Free them

Release them

It is our vision to see a world where freedom is not seen as a luxury by so many in our world, but experienced and granted by all. When you love someone, let them go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go. Free, free, free, release them. Free, free, free, release them. If there were no slavery among them now, they would not introduce it.

This is a small group of people who have joined together to transform the earth and believe that slave and man trading can come to an end in our lives.

This is a small group of people who have joined together to transform the earth and believe that slave and man trading can come to an end in our lives. Our mission is to train people, organisations, religious groups, businessmen and groups of companies about slave labor, which today exist in our countries and all over the you. It is our belief that if we make the world's people aware of the hidden mysteries of man trading, we can really abolish it.

Campaigning and providing tooling for fighting human beings against enslavement, we organise regular meetings to gather human beings to become part of the work.

Release them

Well, I thought I was a powerful man, a man of law and order. However, the accusations of terror and the treatments we had in detention were so severe that I could not stay quiet or say the words I wanted to say. Hearing that my mom and dad were being taken into care, I thought, "This must be a fault.

Them Free Atlanta organised a podium debate "Mothers Away from Motherland" in cooperation with the Atlantic Institute on 12 April 2018. At the centre of the meeting was the present position of female prisoners in Turkey. 16 March 2018 saw Team Them Free, the Pacifica Institute and Silicon Valley UNA-USA organise a complementary session during the 62nd session of the Commission on the Status of Women titled "Women Empowerment and Democracy: How Authority Rules act as obstacles to the empowerment of women Prospects".

More than 60 persons from organisations of organised crime and women's organisations took part in the meeting.

Lincoln, Speech in Ottawa

Because of the monumental unfairness of enslavement itself, I detest [indifference to slavery]. Because it robs our example of a just impact in the international arena - it allows the foes of free institution to mock us with hypocrisy as a hypocrite - it causes the true lovers of free speech to question our honesty, and above all because it compels so many really good men among us into an open conflict with the basic tenets of civic freedoms - I detest the Declaration of Independence and insist that there is no legal rule of conduct other than self-interest.

lf there were no enslavement among them now, they would not use it. Well, if it were among us now, we shouldn't give it up right now. Undoubtedly, there are on both sides individual beings who under no circumstance would keep servants; and others who would like to reintroduce servitude if it no longer existed.

As we know, some men from the south free their servants, go north and become topabolitionists, while others from the north go south and become the cruellest slaveholders. I recognize that when southerners tell us that they are no more accountable for the origins of servitude than we are. Certainly I will not resent them for not having done what I should not know how to do myself.

I would like to give my first impetus to free all my slave and sending them to Liberia - to their own country. Had they all ended up there in one and the same time, they would all go under in the next ten trading day; and there is not enough excess mail and cash in the whole earth to bring them there in ten trading trading day.

Release them all and keep them among us as subordinates? Anyway, I think I wouldn't keep anyone in bondage, but the point is not clear enough for me to condemn anybody. To liberate them and make them our political and social peers? So we can't equate them.

By reminding us of their constitutionally guaranteed right, I recognise them, not reluctantly, but completely and fairly; and I would give them all the legal provisions for the recovery of their refugees, which in their severity should not be more likely to bring a free man into bondage than our normal penal codes to hanged an innocent one.

However, all this does not, in my opinion, provide an apology for the fact that enslavement is allowed to enter our own free territories, other than to revive the trafficking of Africans via legislation. There is no distinction between the laws that prohibit the import of Africans to Nebraska and the laws that have banned the import of Africans to Nebraska for so long; and the abolition of the former could find just as valid an explanation as the latter.

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