Free Wix website Examples

Wix Free Website Examples

Gynaecology San Alora is a beautiful website of the Wix Clinic. As a reminder, all these topics are absolutely free for you! Take a look at my Wix portfolio to see more examples of my work in web design. The majority of web hosting companies offer a drag-and-drop site builder free of charge. Wix is recommended for its user-friendly dashboard and flexibility.

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More than 110 million global Wix visitors seem to be using everyone on the web to create their own website. and it' s fantastic. Wix is a good option for creating your own website and if you don't have the money for a web designer, or if you are bogged down with chaotic WordPress installations, Wix is a good option for creating your own commercial website.

Plenty of great looking template choices to make - and their rugged customisation features allow you to build the kind of website you want. And not only that, Wix also has a boom market place full of applications (Wix's versions of plugins) that you can incorporate into your website to include more features.

It' free! In order to show you what Wix is able to do, and to help motivate you to create your own website for doing your own work, we have put together a listing of what we think on the top Wix-sites. These sites are not used for hobby and private blogging. Why we have made this is to show you that web sites don't have to be generically unattractive.

The Two One Studio is a graphics design/product development firm based in Lisbon, where they work together with creative professionals and designers to develop high-quality work. On their website they focus on presenting their latest styles and garments. They also have an on-line shop and full check-out and payments capabilities so shoppers can order articles directly from their website.

Designing their website is pretty easy with a menubar above and quick access to their special landings pages. It' free! The website is owned by another advertising company known as Brown Owl Creative. You are a web designing company in Essex that creates nice web sites and web experience for your customers.

Therefore your own website has to be nice - and that's it! The thing that makes the website more lively is that the miniature views of the images are not fixed, but rather rendered. And the nice typeface makes your website a real treat to read! You may be asking yourself among the web sites why we have added a web site to our listing.

Instead, their company sells their abilities to many individuals. Chris' website does an excellent job of doing that for him. A further excuse why this website should be emphasized is that Chris has used the force of Wix code to create his website with customized animation and effect - taking full advantage of his web developing capabilities on Wix.

Browse his website and you will see exactly the unlimited opportunities that Wix is able to offer. It' free! Here it is - the first e-commerce site on our site listing. The website is unique because it shows how different each website can be on Wix. Here Cuts and Bruises have designed their website to mirror the personalities of their salon, whose inspiration comes from the sounds of Hip-Hop, Metals and Gram.

Your website is packed with fantastic features. As well as seeing great images of the hairdressers in action, guests will also be spoilt for choice with wonderful scrolling animation. In addition, the site provides the opportunity to purchase their cosmetics as well as to make hair dresser appointment bookings, which will undoubtedly give them the opportunity to gain extra clients for their shop.

Tigre Zelte is a fantastic show of circuses and entertainments full of gifted artists. Your website is a classical example of how you don't have to adhere to the web site conventions and regulations of 99.99% out there. As soon as you end up on their website, you will be transferred to the fifties.

On their website there is a basic landings page, a menubar, shared button and a contacts page where you can get in touch with the responsible team. It' free! Like Le Tigre Zelte, the website of Chile's Mexico Grill, the first website for restaurants on our site listing, has also adapted its website to give guests a sense of its distinctive styling andbrand.

All the site is designed in a nice bright orange colour, has a nice picture slide that shows her many tasty and tasty meals and offers. Most of the website is made up of pictures - but at the end of the homepage you will find a subscription page for the monthly newsletters and an interaktive roadmap to get a route description from your place of residence to your place of residence.

Seven Gramm Caffe, another unbelievable website, doesn't spend much of your valuable precious little bit of your precious little precious little bit of your own cake. Your website uses a restoration pattern where the pictures are placed in front and in the middle. Below the site you will find a sliders section showing their full desert splendour, a testimonial section showing various people's testimonials, and a location section where you can click to go to a page with an interactive maps.

It' free! Wix the most underestimated property is the capacity to make nice deals. Bruno Barba, a website for Bart petroleum product, shows how stunning and fun e-commerce sites can be when they are built on Wix. This website offers a nice typeface and lots of images of handsome men with beards.

At the top right, the top right navigation bar contains a number of hyperlinks to various pages on the site, as well as to the store where consumers can buy directly on-line. The website also has a basket symbol in the top right of the page where you can see the number of articles you have added to your basket.

All in all, the website is quick, nice and a delight for every bearded/non-bearded human being as well! Your website is extremly nice, minimalist and a delight to look at. Your website is pretty easy, with a floating menubar at the top that will move with you as you move. This website has an extensive typeface that makes it fun to read.

Furthermore, the website has an on-line store where you can buy ceramic and pay directly from the website. It' free! As you can see from above, the best Wix sites have one thing in Common. It is also important for you if you want to build a Wix website that brings you more consumers and more revenue.

So to make sure that you also have a fantastic website to build, here are a few hints that you should keep in mind: Simplify navigation: your website will have many pages leading to many areas. It is your task to ensure that your users have it easily to reach the desired page.

To do this, categorise different pages of your website into section and insert these section into your menubar. It is especially important if you are planning to build an e-commerce site with different items, as it allows your site's users to quickly browse and find the different parts of your site. Don't make your website full of text, pictures and hyperlinks.

Ensure that different items of your site are evenly distributed and the space between the items. It ensures that your website will not overwhelm your audience and that they will find everything easy. Each website needs a different lay-out, according to which company you want to operate. While an ecommerce site is different from an educational oriented blogs, a service and product site is different from a restaurants blogs etc.

Fortunately, Wix provides you with a fully optimised Wix application for your company. Selecting a website design means you don't have to waste too much of your own design effort - and you have the flexibility to customise your website design. It' free! Of course, there are many nice colour schemes and typefaces that you can use on different pages of your Wix website.

However, be cautious if you adhere to only two-three typefaces and a unique colour scheme for your website. When different pages of your website have different typefaces and colors, your visitors will be puzzled and you won't be able to make a unique look that represents your corporate website. Wix is so astonishing that you don't have to type a line of coding - and still have to include features previously reserved for big-budget Sites.

Or, if you're a retail outlet, you can include the optional online mapping tool on your website that allows your customers to get instant access to your online storefront. Most of these functions are free and can be added to your website within a few moments. Those hints, along with the 9 sites we' ve mentioned above, will certainly give you a sound notion of how to start setting up your website.

Well, log in, select a submission and start today to build your fantastic website on Wix! It' free!

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