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This music is free for everyone (also for commercial purposes). You can download Creative Commons Music / Royalty Free Music for free and use it in your project: Grab thousands of royalty-free stock music tracks from a variety of styles and genres. Seven great sites for royalty-free stock music and sound effects

That' s why we have put together a listing of our favorite sites that provide free stock music and sounds for you to use in your own project... because we are so cute. We' ve tried and experimented with all these sites and they are 100% free and lawful to use.

Please be aware, however, that the permissions differ - e.g. you must specify the initial creator in your work, so please check between the rows. It is also noteworthy that many folks believe that because it is free, the workmanship is bad. That' s not the case here - we really tried to separate the grain from the hay, which hopefully means that you will be spending less of your life searching through inferior sound files.

There are 7 great sites for all your free stock music requirements. Like the name implies, almost everything on the site is soundscapes ( except for a few brief jumpers ), all of which can be downloaded for free and used in any given product, and no complex licences. If you' re looking for music to include in your production, is a great place to be - everything on the site is free to go and includes some of the same music added to the stock videos page, the Videoblocks.

Every video comes with a royalty-free licence, so you can use the music downloads in your global recordings forever. The YouTube section provides an amazing selection of music titles that can be used for any kind of recording, all for free. The site currently has over 150 songs in different styles from classic to classic.

It is a great, uncomplicated choice if you are looking for great value for money value for money. This is another page of sounds for you. PacDV's boys have put together a large library of sounds that they can freely browse and down load. We' re a big fans of the sounds effect section, but there are also some songs that are really interesting. provides a large selection of free audioclips to be downloaded (over 15000 at the moment of creation). Note that videos are free for education only, so this is a good choice if you are a graduate trainee and are composing a videotape for a higher education venture, not so good if you are doing it commercial.

Another great site for your music lovers. This vast collection of high-quality music features a variety of genres from around the globe, with the vast majority incorporating Commons 3. License 0, i.e. you must specify the name of the performer in your work. is led by Jason Shaw, a songwriter and engineering graduate who creates all the songs you'll find on this great website.

Seven great free music and audio effect ressources that you can use in your own work.

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