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Start with a free trial version. It is performed online directly by your site manager. Get a free quote for Squarespace Domain - Squarespace Help

Each Squarespace site on an yearly subscription schedule includes a free user-defined domainname. For the first year this domainname is free of charge, beginning with the date of registration or transfer. Our offers are available within one year of registration or change to a suitable itinerary. In the event that you changed or changed to an qualifying scheme before September 30, 2016, your offering will expire on September 30, 2017.

Sign up your first legitimate Squarespace site via a website in a yearly schedule. Request a balance after you have registered a domainname during a test version and then switch to a yearly schedule. After updating a Squarespace site for a website, add a balance to your account. When you transfer an entitled top level domain, add a balance to your purchases.

Please note: After the first year of the Domainservice your domainname will be renewed at the normal price per year. The Directive will apply to eligable top level domain names associated with websites established in January 2014 or later. It is possible to sign up for a free Squarespace site if the site and site fulfill the following requirements: Your domainname has a qualified TLD.

Location is on an annuity invoicing schedule. This site has not yet received a free Squarespace registration. For more information, see Registration of quadratic Domains. Registration of your free domainname allows you to buy more domainnames at the same price for 20 to 70 US-Dollar each. Under these circumstances you may receive a refund for the acquisition of a suitable Squarespace domain:

Sign up for a Squarespace Domains during a free evaluation - If you are upgrading from a website in a yearly schedule, you will see a balance for the previously acquired Domains at the cashier. Begin with a single site - If you switch to a website with an Annually Schedule within the first year of your site signing up or transferring a site, you will see a balance at the cashier for the previously bought one.

If you move the domainname to another website you will not see this balance. Move a third-partyomain to Squarespace - If you move aomain to a website in an yearly schedule, you will see a balance for your buy on the move verification page. Please note: If you buy a Squarespace Domains for a month schedule and then switch to a year schedule, no loan will be granted.

If you upgrade from a month to a year schedule, however, you can still sign up for a new free Squarespace domain. Please note that the following registrations are available free of charge:

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