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Video Portfolio Free Wordpress Theme Portfolio

This is a nice and free WordPress video theme. The theme has a purpose, function and quality when it comes to selecting the next free folio theme. Edit 28 Free Video WordPress Themes 2018 Take a look at some of the major video topics available in the WordPress eco-system. Although they are all the best top topics from today's feature set, there are slight discrepancies that can be found in their feature set. Simply select the topic that is most appropriate for you here.

Topics such as these are best suited for your video blogs, video shared websites or your own custom/video based websites such as YouTube or Dailymotion. is the impeccable, immaculate video member for the WordPress theme memberhood. This gives you an easy way to resell video clips on-line. Your website allows you to split and categorize many variations of video.

It''s the main focus of this topic that it will help you to reach n number of user, as the development of a video website provides a face -to-face note and video is fun, it is a low priced advertising tactic and much more. Let us guide you to its unique advantages, such as selling the dues each month or year, the video embed feature to embed video on your website, the built-in ad engine to create awareness, reach an efficient public and generate revenue from your everyday collection.

Several of its functions that will have an effect on your website are several price moduls, automatic tagging of free or paid video content, integration into the PayPal payments system as it is the most widely accepted way, integration registry modul converting your users into clients, users reviews and ratings section, etc. Onepage is an astonishing multi-purpose wordpress theme based on a one-page lay-out.

They can definitely go with this theme for the creation of your video-associated website. Charged with a host of functions and adjustment utilities, you can build a website that looks great and keeps users from exiting your site. You will find different parts within the theme where you can place different information, such as for updates on newly published video, Testimonial section for viewing customer experience, Showcase section for placement of all your video, and also some items that you will find with this theme.

All in all, the theme is made up of all the tools and functions that make the development and management of your video sites an incredibly straightforward one. Enhanced design adjustment window is also available. Straightforward and uncomplicated theme setup. It is the only single design ever designed for a single video site.

As with YouTube, you can setup a site for submitting your own video users with this theme, which has an embedded users enrollment engine. Featuring an attractive and attractive theme designed to make your own great video website and make it easy to publish and distribute video. There is also a full resource of funds in the shape of plenty of advertising area, banner place and a special home page to show video category on your website.

Strong design preferences window allows you to modify or adjust functions on your website. Subscribely is a great way to monetise your video footage. Safeguard your video/audio/images/content from free entry and ask a member to become your subscribed member. Perhaps you have seen websites that give an insight into their contents, which is sometimes a guidebook, a video or something else, and then ask you to choose their fee-based subscription to get full accessibility to the contents.

You can now build a video subscription and include pay per subscriber in your user pool. Incorporating the theme's built-in plug-in for members of the Tintengemeinschaft, it allows you to administer users' subscription to premiums on a month ly, week ly, quartery, etc. or you can simply use it to gather visitor lead and provide them with temporary subscription in return.

VideGrapher is a portfolio WordPress theme for professionals videographers and photographers. Many built-in shortcuts and simple customizations will make your website a real eye-catcher for beautiful looks. An ultra-simple way to share video from smartphones and make a great video experience on the web. There has a video screen area in full width, and text-free video miniature views offer a very neat look for your website.

Post/Pages can be customized and you can use simple customization features to adjust footing and side bar widgets. What's more, you can use the WorPress Custom Widgets/Menus/Posts/Pages/Pages. Build an astonishing video galery worldwide video web with WordPress Videoab theme. Easily integrate several video clip. There are 80 built-in WordPress shortcuts that allow you to place various stunning functions on your website, such as videos, audios, tabs, spreadsheets, Google Map, lists, 2-3-4 columns function areas.

The design can be customized in different colours and typography. It is a great way to build video sites and present video in different formats and formats. Easily build a video folder or galery that allows you to view and share video in a web environment. It is possible to post video with more than one superior and subordinate categorization.

Simple look and feel adaptable. Beautiful video controller. Functions most beloved, recently added, most appealing videos clearly. With the YouTube Channel Gallery plugin, you can view the video gallery with a click of a button. This is a super-awesome WordPress video-audio theme that is ideal for blogs. Easily customisable with simple theme setting and a fantastic on-line environment.

Web video is a video WordPress theme developed for video website, video blogs and video portals. This is a high-quality video theme that appears in full-screen mode. On a big display, your video will look great. You' re going to make your video look great and astonishing. It' a great video with a great web site that is great for sharing and presenting video and creating a great on-line environment.

This is a great WordPress theme with full-screen slideshow video. Their video page will look great with the vast video web on line worlds. It is a high-quality WordPress video theme that gives your entire video frame a marvelous look. They can be easy to customize and offer grid-based multi-function video. WordPress Theme, a raster-based, fast-reacting video theme that displays all your video beautifully, creating a stunning web experience.

This theme has a fabulous lay-out that includes several video clips to attract the public's interest. Video Zoom is an elegantly styled video WordPress theme that is beautifully styled with a neatly equipped video slide that is willing to playback any video you want to include in your post. The theme has a JW player integrated in which you can even view your own host-video.

All in all, you can display more than one video in a very attractive raster display. Simple to adapt various theme functions and website styling according to your own requirements. Video slider that can be configured with ease. It' a pretty, stylish video templates for effectively creating a video gallary. Publish various outstanding video files such as video, pictures, galleries, sound, quotations, links.

All your contents are very well adapted to the layout. Featuring a dependable WordPress theme video function to make full-screen picture and video wallpaper sites. Designed to present and publish video clips on the web in an stylish and appealing way. It is very adaptable and fully reactive, offering several colour scheme to present sites in different colours.

Comprises 11 video website design and presentation template. Contains Gallery, Home Page, Portfolio templates. Generate a great video/photo portfolio and present your contents in a great way. This is a high-performance WordPress theme that provides a great video blogging area. Using this theme you can synchronize your YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion, uStream, Metacafe, Blip. tv, Soundcloud video directly to your website.

It' going to give you the marvelous representation of videos. Yet another sophisticated, highly reactive video blogs theme with enriching and highly customisable functions. It' simple to make stunningly reactive and nice video pages without having to touch any coding. Simple to use, high-performance design options field. Multi-browser compatibility (Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer).

Topic available in several tongues. Several WordPress versions compatibly. WordPress e-commerce theme to present your impeccable video and also to promote your material and real estate sales on a unique efficient trading site. WordPress Woocommerce plug-in is included. The theme makes it simple to create an on-line store equipped with video, audio and product.

This is a precious topic for businesses, fotographers and designer to present their creativity in an efficient and uncomplicated way. Now you can create a video/photo backdrop without any mess. A fabulous WordPress video with theme and esthetic colour backdrop. Outfitted with an appealing lay-out and styling and hosting more than one video in a neat format.

There are stylish video slider. It' s important to be able to customise and design your own company or video website with ease. Make nice video galeries. Built-in video galery artwork. It is an excellent video WordPress theme that offers the range of video web worlds available on-line in a neat listing format. The video listing is displayed so that the user can immediately view them.

Behind the video is a very nice colored wallpapertick. Any number of video category can be added to the home page. With the video slider you can watch your video in a singular way, and your user will enjoy watching it again and again. Video WordPress multi-purpose theme that makes video embedded really simple.

Easily sharing video with the rest of the fun via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, StumbleUpon. Design is activated with a light box thumbnail. You can watch the video in the light box from the video list page. This site is perfectly equipped to be able to have your video hosted in the slide area as well. Create a video web environment that' just right.

A powerful video blogs theme that has the ability to broadcast video from video channels such as You Tube, Vimeo, Metcafe in one go. You can also have your self-hosted video hosting. Present multiple video clips on stunning faders. Slideshow with video fader. Turn your stunning, glorious video web welt web site into a reality now.

This is a WordPress theme that comes with video harbored slide controls with the RoyalSlider plugin built in. This is a very efficient video WordPress theme to present and broadcast video that is centred directly in front of your audiences. There is a very neat lay-out to make the video game lists gridwise nice. Hosts video directly from the video channels or hosts your own video.

Their audiences will enjoy interacting with your video. Make a great video experience on the web. Host video directly from YouTube, Vimeo or other favorite websites. The Video Touch is a very tidy textured video WordPress theme to present your video and even your post-video combinations esthetically. Offers a great video picture blogset.

This is a really mighty agency/business WordPress video orientated topic. Offers a variety of post format options, among which include self-hosted video, post, pages, galleries, widgets, and more. It' s fully loaded with gorgeous, interesting looks and easily customizable premier theme functions. Create a wonderful web environment.

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