Free web Hosting for Godaddy Domain

Complimentary Web Hosting for Godaddy Domain

Difference Between A Domain Name And Web Hosting In order to create a website, you must have a domain name and web hosting. What is a domain name? What is web hosting? Whats web hosting? Web hosting is a place where humans save their web sites.

Consider it a home where you keep all your things; but instead of keeping your clothing and furnishings, save computer data (HTML, document, pictures, videos, etc.) in a webhosting.

Most often, the word "web hosting" means the business that rents its computer/server to save your Web site and connect to the Web so that other visitors can connect to the data on your Web site. In most cases, these hosting organizations will perform core hosting services such as backups, remote configurations, service, disaster recovery, etc.

Here is the listing of hosting providers that we have tried and verified in the past to see some of them. webhosting company that we like: In-motion hosting (where we are hosting this page), SiteGround, A2 hosting. The domain is the adress of your website. You need a domain before you can set up a website.

In order to own a domain name, you must enroll it with a domain registration company. Domainname is nothing physically that you can see or feel. Domain name examples:,,,, and The domain naming is unambiguous. They cannot registrate a name once it has been registrated by others (under the supervision of ICANN).

Registrar of domain names: Call it low-cost, GoDaddy. One domain name, is like the adress of your home; web hosting on the other side, is the room of your home where you store your furnishings. Do you need to get your domain name and hosting in the same place? Part of the confusion newcomers have is because domain registrations and web hosting are often provided by the same service providers.

Today, most domain Registrars also provide web hosting as well. The majority of hosting providers have the ability to create a domain name for their user. A few Hostgator and InMotion Hosting even provide a free domain with the hosting plan. Normally I registrate my domain names with Name Check, but get them from another supplier.

This way it is ensured that my domain stays in my own hand in case something goes wrong with my hosting service providers. It' much simpler to switch to a new hosting business if you are registering your domain with a third part. Otherwise, you will have to delay until your hosting organization has released your domain.

That can be difficult as they will also lose your hosting franchise. Please note: If you have already registrated your domain with your hosting provider, don't get panicky. However, you can still simply outsource it to a third provider. The GoDaddy provides detailed directions on how to submit your domain name to the Registry Services.

You can use many different registry service in a similar way - GoDaddy is just one example. From A to B we discussed how to buy a domain name and the tech specs, how web hosting works. This tutorial should be useful for those who are building and hosting their website for the first and foremost.

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