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DoctorPro is a eye-catching, free template for the plastic surgery website for surgeons and cosmetic clinics. Hello, welcome to our collection of the best free WordPress themes and templates. Complimentary Bootstrap Templates & Topics. Old Topics;

Joomla Product More. Traditional blog template with large text.


Featuring high-performance functionality, great styling, and development assistance. Jekyll or you don't have a money. Beautiful free page theme for your page land. Take a look at our Jekyll theme suggestions for different kinds of web sites. Approximately once a week we send our mailing lists by e-mail with all current topic up-dates, promotions and useful ressources.

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Acceleratedobile Pages Project (AMP) is an on-line publication form developed by Google as an original alternate to Facebook's Instant Articles. It is a possibility to optimise websites for surfing on the go with a specific code-AMP-HTML. AMP is an open resource project that aims to make the web better for everyone.

It allows the development of sites and advertisements that are constantly quick, engaging and powerful across equipment and sales platform. Get set for the next big web page landmark that Google, the biggest web page publisher, is setting after web pages - the AMP or Accelerated Mobility Pages with just a few mouse clicks and virtually no effort or training required.

Google's AMP is essentially a collection of guidelines for the way a website should be organised and compiled to be displayed quickly and simply on all types of device, even if they have some restrictions on how much bandwidth they can run on your computer. LMP regulations are quite stringent and preclude the use of some functions of a normal website, but there is also a price - the pages with LMP options display higher in the results than the normal ones and more.

In addition - the free theme pages do not differ significantly from the normal pages in terms of look and expressiveness, so we still get all the necessary tool to make our contents glow. And, of course, let's not lose sight of the fact that Google loves it! This free of charge templates makes it really simple to build an admin page - just build it as you would normally do with the free admin design and the pre-defined block palettes in the block palette.

A further important detail you should be aware of is the use of the Google Analytics tracker scripts in the free LMP submission. So, basically Am Am is a great way of getting your great contents seen and loved by even more projectors out there on the web and with the free Am this is almost immediately profitable - without even having to take an extra lesson on winning any added techy or programming abilities - all you have to do is cast what you have to do in sharing with the outside world and enjoy the results.

AMP-certified design provides higher page load speeds. This will help to keep traffic to the site at the same level as those using portable equipment. The Google search likes AMP compliant pages, so it's easy to advertise them. Only AMP pages, for example, can be included in Google Carousel results. However, you can still use them in other AMP topics.

When using the Code Editor, please be aware that LMP topics use specific LMP tag. However, it is not possible to use non-AMP scripting for topics with LMP, so there are some limitations for this free LMP template: e.g. the effect of paraallax is absent. In order to use Google Analytics, please use the following amplifier section: "Page view" You cannot use normal Google Analytics because it is not applicable to all AMPs.

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