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15 Best Free WordPress Themes for Your Website

Is your website in need of a facial lift before the vacation starts? It' a straightforward process when you change your design. Featuring virtually a thousand WordPress website themes available, it can seem daunting to choose the one that's right for you. We made it a breeze by proposing what kind of shop or blogs are best for each of these free WordPress themes.

Share your history to the whole wide audience with a clear, sexy and full-fledged topic like Breviter. Elegant understatement with image posting capabilities, link placement and quoting opportunities to advertise your latest version or forthcoming new author course. In addition, you don't need specific programming knowledge to build a customized website for your specific buisness paradigm.

When you' re looking for an infinite range of colors, super-fast loading speeds, and a topic that contains authors' boxing in every article, think of Zillah. Zillah is great for the blogger and socio influencer, contains customized widgets and logos, and is easy to use, so you'll be spending less of your free online publishing effort.

It' s easy to use, slim and full of functions to enable your website users to get to your contents without much effort. Simply create a shop front with price option, blogs, custom menus, and staff profiles. Make the UI easy with this design. Just make it easy on yourself.

Using the topic provided by your iPhone or iPhone, you get real-time editing features, a simple short code creator, and other back-office tools that make customization of your website fast and simple and allow you to directly refresh your contents. It' s WooCommerce and other merchandising technologies compliant and offers you a variety of integrated utilities to give your customers a stunning buying environment.

User-defined Widget contained in the design make it a great addition to any kind of contents. Trend is an extraordinary free topic for those who want to present a corporate identity - think of realtors, facility managers and free-lance reporters. Featuring pre-defined template, keyboard shortcut, and post-slider visual element choices, Trends gives you all the fundamentals and a complete set of add-ons to help your users take the next steps after surfing your site.

The FoodHunt topic makes good business sense in restaurants and for gourmets. Amazing colour choices and high-resolution picture functions help you present your favorite locations in the best possible way. Combine your own mix of features like versatility, automated small device customization, and a built-in menue plug-in that lets you easily build your own on-site menu and you have the formula for succeed.

Now, it could be the option site-wide video drawer that' s embedded at the bottom of your customized monitors, or how simple it is to tap a flip button to tap a playback list. This WordPress topic is perfect if you want to enjoy your own WordPress album. Tens of different construction project types are available.

When you' re looking for a topic to announce an imminent marriage, send information about a class meeting, or involve your loved ones in your birthday plans, think of Goran. It' really easy, which means you don't have to find the Tech Giuru in the closet to get started quickly.

The design also has off-the-shelf functions such as automatically displaying in your menus when you click on links to related pages. Spa, hotel, travel agency and blogger have at least one thing in common-they want their convenience with high-resolution graphs, pricing sheets, on-site searching, map and everything else that makes it easier for website users to deal with their brands both online and offline.

With this topic, everything revolves around attractiveness. Moesia is worth a look if you want a topic that will help you create a fully customised website that will reach your audiences. Customise each pad with one-of-a-kind colours and backgrounds to make it easier for you to present your contents in a stylish way. The GeneratePress is a light - less than 1 megabyte compressed - WordPress topic designed to quickly download and open results pages.

Here we go - fifteen awesome and free WordPress themes! Keep in mind that selecting a WordPress topic does not mean that you are busy with a non-working one. From now on you can slightly modify the themes if you choose to modify the look of your trademark or want a new look. For more information about optimised web host technology specifically developed for WordPress web sites, visit our product page and see how simple it is to install WordPress in one click!

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