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Skip to How do I create a free website step by step? Administer the SEO settings; Publish your website. Select your template, drag and drop your text or other web elements, and press Publish. It' s a good choice to use Website Builder if you need to create a website from scratch.

Free-of-charge online website creation and publication for educators

As a teacher, are you interested in setting up an on-line experience for your schoolroom? Lots of websites provide free teaching tooling and free web site hosters without requiring HTML skills. Regardless of whether your destination is a home page, a hot list, a WebQuest or a full-fledged website, these on-line ressources allow you to create the on-line home of your dream!

Link to the best free website builder and host the web has to provide! "Since I use HTML, I had to find an affordable and simple way for beginners web design professionals to create websites. "HORROROCKS, who is teaching classes 6-12 at the Archer School for Girls in Los Angeles, sent an email to Classroom Connect's list server, the " Connected Techer ", asking her colleagues to refer websites they had used.

There were about 30 responses - and many lead to divide with instructors at her college. "At the moment I am the only tutor in my class who has set up a side of the classroom," Horrocks commented. "However, we very much hope that the tutors will get the bug; we would be happy if more tutors would create websites.

Designed specifically for teachers, the following pages provide versatility, dependability and a straightforward size. Create your own password-protected learning resource listing with EduHound's EduHound Hotlist. A free homepage is one of the advantages of being a member of the Bigchalkunity. Registering is free, and the pages can contain photographs, hyperlinks and even documentation.

Inspiring Teachers, another resource for website design and publishing, provides a wide range of web site services. This page says that anyone can create an "eBoard" in just two mins! Fewer a website than a MVB, an eBoard is the ideal size for publishing grade announcement, parent news, photographs, hyperlinks, WebQuests and even annoying approval form submissions!

However, with web hosting developed for instructors, creating basic web pages couldn't be quicker or simpler. Below are some ressources - many of them from the Horrocks Lists - that give instructors the tool they need to create great websites and post them for free! If you want to create a whole website or just a WebQuest, TeacherWeb can help you.

TeacherWeb base website is available for teachers only and offers room for lesson announcement, home work, teachers' backgrounds, a diary, FAQs and hyperlinks. One of a kind web authoring tools that allows teachers to set up five different kinds of pages for pupil use - a hot list, a collection album, a treasury search, a compilation page and a WebQuest. Filamentality, from Pacific Bell Knowledge Network Explorer, does not hosted teachers' homepages, but aims to help teachers create on-line activity and promote hands-on study among their pupils.

This website will save student searching times by offering start pages for on-line exploration. Pupils can use ressources made by their own instructors or browse the website's Blue Web'N libraries to examine them! "The filamentality is a great website for the creation of an on-line worksheet," Horrocks said. "Sign up for SchoolNotes, part of EdGate, and quickly create a class-room website.

Schoolteachers can publish tasks or lesson memos along with contacts from the schools and preferred link(s). "It' my own decision to go on-line web authoring. Mm. Instructors who have no clue how to create a website can just click on an item to place text, images, sound, a score sheet, wheather, a guestbook and more on their own websites.

" Homestead particularly values the fact that it enables educators to bring in students' work that can be seen by them. Commenting: "If a schoolteacher is seriously interested in building a website for a schoolroom, and doesn't care about paying $5 a months - or if the schools are willing to pay these costs - Homestead is the way to go!

" Though not specifically developed for teachers, the following ressources are also useful for the creation of free websites! geocities This beloved Yahoo! interface for free website housing provides quick web page hosters, page wizards, and an easy-to-use page creation tool.

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