Free Themes for your computer

Freeware themes for your computer

Bring a truly futuristic design to your Windows XP machine - for free. Justin Bieber's official theme on your PC. Seven desktop personalization sites: Free download themes & skins Sometimes the same setting also applies to our computer. Our desk top customizations range from wallpaper changes to full user skin changes for the OS user surface. Due to the various topics and topic manager available, Customize Your Desk is a selection and application work.

In general, it is of the three Windows XP OSes that Windows XP gets the most attention.

So you crave to swing the knife and give your computer a new look? Now, you can begin here with some of the ressources I will mention at the end. Next, take the step with some great custom ization sites and community sites that provide great themes and skins for download.

This computer-assisted community-based website is a one-stop shop for downloads of skin, themes, symbols, and background images that let you interact with the look and feel of your Windows. It' also meant to be an entrance point for new players into the thrilling worlds of how-to gaming, forum and whitewash.

And you can even get many free customizers like Stardock's LogonStudio and BootSkin. A few commercially available applications such as WindowBlinds are also included. Although at first you may think it's about illustration and graphic arts, go a little further and you'll find a lot of Windows themes, video themes, symbols, desktop screen shots, mobile themes, etc. downloaded.

In particular, you can rummage in two main catagories - Customization and Design & Interfaces. As one of the oldest skininning sites on the net, it has a pool of free ressources that you can use. This website has a 100,000 member membership base. Allows you to log in and submit your own personal data, store your favourites and participate in discussions.

It is not only about the download of Windows themes and skin, but also about WinAmp, Foobar, Trillian, Yahoo Messenger etc.. There are 1905 downloaded items in 37 different category lists from the skininning comunity. Some of the most visited category are Wallpaper, Rainlendar-Skins, XP-Logon-Skins and Windowsblinds. Some of them may not be actively involved, but the members of this Windows adaptation group definitely contribute to the submissions.

Our offer of dowloads includes custom images such as symbols, skin and screensaver. Not a few shell packages, Windows Explorer Skinner and Launcher are available for free downloading. View the free tutorial boards for graphic and skinin'. Best way to browse through this wallpaper and skininning site is the side bar on the right.

You' ll even find skin from ICQ, RadLight and CoolPlayer application multi-media player. Graphics Style gives you free control over XP style, Windows 7 themes, WindowBlinds, symbols, boat and login displays, RAINLENDENDER skin, background images, Winamp skin, and more. When the Web gives us so many free ressources to be unbeatable, why should we keep to the shared way?

As the following ressources we have in the past provided """" These are just a few of our casual choices of wallpaper expansions. However, they show that the width of a screen's pixels is more than enough to show your own individuality. If you want to try out the look and feel of your operating system and the ressources you are following, let us know.

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