and flexible.

Built with the power of the Bootstrap framework, it is fully reactive to all your workstations. The Gogopo is a fully reactive HTML templating that is both beautiful and free to use. Can be used by creativity agents and individual users who want to build a simple but fully functioning website to present their work and service.

The Gogopo is a rich templates with many galleries and the ability to include customer feedback and additional societal tools. The TYpify is another great example of a simple website submission that is also extremely efficient. It is a one-page pattern that can be used for various things and for different kinds of use.

Team is a free and fully reactive HTML5 bootstrap submission that is perfectly suited for the creation of professionally -looking and eye-catching web sites. They can also add a call to action and attract more traffic to your website. Some of the best things about it are the scrolling motion graphics, which will make it an enjoyable and memorable event for your people.

is a free simple HTML style sheet that can be used for numerous applications and web sites. This comes with tonnes of pre-built and turnkey functions that help you spend less and less designed and customized website for your company. Natur spa is a free complimentary pattern with a slim styling that is perfect for Beauty and Wellness companies.

Created with the beloved Bootstrap shellmework, this templates is extremely simple to deploy and adapt to meet your needs and wishes. This is another great example of a free HTML website templates developed specifically for creative professionals, agency and small business. These scrolling effects produce a subtile and eye-catching effect for your webpage.

It has a very simple and neat design that you can adjust by simply pasting in text and pictures. This is a simple HTML style sheet that helps you build a breathtaking website for free. If you are just trying out your first website or just want to make a modification to your old one, our templates are the right fit.

The Bliss is a free HTML editor style sheet that has a simple but eye-catching look. Bliss' focuses on picture contents and booking form, so you can be sure that you can build a fully operational website for your company. It has Google Maps, embedded community search tools, and even a blogs section.

The Resi is a very simple and neat HTML templating tool built on the Bootstrap Framework. Completely reactive and agile, Resi allows you to use it for innumerable different kinds of project and idea. His clear and reduced styling is contextually orientated so that you can present your best work and service easy to the outside can.

The Kards is a very simple website submission that can also be used by contractors and businesses. The Kards vCard website templates can be used free of charge for any projects you have. They can also produce breathtaking CVs that will help you present your work and your service in a very professionally way.

Chronos is a fantastic choice if you want to make a nice, upcoming page for your project or store. Free, reactive and retina-ready, Khronos looks great on any machine and any display format. is a one-page website submission that provides a full suite for you and your company.

All you have to do is customise it, upload your own contents and pictures and your website will be up and running in just a few moments! It comes with many fantastic functions that will help you build a simple yet breathtaking website with great effect. You can also use this pattern on the move and it has a retina-capable desig.

The TruFit is the ideal website tool for any sports-oriented projects you can imagine. It is a free simple pattern that will help you make your idea come alive. It' ideal for many different uses, such as a gym, trainer, personal trainer, trainer, gym and more! It is very simple to adjust TruFit to get the best results for you and your company.

Contains a wide range of colors and motion graphics to help you make a great webpage. The Simple is another example of a simple but breathtaking submission that is perfect for agency, website, destination and even face-to-face use. Simple' is free to use and features an eye-catching parallel effect and full-width pictures to help you build a fully functioning website.

Minimum menus and large pictures ensure trouble-free user guidance. Completely reactive, this pattern fits all types of equipment and display size. The Bronea is a simple and versatile HTML style sheet that can be used for many different project types and concepts.

It is recommended for visiting web sites, portfolio and even for your use. The Bronea has a fully reactive look with a 4-column lay-out. You can also use this pattern for dropdown and textlinking. The Datarc is a free website submission developed with creative and fine artist in view. It is a full image model that helps you to build a great place to present your work and your service.

The MobApp is a free and fully reactive website submission designed specifically for enabling web sites with advanced technologies. It is recommended for application designers who want to build a website for their products that has a simple yet appealing look. Present your application screen shots and make a full presentations that your customers will like.

The Dinomuz is a brave pattern that has a really neat and simple outline. It is a great choice if you want to make a completely appealing and eye-catching look for your commercial or private work. They can use this for free and it comes with many great functions.

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