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The registration of a Domainname is the first stage to a successfull on-line shop. With your domainname at home on the web, your company is at the core of your web presence. Being a website address it is the gate for humans to see what you have to provide. Choosing from over 400 affordably priced domains, it's simple to find an unforgettable name with a prefix that suits your company.

It' all free at every single one! Take a look professionally, credibly and uniquely with unrestricted free e-mail redirection. Bring your company instantly to Google with a free 2 page website. What is new for domains? It' the fast and simple way to keep everything you need to keep your company online: keep your registration data up to date, browse your billing records, and handle your payment to make sure your website is always up and running.

Take 4 simple walks to successful browsing with your domainname! Rummage through our vast selection of different top -level sites and click "Buy" when you've found your web address! Sending and receiving e-mails through your domainname to show your clients that you are a company of professionals. Get the web address you always wanted. Will your preferred domainname be resold by another member?

Obtain your ideal domainname, even if it is already in your possession. Why buy Domainnames from 123 Reg? Featuring a 99.9% availability pledge, 24-hour specialist phone assistance and a 30-day money-back warranty, 123 Reg. puts you in good hands. How do your domainnames work? Imagine your top-level domains as web adresses - the place where your visitors can find you on-line.

Enlargement? What is an expansion? A domain expansion is the ending of a domain name. A lot of companies and trademarks are registering their name with a number of enhancements to help secure their identities on-line, improve brand awareness and draw more traffic to their websites. One of the most common expansion methods are geographical and global domain names. Geographical areas are ideal for small companies and organizations.

Enhancements like .ondon, ivegas, iberlin and i tokyo are a good way to attract them. Which are the new cTLDs? cTLD represents Top-Level Domain. Known as "new gTLDs" or "nTLDs", these are just some of the hundred new designations to be searched for recently approved for companies and private people.

Those GDTLDs range from handy enhancements like . web or . techn to site-specific enhancements like .ondon or . vales to easy to use enhancements like . inja or . xyz. CcTLD registration policy varies greatly according to the expansion. Many of the CDTLDs, however, can be indexed by anyone without limitations, among them . uk, . ch, . es and a few more.

Which information do I need to enter to be able to register it? Enlargements you are selling? Being the UK's number one among registry providers, every new addition published is also available through the 123 Reg. Please use our Domainsearch to see which endings are available for your name.

Each name you look up at 123 Reg also has its own information about the applicable limitations on registering domains. Can I use what type of chars in a web address? Irrespective of the extensions, all domains use the same font conventions that must be followed when searching for your domains:

You may not use spaces like "&" or "! " in your web address. There are, however, a few IDNs that allow you to add custom IDNs to youromainnames. You can' t have your web address longer than three chars without the suffix, and the name can' t be longer than 63 chars, so make sure your address is smaller than this.

Is it possible to terminate a domainname? And if you've already signed up a domainname with 123 Reg, you can link it to your host site when you order your webpack. When your name is elsewhere hostered, make sure you first submit it to 123 Reg before purchasing your website web site hostage.

Can I use my domainname only for e-mailing (no web site live)? If you use the 123 Reg box, you have three ways to check your emails: Webmail 123 Reg - This allows you to view the e-mails sent to your new custom address no matter where you are.

It' s also possible to create a personalized or brand-name e-mail address that easily routes e-mails to an established mailbox that you may already have elsewhere, such as Gmail, Yahoo or the like. What can I do to get a website up and running? No. Once you've signed up your domains and bought your hostings, you can place your free two-page site as a wildcard until you're done launching your site properly.

From our fully administered Make Me a Website services to our DIY Website Builder tools, 123 Reg provides some great ways to create a website. Where can I register my domainname on 123 Reg? It is really simple to migrate to us any of your current registrations.

Slightly different transmission methods exist, depending on the kind of expansion you are transmitting and the place you are displacing it from, but don't worry, we have a step-by-step guide for everyone. Free of charge downloads on select sites are also available. Learn more about changing your domainname to 123 Reg.

We' ve built a massive site that provides a wealth of information about everything from domain registration to website development and provision.

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