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Domainname is the heart of your website. Be sure to find a free domain name, but make sure it serves the purpose you desire! Get 4 ways to get a free domain name (and website)

Unfortunately, the old saying "there is no such thing as a free lunch" applies when it comes to getting a free domain name. Most of the sites advertising free domain names actually charge a fee or offer less appealing domain names instead ( Despite their restrictions, however, there are some legitimately available domain name providers that offer a free or inexpensive domain name.

These are the 4 best ways to get a free (or almost free) domain name: When it comes to selecting a domain name for a website or a pro e-mail site, most folks look for a . com URL: It is the most frequent and professionally used domain ending. Since . com url are very popular, it is unfortunately not possible to get a totally free one.

But you can get a very good deal signed up for a hosting plan that will include a . com domain for free. With Bluehost, for example, you can purchase from $2.95 per month off web hostings that include a .com domain, a WordPress website and up to 5 pro e-mail account.

This means you not only get a domain from, but you can also build a premium website for it and get up to 5 e-mail accounts that use it, e.g. In order to get Started with Bluehost, we have dedicated instructions for building a Bluehost website and establishing your own professionally managed e-mail accounts.

With the website, operated by Freenom, you can create a . tk domain for up to one year free of charge. You also have. ml, . ga, . cf and . gq domain names that are available for free. To our knowledge, this is the only domain that provides an effective domain entirely free of charge.

Lots of other free domain name providers actually give you a sub-domain (e.g. www.yoursite.weebly. com or It is also free to move the domain to a web site host in order to build your website or provide your own personal e-mail adress. However, the downside is that only allows the domain to be registered for up to one year per year.

Although extensions are currently free of charge, we cannot promise that they will stay that way in the will. So if you are looking for a domain that you can use in the long run (over 2 years), it makes more sense to instead charge the small amount for a . com domain. Finally, it looks more proffesional and is usually more appreciated by people.

However, if you only need a temp domain and don't care too much about appearance, offers a free and easy one. When you want to build a website but don't have the money for a web site host planning, a free website Builder is usually the next best one.

Receive a free underdomain ( e.g. www.yoursite.weebly. com ) and utilities to build a basic web-site. Web site builder is a new category of softwares vendors that do most of the work. With Weebly, our preferred supplier, you can, for example, move forms and photographs easily via drag & drop in order to shape your website - just like when creating a power point slide-show.

But the only problem is that the website builder is somewhat restricted on the free layer. You are usually restricted in your memory size and functions and need to place classifieds on your site. To say nothing of the fact that your domain is a little chunkier (www.yoursite.weebly. com, as distinct from just Updating to a prepaid schedule avoids these limitations - and that begins at $8/month for Weebly.

Several of the other big website builder sites contain Wixand Squarespace (although Squarespace doesn't have a free version). There is also a free tutorial on how to build a website with Weebly. A . co. nf domain name can be registered for free at nf. co. nf. In contrast to point. tk, where you can only registrate 1 year at a stretch, nf allows you to own the domain for an indefinite period of one year.

In addition, nf offers free base hosted if you want to create a website with them. A further important restriction is that you cannot move your free domain name to another computer, although there is an hint that it will be available in the near term for an additional charge. Although this is hardly different for the visitor from the slightly longer version of the web site address ( nf), it means that you loose the web site address if you ever stop using nf. niz. nf.

Nevertheless, if you are just looking for a basic information website and don't try too hard to expand or maintain it for a long time, then nf is an amazing free one. However, if you are looking for a longer lasting answer, a cost-effective hosted schedule with a . com URL is a smarter one.

When you create a website that is to be used temporarily or for test purpose, dot.tkand offers a free domain name for both and nf. However, there are some "catches" for the free trial we described above. When you create a website for your company, we strongly suggest that you pay the small charge for a . com domain instead.

You' ll get a more serious domain name and will not have to be so concerned about increasing prices or interrupting services. Bluehost lets you get a domain name, website hosting as well as a pro e-mail address for just $2.95/month.

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