Free website Builder with Custom Domain

Freeware Website Builder with Custom Domain Name

Or you can ask us for an individual website template. A free website hosting with the given hostname at Contains no custom domain; a free third level domain is provided.

You will learn to program and experiment with free web hosting, PHP, MySQL, FTP and Cpanel. Custom domains are offered to uniquely identify your website.

Describes how to include a custom domain in my Website Builder schedule.

Enter a domain name. Add the domain you want to associate with your Website Builder schedule and click Submit. In order to finalize the registration procedure, you must generate a CNAME entry for your domain through a domain name hoster. According to the case, you will see the possibility to finish the procedure automaticaly (fig. 1) by pressing the yellow pushbutton "Connect Domain", or manual by generating the own domain name records via a domain name hostingservice.

Purchase a custom domain

You can use a custom domain (e.g. to make it easier for your clients to find your website now. Unless you already have a domain name, you will need to buy one to be able to link to your website. With a custom domain, your trademark will be at the centre of attention, making your site more catchy for your site traffic and enabling you to implement extra safeguards for your site.

Our Google integrations allow you to choose to buy a domain within the editor's publication process. If you buy your domain this way, Google will auto-configure your domain preferences to work with your new fast-response website. Choose "Buy a new domain for your website". On the Google Domains-Logo click.

Next, buy your domain at Google. Once the purchasing is complete, your new domain will connect to your highly reactive websiteutomatically. That' s right, there is no need for complex CNAME listing or 301 re-direct set-up for domain names acquired through Hover/Responsive Website Integration. Choose "Buy a new domain for your website".

Please click on the Hover-icon. Buy your domain at Hover. Whilst we strongly advise you to buy your domain from the publisher's publishing stream, you can buy your new domain name from any domain register (e.g. You can find the lists of domain registrars who work well with our editors here. If you are purchasing your domain from another domain registration company, you will need to take extra action to link the domain to your website.

Set up your domain for an outline, or look at the Domain section for your provider's unique domain names guidance. Must I buy a domain? You do not need a custom domain name to display your website. Your website can be published using the standard domain (e.g. If you select a registrar, make sure that the one you select will support CNAME entries and 301 redirections.

And if you already own a domain, you can link it to your highly reactive website by following the directions here.

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