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Complimentary theme music for videos

Movie music The FMA is a great source for all kinds of folks - film makers, remake performers, folks who want to listen to odd new sound - but we've received a bunch of news lately from bewildered folks about whether or not they can use X-Song in Y-videos. lt is up to the licence and how you want to use the music, my boy!

Here we have a sturdy FAQ (complete with webinar!) about which licences are appropriate for videos. You may not use any "ND" or "No Derivatives" clauses in the licence if you wish to use an FMA song for avidvideo. In order to use it for a movie, you must obtain further approval from the performer.

If you wish to use a Trace for business ends (including a monetarized YouTube movie, a property list, or a movie that tells you about a costly products or services), anything with an "NC" or "non-commercial" provision is not authorized for such use.

To use it for any kind of business purposes, you must obtain further prior authorization in writing from the performer and possibly purchase a licence to use the music. We' ve played a bunch of things in advance and they are properly stashed on the Music For Video Kurator page (although this contains NC and SA songs - so be sure to look for the required license).

It is also possible to use materials from our collections without assigning them or obtaining artists consent. For help, please check our FAQ, License Guide, or check out the Adobe Commons website - you may find the answers right in front of you! We' ve compiled a shortlist of publicly available movies; choose one and make an Unreel trailer!

Certificates, CC licensing information included, are mandatory, but everything else depends on you! Below are some samples of movies for selection (entries must be from movies in the U.S. common domain): Add a FMA Music for Video Vault song to your movie or watch one of these artists:

All our Masters Remastered and mikroSongs works are in the commonwealth! Using the correct quotation in the movie (assignment of music, licenses, etc.) - CC Best Practices here. When submitting a trailers with material from a movie that is not on the listing, please make sure it is publicly available (or your own work that you are willing to devote to the general audience with this license) before proceeding.

Entries that are not publicly available in the USA do not qualifiy for evaluation.

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