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Just like your home address, it consists of different parts. Domainname must be unique and lead to only one specific website. Therefore, you must first check whether your desired domain name is free and not already claimed. Every web address starts with "www".

Find out how to get a free domain name in 60 seconds.

Disclaimer: We sometimes use affilate link, which means we can make a fee at no extra charge to you if you buy something through our link. There is no such thing as a free luncheon when it comes to registeringomainnames. However, there are ways to get a domainname without having to buy it.

A lot of businesses will give you a free domainname because they benefit directly from you. As an example, web hosters like Bluehost give free domainnames to clients who want to service their sites with them. Domainname costs will then be covered by the hostage-charge. Others are offering a free domainname in exchange for viewing ads on your site.

Obviously, web hosting is something you have to afford when you create a website. Whilst there are a fistful of free web hosters out there, they really should... really be eschewed. We have already discussed in detail the advantages of using a good web hostingservice.

At one core, good web hosting will make it easy to expand your website, offer a good customer experience and avoid many hurts. So if you are going to be paying $5/month to Host your website with Bluehost (or which hosting firm you choose), you could be claiming a free domain name as well.

But what if you want to modify the hosters? It used to be to use a web host provider that was offering free Domain Name, but only for as long as you were their buyer. You should own your ownomainname. Fortunately, bluehosts are a little different. Below are what their conditions say about owning a free Internet Service Provider Internet Service Provider Internet Service Provider Internet Service Provider Internet Service Provider domain:

And if you would like to sign up for a free Bluehost domain name, you can do so here. To learn how to set up a WordPress website on Bluehost, we have created a step-by-step guide. Which other options are there to get a freeomainname? This is the only way to get a free registration without making any compromise.

Complimentary CTLDs - There are some free service providers that provide free domainnames if you are using a certain top-level TLD. TLD is the end of your name. Avoid these service because they usually provide arcane top layer top layer areas such as . tk (Tokelau) or . cf (Central African Republic).

Make Your Domainname an Associate - Some domains allow you to make your own domainname by recommending other people. Use of a free underdomain - Many free website builder and service providers like will give you a free underdomain like ''. At first it means that you do not own your domainname, WordPress (or whoever is creating your website) does.

Third, you are restricted to using the Website Builder website that provides you with the underdomain. Frequently, free website building is extremly restrictive, so the growth of your website's audiences is a big one. Pay for your Domainname with Advertisements - Some web hosters and registrars provide you with a free Domainname in exchange for placing your Domainname on your website.

When you want a free domainname but don't want to settle the lower end fee, you're best off getting a free domainname with your host. So if you know other ways to register a domainname without endangering your website, please let us know in the comment below. Even if you have any thoughts on any of the above points, you are welcome to communicate them.

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