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Shall I start a blog or a website? Blogs vs. websites? What should I begin with? At first and foremost.

.. a blog is a kind of website. Therefore basically EVERYTHING on the web is a website! Blogging has been designed to have a straightforward user experience and to write articles on a frequent basis. Usually these contributions are listed in order, with the most recent contents at the top of the page.

Blocks are maintained with a CMS (Content Lifecycle Management) system that is just a collection of simple utilities and codes that allow you to quickly append, delete and modify your on-line contents. WorldPress is a CMS. Throughout the years, the appearance of old schools blog has evolved to look more like stationary sites.

The best option for your website, whether you think you want a blog or a fixed website, is to begin with a blog like BlogPress that will run on the WordPress webpage. Is blogging better than having statical websites? A blog is a kind of website. Building a blog-style website is the quickest and simplest way to get up and running now.

Whether your website is an on-line forum to express your opinion, or a company that intends to make cash on-line, launching a blog is the way to go. Blocks are always dynamically updated (a lot of new contents regularly), so they get more exposure from searching machines. This means more visitor to your website than when you are uploading your own statical contents and doing nothing else.

Your blog always "pings" the web searching engine to let them know that you have new contents on your site every single times you make a new posting to your blog. Consequently, your site will return to your site more often than a fixed site.

That means more visitor to your blog than a conventional website. Bloggers always publish new and interesting contents that are loved by their readership, so they keep returning and link to them. The majority of blog posts allow the reader to annotate, debate and take part in the contents. Blogging builds relationship and faithful reader.

Sites do not. Are you still considering a statical website? Use WordPress for your web sites! For most WordPress topics, you can set up your blog as a stationary website and then include the Blogs application within your website as a section. Why do you have to administer two totally different computers when you can run a website as well as a blog with one single operating system?

Have I mentioned that there are 1000 of designs (design templates) running on the WordPress platforms? You' ll have a plug-and-play website up and running in no time. There is no need to decide between a blog or a website if you can have both right from the beginning.

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