Free website with own Domain name

Free-of-charge website with your own domain name

Would you like to create your own website, but you lack the programming skills? SEO-friendly; mobile optimized; entire Google font library; your own domain name.

It's free to use - but you don't own it. Website-Builder has the subdomain name. My first website was created on a free webhost, without my own domain.

To set up free website hosting with your own domain name and WordPress

Acquired a free website host and wanted to test if it would work with a WordPress installation (which it does). Or you can use your own domain name (e.g. This example shows that domain registrations costs something, but website web site is free. As long as you can change the name servers of your domain according to the following example, you can use any domain register out there.

For this example I used for domain registrations. I' ve opted for the very simple packet they have. Again, this would be costly for our example where we use a free web site hostage. After you have payed for your new domain in this example, you need to go to the Domain Administration page to modify the name servers.

They' pretty ample with the hard drive storage and bandwith utilization for this free bundle. With the server name and user name mentioned above and the keyword with which you created the registration form, you can upload FTP to your website. Must move FTP website file to public_html directory. The FTP is File Transfer Protocol and how you can upload your data to your new website.

So I had to take a more technological stance to get OfficePress installed on this free website hoster. You must build a MySQL data base if you want to reinstall WordPress later. Please use this information for your PHP scripts: $mysql_host = ""; $mysql_database = "a8###########_wp"; $mysql_user = "a8###########_wp"; $mysql_password = "abc123"; you need the above information during your Worpress setup.

Please feel free to browse and dowload the latest WordPress package: Now you need an FTP application. You need to remove the "default. php" from your free website housing location (under public_html). In addition, you must commit ALL your data and folders exactly as they are in the public_html folders.

They are the ones you extract from the WordPress packet you download. When you are familiar with a unix commandline, loftp is a very simple utility. R mirrors -R . Now go to your new website with a web Browser. The WordPress install page should be visible. How to manage your WordPress website.

Use the web browsers to go to the website. WorldPress is now included on your free website hosting plan. Some of you may have problems with the FTP part if you are not technically skilled and the 1-click installation does not work, I know. Give them the FTP information (username, passwords, servers name). and click Next.

Please make sure that the link on my website is suitable for searching. Well, I think the mail name is the best. When you use this as a website and not as a blogs, you can get the sidebar out. I' d remove the standard Hello word! mail that is part of the WordPress install.

Under General Preferences, enter the information that' s unique to your website: You can now choose whether your website supports blogs or is just a "brochure". When you want to post blogs and this is your primary goal, then you will leave it as it is and your homepage are actually your latest blogs.

When you have chosen to create only one booklet website, you should deactivate the function "Leave a reply" on the pages you have generated. You do this for every page on your website. Now you can go to your new website and you should see this: Instead of uploading files, click the Media Library item.

So the next thing to do is give your website some personality and design. Twenty Twelve is one of the standard WordPress installations. They can " enable " to see what effect it has on your site. Trying out "Responsive" is a favourite topic (free of charge). Twenty Eleven from WordPress is also pretty good.

However, it is a 9.6 megabytes upload and is too great for this free website hosting facility. This is the mistake you get when the topic you are trying to post is too big for this free website hosting plan:

They also have a 64 megabytes of PHP storage space on the free website web site hosters. Make sure you stay with the easy free ones. My free sample page is sometimes not available. So if you're worried about availability, dependability, you don't like the limitations they impose on the basis of topic size, or you really want a 1-click installation for WordPress, then I would suggest you seriously consider using either BlueHost or HostGator for your website' Hosting Bundle.

Hopefully the above will provide you with a great deal of useful information to point you in the right direction if you want to try the setup of your own free website hosting plan. Play with WordPress is a great time. Have a look at the bonuses in my prior posting, where you can create blogs on your WordPress site with Microsoft Word very simply.

Prerequisite for this is that you set up your WordPress Web site for blogging and not as a booklet Web site (as in the above examples). The creation of a booklet website (i.e. a corporate website with only information such as Welcome, About, Services, Products, Contact Us) is very easy with the above example.

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