Free Video Wordpress Themes 2015

Video Free Wordpress Themes 2015

Ever tried searching for free WordPress video themes? Updated 4 February 2015. Video Background WordPress Topics 2015 The home page is the first thing your traffic sees when they come to your site. In order to leave the right impact on your organization, you should select a suitable theme. This summary presents the most beloved web designer trends of the past year - video wallpaper WordPress themes.

Present your project or show your audience interesting tales to draw their attention to your website. WordPress video wallpaper themes are best suited to the following professions: photographer, videographer, musician, designer. All of them are fast reacting, which is a must for any contemporary design. Your guests will also be able to appreciate the beautiful scroll wheel.

In addition, you receive the licence for the free use of all pictures to which the pattern belongs. 15 of the best WordPress themes for video backgrounds for different types of companies have been selected for you. In case you did not find the topic for your company, you are welcome to post your comment. Front end web developers and web designers, specialised in free and high-quality WordPress topic developments.

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Wonderful 6 Free WordPress Video Themes

Ever tried looking for free WordPress video themes? Whilst there are many, many premier video themes - all beautiful and full with countless customization choices - there are hardly any free ones. So, I combed the net to put together a small and neat compilation of free themes.

These topics contain essential choices, but each one makes your contents glow. When you are looking for a video topic, why not try downloading them all? That' the great thing about free themes - you have nothing to loose. Are you using a video topic on your WordPress page?

The Stumblr is a highly minimalistic tumbler stylistic topic, great for video and photo. It' s based on Tumblr's mini-blogging look, so this design is great for publishing fast video from your smartphone. There is a single option window in the back end. The Stumblr also comes with two colour themes and a widgettized side bar and bottom bar so you can easily include detail like your SMAs.

There is not much about this topic, although it is an appealing CSS3 and HTML5 medium style. Simple single-column layouts put the spotlight directly on your contents so your video has no room to conceal. In the back end, there are choices that allow you to use self-hosted items, such as video, audio, and pictures, or items from third-party community websites such as YouTube or Vimeo.

Whilst the video looks a little like data, the great thing about this topic is that you can easily build video galleries, show favorite video, and even evaluate and post video on your favorite sites and sharing on your favorite network. The back end has an easy-to-use operating field where you can make small adjustments to this topic. In fact, it even helps with localisation, and the best part is that you can manipulate a language from the theme's front page without having to browse the source for it.

Soundance is another minimalistic subject. Whilst this screens grave doesn't look too tempting, this topic is really what you make of it. So you can slightly modify the wallpaper colour, adding a logotype, filling the site with new contents and the design would look totally different. 6 million WordPress supers are reading and trusting our blogs.

Follow them and have contributions sent to your mailbox every day - free of charge! There is a video merry-go-round in this topic. In order to attach video to the roundabout, simply make it tacky. It also supports video mail formats, widgets and user-defined menu, headers and hyperlinks for your community account. Developed for video and audiobloggers, Allmed provides a reduced look and feel.

You can make it your own with it' s infinite colour scheme. Yes, when it comes to esthetics it is outdated, but it only shows how little free video themes are available for WordPress. Web video makes your video really big, so there's no place to hide from your contents (in this case a kitten wears a hair suit while vacuuming...).

It' s a straightforward design, but it's easy to customize. Web video offers some very essential features for submitting a favoricon, modifying the wallpaper and add a logotype. If she doesn't help WordPress companies with her words or work on web sites, she likes to brunch, cycle and wander.

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