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Universum - Website Builders in the App Store Universiverse is the first website building application developed for mobile phones: easy, quick and entertaining. It'?s free. Which type of websites can you build? Blocks, face-to-face home pages, on-line portfolio, commercial websites, events invitation, your own e-commerce shop.

We' ve created Universiverse to be open, so you can build any website you want, even if you're not writing it.

With our drag-and-drop grids we enable you to manage and organize elementary components on your website. Simply drop and drop text, photos and videos to build your own web site and link to your follow-up. Make a blogs for your interests: travel, write, tech, sports, listen to your favorite tunes, watch your favorite films.

Take advantage of our fast, reactive mobility tools to build a great looking web site for your company in just a few moments. Build an events page for this particular cause. Do a nice events page that you can share with your buddies and your relatives. - In this section you can either buy a specific website or just use our simple website to find a specific website.

Eliminate DNS or host problems so you can concentrate on your website design. Once you've confirmed your subscription, your iTunes subscription will be debited to your iTunes balance each month or year. Rates differ depending on the type of domains you choose. The extension will be billed to your bank within 24 hrs before the end of the subscription term at the rate of the domains used.

You can stop the automatic renewals by visiting the account settings in iTunes after your order. Every part of a free evaluation version that is not used, if any, expires when you buy a free evaluation version. As for the 1 stars review, you can press a little bit of creative that you have and it doesn't take much with the utilities that they give you to build an astonishing website.

That app was helping me collect ALL my online sites and all my online content into one place, so I wasn't everywhere. The app is a one-page website that is not a website, and you can't really resell anything, so you might as well call it a blogs. They buy a domainname through another site and I didn't know I was buying a name.

This app wouldn't work for me, I figured, so now I have to keep my bankroll open with them for a year. You will not give me permission to use my own private domains that I have bought. Because I have a shop shop and need to buy an e-mail with suite, I can't even do that because I have to queue until Universal logs into my domains to get it ready.

I' m not getting any feedback from the universe to do this. Also, any problem I have with my domainname. This is not what the cosmos does.

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