Free Wordpress Blog Theme 2016

Wordpress Free Blog Theme 2016

The Sentio is an attractive and free WordPress creative blog website theme. 1 Free WordPress Magazine Theme 2016 - VMag VMag is a free WordPress theme for online magazines, newspapers and professional blogs. It is a 100% free GPL blogging WordPress theme that is perfect for any type of blog like business, technology, beauty, lifestyle, travel and more.


Mmag is a free WordPress theme for on-line magazine, newspaper and blog. It' s fully based on the Customizer utility, which lets you adjust most theme presets using simple slide shows. It' s fully widgetized theme, so the user can administer the site with the help of easy-to-use widgets.

It' a versatile and high-performance styling that offers the user many ways to customize. Entire theme tree is created with neat coding, which makes the theme safe and satisfies your requirements for advancedEO. It' a full WordPress theme for the latest journals or blog. Characteristics of VMag: The VMag theme impresses with its contemporary and classy styling - website visitors will certainly have a pleasant time with this theme!

Simply build a newsletter to keep your website visitors up to date with the latest headline, newsletter, news, specials and more. Show the most interesting posts, essays and photos on the nice scroll bar. VMware VMag is integrated with Carousel News Widget, which lets you view a number of different reports at the click of a button to help you find more of them.

View related items on a unique page so your visitors can scroll through extensive contents under the same categories, topic, and themes. Would you like to place an ad on your magazines website? Simply place compelling adverts on your website with the WordPress theme from VMag. Just click on the WordPress theme and you're done. Extremely reactive, the VMware theme fits seamlessly into any mobile phone, iPhone, iPad, PDA, mobile phone or notebook.

Give your website visitors a fantastic surfing time! The VMag theme works with all popular web browers - web-browser support has been tried! Deserve more satisfied customers around the world! Just compile the topic in any desired languages and simply build a website in your own native tongue! View the website in your own user-defined languages with the translation-ready design.

Select any of 3 available headers. View the newsletter as desired, with additional newsletter option. Select any of the three available designs for the Library page. Select any one of three available article page styles. Select this option to show user-defined text in the bottom row area.

You have more customisation possibilities within the journal layouts on the home page. Create feature-rich pages and articles with easy-to-use thematic links. Do you have variation between blog entries in your website with user-defined posting formats available. Customize the way individual postings are displayed with extended posting choices. Do you have a nice reviews section in your posting pages?

The problem with errors in the User Box layouts has been solved. Corrected reactive styling error. Corrected the caption of a particular article. Some important hyperlinks have been added to the topic. Corrected the escape function for value. Small errors in the redesign corrected. Corrected some standard widget layouts. Corrected a problem with the bread crumbs. Corrected the features of the user-defined logos. Corrected some designproblems. Corrected day display theme in roundabout.

Bug in user -defined custom style sheet fields solved. Corrected the width of the articles and added the user-defined item options. Error in the index filename corrected. Corrected the Show all options in section of blocks checkbox. Bug on the presented slide control removed.

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