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It is also possible to customize your website with HTML and Javascript. Domainname: What is a domain name? Read our ABC guide for novices.

Which is a domain name? Some years ago, when we took the decision to create our first website, we had no clue what a domain name was or what problems we had to take into account in order to get things right. We were worried about data protection, how to link /disconnect a domain name from a website, whether is better, cost, etc.

Of course, it all seems very easy for those who have experienced creating web sites. A lot of ressources tell you what a domain name is from a technological point of view. You are probably not too interested in the specific technicalities of domain name functionality. You are probably more interested in how you can effectively administer the domain name and what problems you should be mindful of.

These brief instructions are designed to explain the basic principles of what you need to know about domain naming - in simple English. Which is a domain name? Simply put, a domain name is the email you enter in a web browser's mailing list to reach a website. One domain name is peculiar to your website (just like a fingerprint) and cannot be exchanged between different sites.

Domain name and website are different things? Imagine a domain name as your telephone number and a website on your mobile device. It is possible to modify your telephone (website) at any moment and still keep your current telephone number (domain name) and simply link it to your new telephone (new website).

Or you can move your telephone number (domain name) to another telephone services company (domain name registrar) and still stay hooked up to your current telephone (your website). If you enter the webadress, you will be redirected to the new website. Your domain name is not always associated with a particular website.

Separate it and connect it to any other website you want. However, please note that the domain name can only be associated with one website at a given moment. These are free domain name you can get from various website builder you use, such as, Wix, Squarespace, Weebly, etc.

More precisely, these website builder give you a "subdomain". So, if we were to use our website name again as an example, a subdomain would look something like this: Getting a free subdomain name isn't always good - especially if you want to establish a long-term relationship with your own brand.

For these two important considerations, you want to prevent the use of free subdomains: They do not own the subdomain. It is free to use - but you do not own it. Website-Builder has the subdomain name. When you ever choose to change to another ISP, the domain is not mobile.

The subdomain is an expansion of the domain of the service provided. The name of the domain supplier appears at the end of the domain name. Therefore, I always suggest to spend a few dollars to get a real domain that you own completely. How can I buy a domain name?

There' a bunch of different domain name Registrars out there. Please be aware that when you purchase / sign up for a domain name, you actually make an annuity payment to the Registry so that the domain name will remain under your name. If your enrollment deadline ends and you do not extend, you will loose the domain name as it will be made available to other persons for free use.

Luckily, domain name registrars will send you an e-mail to tell you that your deadline for registering is about to end, or they will offer you an automatic extension so you don't have to do that. TIP PRO: It is always useful to create a Pre Expiry Date Memo to recall whether you want to extend the domain name or whether the Automatic Extension feature is correctly configured.

They would not want anyone else to register your domain name, especially if you have your website for years! Just think if one of your rivals ends up taking your domain name! Therefore, each renewal of your domain name should be accompanied by an immediate recall.

What does it take to sign up a domain name? In general, a domain name costs you about 10 - 15 bucks a year. However, if a domain name is highly requested, then it can completely cost hundreds, all the way up to a thousand dollars for you to complete the initial buy.

One of the reasons why it is costly to make the first buy is because someone can already own the domain name and keep it for future use. Alternatively, the domain name registrar knows that the domain name is very much in demand, so they raise their prices. Most of the times when you use your own brand name as your domain name, you don't have to be too worried about having to pay a high fee.

Is it possible to buy a domain name directly from a Website Builder? A few website builder like Wix, Squarespace or Weebly will give you a free one-year domain name when you register for their seasonings. At the end of the first year, you must extend the domain name at its list rate.

With these website builder, the price structure is therefore more closely adapted to the registries for domain names (such as GoDaddy or Namecheap). For Weebly, the $19.95 per year renew license charge (or $29.95 to integrate data protection registration) is just a little more than what Wix, Squarespace, or other domain name registration companies do.

Some of the advantages of using a user-defined domain name with a Web site builder includes the ability to create a Web site with just a few mouse clicks: Below are some of our web site builder drag-and-drop features that give you free customized domain name for your first year. Specifically, here are the hyperlinks to more information about domain name offerings: Remember that if you are subscribing to a month-by-month subscription with website farmers, you must buy the domain name.

However, if you sign up for an anniversary subscription, you will get the first year of a domain name for free. Is it possible to commit my domain name when I switch Website Builder? Yes, you can - so your domain name is not blocked at a certain place. It can be taken as your own domain name (as long as you pay the annuity fee).

Your recipient domain/website builder (the place where you want to submit the domain name) will give you directions on how to do this. If, for example, you want to move your domain name from NameCheap to GoDaddy, you will find GoDaddy Tutorials that show you how to do this.

When you want to move a domain name from GoDaddy to Wix, Wix has a tutorial on how to do this. What makes you think you want to assign your domain name? Another favorite is that if you choose to change Website Builder, then you should move your domain name out of the Website Builder you are exiting.

Prerequisite for this is that you have bought your domain name from Website Builder and not from a domain name registar. However, if your domain name is bought through a registered user, you can simply disconnect your domain name from your former Website Builder and re-connect your domain name to the new Website Builder.

Keep your domain name in your existing Registry. Shall I buy a domain name through a Registry or Website Builder? Buy a domain name through a website builder: Advantage - It's simpler for you to associate the domain name with your website (since Website Builder has optimized the affiliation procedure in just a few clicks).

For domain name registrars, you need to do some configuring (it's a little more work). Disadvantage - After the first free year you have to update your domain name at about $15-20 per year for Wix and Squarespace and $19.95 with Weebly. This does not include registering the private sphere for your domain name.

For domain name registration agencies, the average $10-15 per annum renewals charge is the average. Thus the trade-off here is free for one year and somewhat more costly in the following years. Disadvantage - If you change Website Builder, you must move your domain name from your old Website Builder.

You have to do this because you won't be using the old Website Builder anymore. Only a little more admin if you ever need to swap builder. Buy a domain name through a domain name registrar: Advantage - If you move to the Website Builder, you can keep the domain name at the domain name registration office and link it to the new Website Builder.

Disadvantage - Since the domain name registrar is outside the Web Builder, linking the domain name is more technically and administratively complex. TIP PRO: If you have a few different sites, consider signing up all your domain name with a GoDaddy or NameCheap Registry.

It' simply simpler to keep all of them under one umbrella, especially if you use different website builder. You can also quickly separate and re-connect a domain name without having to transfer it from one Website Builder to another. Domain name with . com is always better?

In general, we believe that there is a tendency for individuals to favor more common Top Level Domains ("TLD") such as . com, . org, .net. In the end it is the website itself that is unfaithful and not the domain name itself is. A case in point is that Google created a new mother organization and used the domain name for the mother organization.

Google does not end up with a. com, which indicates that Google does not really have prejudices against non-com domain name. Attempt to compare the domain name with your company name as this will help with your trademark. TIP PRO: If your company is more mature, consider having your domain name registered across all your domain extensions (or as many as you can find).

If your company name is, for example, try signing up for the other tldls (such as,, etc.). It' s the brainchild that you don't want anyone else registered these domain name in order to secure your trademark on-line. Do you know that anyone can view the property and address information of a domain name holder using the WHOIS?

So, if you firmly believe that your information should not be published, most domain registration offices provide you with the opportunity to private your domain name so that your information is protected from view by the world. So if you need a few more useful ressources to make you get more at ease with domain name and how it works, here are a few suggested sites: Some of our other useful web site creation discussions:

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