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How do I get a free (.com) domain and free hosting to create a WordPress page? The is only one of the few that offers free WAP hosting services for individuals who want to try their hand at creating a personal WAP page. A free tutorial explains everything step by step.

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WAP is the abbreviation for WAP Protocol. It' is a way of renting a cordless equipment, usually a cell telephone; viewing web pages using only text and very basic monochrome images. This website must be specifically conceived for the WAP telephone, and the pages must be rather small, as the rate of transfer is much lower on cell telephones than on home modem.

In addition, all telephones have monitors in different forms and dimensions so that the pages look different according to the telephone used. Hypertext Markup is the building block to the regular web pages that exists in your computer's network. Since HTML cannot be viewed via WAP (and therefore cell phones), a specific WAP page creation syntax is used.

WML, or Wireless Markup Language, is the WAP page writing style. It' very similar to the HTML syntax used, since both use TAGS as the basic module for page generation. is only one of the few that provides free WAP web host solutions for individual users who want to try their hands at making a WAP page.

Below is a step-by-step tutorial for creating and creating a WAP page. The free WAP Hosted is available through WAPDrive. It' a great website with functionality like Basic/Advance WAP Page Builder, WAP Copy Designer, WAP Page Generator, WAP Page Generator, WAP Page Generator and WAP Page Generator. You can synchronize the calendaring and directory functionality with the Microsoft Outlook 97 and 2000 applications, giving you a truly portable workspace.

WAP Picture Maker is an on-line draw program that allows the generation of WBMP graphics cards (a specific graphics card for WAP). It' possible to WML writing with the NotePad function of Microsoft Window, but it's a pretty tedious procedure to load and look at the WML before you''re happy that it's released.

NOKIA WAP Toolkit is the ultimative WAP toolkit for WAP developers. A free of charge version can be downloaded from the NOKIA website. The toolkit includes how to write, test, debug, and run the program on a PC-based WAP telephone simulator. WBMP editors are also provided with the toolkit, which allows you to create WBMP pictures, edit your current pictures, and convert GIF and JPEG pictures to WBMP pictures and data.

Developer guides, WML and Script WML referrals are also included. To run this program, the JAVA run-time 1. Create hyperlinks, change fonts, insert pictures and create spreadsheets is as easy as in MS Word, because the desired item is there at the touch of a mouse on the tool bar.

You can view the generated waveform within a dedicated thumbnail. Simulation that uses a WAP-enabled telephone to search pages coded by WebML. The UP.SDK does not, however, offer any possibility for processing codes. In order to run a local executable you should add the suffix ". wml" to the addressbar (e.g. file://c:\filename. wml), otherwise the executable will not be opened.

The WMLScript is not included in this suite of applications. The WMLScript is part of the WAP applications tier, and you can use it to apply client-side processing to WML boards and deck. Developed to specify applications contents for narrow-band equipment such as cell telephones. These contents may contain text, pictures, select list etc..

setVar(varname, e ); WMLBrowser. refresh(); }; WML is a mark-up lingua franca using the Extensible Mark-up Language script (XML) for specifying contents and interfaces for narrow-band mobile phone and pager applications.

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